188 Episode 35 - The 73rd Demon King (7)

I was hit by the pouring flames and pain started to spread through my entire body.

...It hurt. It really hurt. My skin cracked from the high temperature and my eyeballs felt ripe.

Jung Heewon endured her tears and kept attacking me. The flames that destroyed evil burned away at my wounds and all my flesh.

I probably would've fainted from the pain if it wasn't for Fourth Wall. Even so, my body didn't break.

The shocked Jung Heewon asked, "What is going on with your body?"

"...The damage is probably too insufficient."

The rate of my stamina consumption was accelerated but it wasn't enough to kill me in the remaining time. I didn't expect that even Jung Heewon wouldn't be sufficient.

Honestly, I was at a loss for words. Maybe it was because I was judged to be 'narrative-grade.'

[The nebula 'Vedas' is rejoicing in your pain.]

[The remaining attack time is 10 minutes.]

[The constellations of the nebula 'Papyrus' are making a toast.]


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