Omnipotent Husband System

Hao Ren was born in another world and has lived for over twenty-two years being nothing but a definition of the word, average. After a high school reunion, the young man sat down on the beach shore, and mumbled to the sky, "God of Novels, you are unfair. I spent forty years of my life doing nothing but reading books and stories written by others. I worked hard to manifest this rebirth, and yet you did not bless me with anything. Why?" A voice echoed in his mind, "Host, you have the Omnipotent Husband System." Hao Ren scoffed and scolded the system, "What is the use of having you when you are not even active? Are you shitting with me, you bastard?!" The system replied, "Host the condition for activating the system is to get married." Hao Ren could not handle it anymore and cried out loud as he complained about this condition. He was not good-looking, and neither was he wealthy, who was going to marry him? Tired, he spent the on the beach. When he was returning home, he passed by the marriage registering center. He sighed for his fate but suddenly, a beautiful lady asked him, "Hey, do you have any identity card on you?" Hao Ren nodded in a daze, and the lady dragged him inside the office. The young man was yet to register what happened to him when an automated voice sounded, "Host, congratulations on getting married. Omnipotent Husband System is now activated." ... Years later, Hao Ren became an entity many people wished to meet. However, Hao Ren never stayed outside, to everything he had one reply, "I have to go home and cook for my wife." Would you like to know his journey from an average to an over-achieving person standing at the apex of power and prestige? ... Author's Note: If you guys wish to discuss the book with your co-readers, or have suggestions for me on how to improve the story, you can reach me out on discord. Discord: chasing_dream06

Chasing_Dreams · Urban
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109 Chs

Repeated Provocation.

Hao Ren and the two drivers clicked pictures and many people came forward to congratulate him and also praise his driving skills. One of the reporters in the post race conference asked, "Mister Hao, how do you feel getting the first podium in your first race?" 

The young man smiled and replied, "I pinched myself to make sure this is not a dream. Ever since I have been watching racing, the two people besides me have been the stars that I wanted to see up close. So, it's all very surreal to me." 

The reporter sat down with a smile, and someone else asked, "Ricardo, what would you like to say about the race?" 

Ricardo raised both his hands and said, "Till the end, I was sure to level my score with Xavier. However, in those last few laps I realized a very famous Han Idiom, there is a sky above sky, and a mountain above mountain. Hao Ren was like a fisherman who waited to exploit the benefits from our fight. As they say, he is a hard driver."