Omni Dimensional Incarnation System (Tower of God)

A lost soul stumbles upon an opportunity to get a system. That soul then starts his journey to become a Ruler of countless dimensions with the help of the system. Dimension visited: Fate/stay Night Tower of God ******** This is my first fanfic and I am just writing it for fun. So don't come with high expectations for it or something, keep them low since I am not that talented of a writer. Some plot things will be quite AU because I am making stuff up for some things. So if you don't like that sort of stuff don't read this. There might be some uncomfortable themes here and there in the story, you have been warned. P.S. the cover is not mine, I am not an artist after all.

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Matou Shinji

I choose Matou Shinji.

[Incarnation selected for the host is named 'Matou Shinji']

The reason I selected Matou Shinji is that he is quite a weak character and a nasty guy. So if I incarnate into him, I will effectively erase him from existence. It also helps that he is considered handsome by the ladies, not that I am that concerned by that sort of thing but I will take what I can get you know.

[Host please give the time of incarnation]

'Hmm, let's say just after Shinji sees Matou Byakuya "training" Sakura for the first time.'

[Time of Incarnation confirmed]

[Host gets a bonus package of 1,000,000 system points(SP) for choosing such a weak incarnation]

[Process of Incarnation is now commencing...]

And I feel my senses descending to far away place while my 'body' remains in the same place. This is an interesting feeling.


As soon as my vision clears up a scene appears in front of me, and that scene can only be described with one word...


The scene comprises of a semi-opened basement entrance. There is a blue eyed and blue haired man expressionlessly staring at me, behind him I can see the disgusting scene of a purple haired young girl in the worm pit.

Yup the anime doesn't do this scene any justice at all! Anyway I am slowly assimilating Shinji's experiences like watching a movie so I just turn around from that scene with a yet unknown expression on my face.

I head towards my room in this god-forsaken place. I don't regret incarnating as Matou Shinji at all. Though that scene from earlier makes my brain to go numb and causes my blood to boil. The main perpetrator of this family's tragedy is Matou Zouken who is currently overseas. I will kill that guy definitely.

I arrive at my room, open the lock on the door and enter it. And then plop down on the bed. When I look towards the mirror in the room, I see a really distressed expression on my childish face.

'System list out your features.'

[The following features are currently part of system support:





5) DIMENSIONAL INCARNATION (Temporarily locked)


[Host can check these features by giving a mental command.]

Oh interesting, let's see.



Incarnation Name- Matou Shinji

Age- 10 years

Sex- Male

Race- Human

Origin- Gamer

Attribute- Absorption

Element- None


Strength: G

Endurance: G

Agility: G

Magical Energy: None (No Magic Circuits)

Luck: A+

Noble Phantasm: None

Skills- None]

I see, I see. What this basically signifies is just how much of trash I am. Though I chose this guy because of his lack of Magic Circuits too, with System's support I should be able to get good ones. At least my luck is top class, though that might be the effect of me incarnating here just like the origin.

Let's check out the other options now...

A few minutes later, I completely understand functions of the System. I also checked out the Shop, it has some really overpowered stuff from Nasuverse, of course their prices are similarly overpowered.

Anyway I got my main mission for this dimension, and it's this.

[Main Mission-

Matou Sakura's suffering causes great discomfort in you, so rectify the situation with your own hands.

Main Objective: Save Matou Sakura.

Optional Objective: Kill Matou Byakuya and Matou Zouken.

Main Rewards: Third Magic Heaven's Feel or Marble Phantasm (Brunestud version)

Optional Rewards: Will be given according to percentage of completion.]

'Heh, that's some good motivation for me to do what I want to do.'

[Main Missions are created from host's desires after all.]

Yeah that's probably true, or maybe I am being manipulated? I don't know and I currently don't care,

Let's buy stuff from the Shop with 1,000,000 SP from the bonus package I got.

[Blue Blood: Noble Magic Circuits (Lorelei version) have been purchased for 850,000 SP]

'Now, System can you recommend me something to conceal these Circuits and their magical energy?'

[Presence Concealment (D) can help you conceal them if special means like Mystic Eyes aren't used. Magecraft usage will also reveal the magical energy to the surroundings.]

Now why would I look for something like this? It's because if I suddenly had Magic Circuits out of nowhere, I will most likely be experimented upon by Zouken. After all, I am not powerful yet its all just potential.

Honestly I would have preferred to have Magic Core instead of Circuits but those Cores were too expensive and sold for 2 million SP at the cheapest.

[Presence Concealment (D) has been purchased for 20,000 SP]

Alright, let's go and get some more.

[Instant Dungeon Creation (E) has been purchased for 100,000 SP]

Heh at least now I can farm SP from this. The principles of this magecraft come from Reality Marbles, though these are limited in some things, hence I got this after asking System for its details.

[Reinforcement (E) has been purchased for 1000 SP]

[Reinforced Steel Spear has been purchased for 800 SP]

[Reinforced Steel Sword has been purchased for 500 SP]

Alright, my foundations to become powerful are now complete.

'Let's integrate the skills and magic circuits to my body.'

[Warning! The procedure will be painful. Are you sure?]


I know from my memories that nobody is going to come in my room. After all it's currently nighttime, also nobody really cares what Shinji does inside or outside the house.

The pain assails me as soon as the integration starts but I don't scream because I am honestly used to pain like this. It's only a little higher than the pain I suffered in my last moments of my previous life. I grit my teeth and bear with the pain.

While bearing with the pain, I start reflecting on the memories I got from Shinji. At the current stage, Shinji wasn't really a bad person like in the story of Fate/stay Night. You can call him arrogant and stupid but he wasn't really bad.

It was only after today's incident in the original timeline, that things went downhill. It was mainly Zouken's manipulation and Sakura's subservience that made Shinji the twisted man that he was in the original story. Now I don't know if this is the original timeline or an AU because I don't remember all the details of the plot.

And so as I reminisce in the memories, time passes.


An hour later according to the clock in my room, which says that it's 2 o'clock in the night. I get from my bed and see myself soaked in sweat. So I change into my pajamas and put my current clothes for laundry. The housework in the Matou household is done by familiars.

Anyway let's check my



Incarnation Name- Matou Shinji

Age- 10 years

Sex- Male

Race- Human, Magus

Origin- Gamer

Attribute- Absorption, Almighty

Element- Wind


Strength: G

Endurance: G

Agility: G

Magical Energy: None (Yet)

Luck: A+

Noble Phantasm: None

Skills- Presence Concealment (D), Instant Dungeon Creation (E), Reinforcement (E).]

Hmm that's nice, I only have to trigger my Magic Circuit to open now. Also what's Almighty? Did I get that from the Magic Circuits? I remember it has something to do with Barthomeloi family.

'Give information on Attribute Almighty.'

[Attribute Almighty is a Barthomeloi family trait closely related to their magecraft. This attribute can simply boost the level of orthodox magecraft to the highest levels based on the pride of the individual having this. Of course this boost in not limitless and it depends on the capability of the user as well.]

Goddamn, so this is the real reason that Barthomeloi family is so prideful and why Lorelei looks down on anyone and everyone! Well at least they have a legitimate reason for their pride I suppose.

But man, I have to act prideful too? Hah, this is going to need some work.

Bruh I almost lost this chapter draft.

That Almighty attribute info is something I made up. Also our MC does not have Barthomeloi Magic Crest if anyone was wondering about that. Also this event of Shinji seeing this scene at this point in time might be a bit inaccurate but I am not going back to reading the VN for the exact timing for just this. This fic will have AU elements and some original ones like this here.

Anyway comment below and let me know your thoughts about this fanfic.

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