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What is Omega yes plz

Read Omega yes plz novel written by the author LilBunny_Watson on WebNovel, This serial novel genre is LGBT+ stories, covering r18, comedy, bl, omegaverse. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


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Mr. CEO’s Eternal Love

(This novel contains MATURE SCENES. Read at your own risk) -Lin Mian: “Brother in law, what do you want to eat for dinner?” -She heard the strange voice of Han Yifeng: “YOU!!” -Lin Mian became angry, “What do you mean by this?” -Han Yifeng innocently said, “I mean anything prepared by YOU.” Then he teased Lin Mian, “Did you understand something else?” -Lin Mian was ashamed of her thoughts. She tried to defend herself, “No. Your words weren’t clear before.” -Han Yifeng made her speechless again, “If you want something else, you can say it. I’ll grant you any wish.” -Lin Mian couldn’t face this shameless version of her brother-in-law any more. So she covered her face and ran to her room. -Han Yifeng smiled seeing that. In the beginning, Lin Mian was deeply hated by Han Yifeng, but soon this deep hatred was replaced by deep and everlasting love. In the end, Lin Mian became ”Mr. CEO’s Eternal Love”. They were not their firsts but they will be each other’s last. This is the story of two broken souls completing each other. They are like puzzle pieces fitting perfectly together. ---------------------------------------------------- The female lead Lin Mian is a kind and beautiful girl. She fell in love and married her senior Han Ming at college. After their wedding, Lin Mian becomes pregnant with their first baby. But life is not so simple for anyone! When she was 6 months pregnant, her husband died in a car accident. She felt her life had ended the same day her husband died. __________________________________________ Will life give her another chance to fall in love again? __________________________________________ The male lead Han Yifeng is a cold and domineering CEO of the country’s biggest conglomerate. He is the elder brother of Han Ming. He was not the same cold person always. He had married his childhood sweetheart. Everything was going great. But 4 years ago, a car accident changed his life. The love of his life, his wife left him. In the hospital, he got to know that his wife was pregnant with his baby. And he lost the two most important people of his life on the same day. Since then, he has changed into a completely different person who has no feelings for anyone. He only cares about his brother who is his only family member. _____________________________________________ Will life give him another chance to fall in love again? ____________________________________________ This is a love story of two people who are completely different from each other. But they have the same past. They had felt the same pain in their hearts. They both have another person deeply engraved in their hearts. They can’t fall in love again. They can’t love another person. Because they had already given their hearts. But they can understand the pain of each other. This feeling brought them together and they couldn’t resist. They tried to resist but they fell in love so hard and deep that there is no way back now. The feeling of love is different this time. This time the feeling is deep. Deep like the ocean. The depth of their love can’t be measured. ———————————————————— This is my original novel. I hope you will love it. This novel is about the second chances life gives you. Not everyone is so lucky to have their first love forever by their side. And not everyone gets a second chance in life. So, if life gives you another chance, make a good choice and accept that one person that life gives you. Please read my novel! ------------------------------------------------ The cover photo is not mine. I downloaded it from the internet and edited it. If it belongs to anyone of you and you want it to be removed. Kindly mention in the comment and I'll immediately remove it.

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In a twisted turn of events, a group of people find themselves trapped in a mysterious facility, pitted against creatures foreign to them. A cold, disembodied voice from behind a screen reveals that only a small number of survivors will be allowed to leave, and they must fight to the death to secure their freedom. Amidst this ruthless struggle for survival, alliances form and factions emerge as the participants realize that the path to victory lies not only in defeating the monstrous creatures but also eliminating their fellow humans. As the days pass, the once unified fight against the creatures devolves into a horrifying slaughter amongst the desperate captives. Alexander Stone, a 21-year-old, is thrust into this nightmarish ordeal completely unprepared. With each passing trial, he witnesses the depths to which humanity can sink, as alliances crumble and trust becomes a luxury. Struggling to maintain his sanity and morality, he must navigate the treacherous landscape of shifting loyalties and deadly encounters. As the challenges become increasingly difficult, the main character and a small group of allies fight against overwhelming odds, desperately clinging to the hope of surviving the ten stages and emerging as the sole survivor. With their lives hanging by a thread and the outside world cut off, they face not only physical threats but also psychological torment, as the voice behind the screen toys with their emotions and reveals the grim reality that only one person will be permitted to leave the facility. Driven by determination and a flicker of hope, Alex must confront his own fears, make unimaginable sacrifices, and tap into hidden reservoirs of strength to outwit both the mutated monsters and his fellow captives. In this twisted arena of violence and survival, he is faced with a chilling question: How far is he willing to go to ensure his own survival and freedom?

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Love's Endless Reverie

Anna, an intelligent and determined young girl who has always dreamt of becoming a mage. At the age of eighteen, she receives a letter of acceptance to the prestigious Lyoria School of Magic, a renowned institution where her parents had graduated from, securing respectable magical careers. Anna believes her life couldn't get any better. But fate has even grander plans for Anna. As she begins her studies at Lyoria's magical academy, she finds herself falling deeply in love for the first time with Sebastian, one of her charismatic teachers. Though their love is forbidden, Anna is captivated by Sebastian's mesmerizing green eyes and soft blond hair. Everything appears to be perfect for Anna. Despite her modest talent, she catches Sebastian's attention, and he even goes against the school's rules to offer her private lessons, deepening their connection. However, their idyllic world shatters when disaster strikes during the annual festival in Lyoria. A horde of monsters attacks, leaving the magic academy in ruins and claiming the lives of countless students, including Anna. Yet, inexplicably, Anna wakes up to the familiar, annoying voice of her little sister, Stacy. "Rise and shine, sis," Stacy calls out, unknowingly setting in motion a bewildering revelation. Anna finds herself trapped in a bewildering temporal loop, forced to relive the tragic events repeatedly. Determined to uncover the truth behind the catastrophe and break free from the loop, Anna must confront her deepest fears and navigate the complex web of emotions surrounding her forbidden love for Sebastian.

unknownwriter69 · Fantasy
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1 Chs


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