1 Welcome to Pandemonium

The day that Adrian has been waiting for has finally arrived. It is finally the day that his parents promised him that they will get him the capsule game pod for the Fully Immersive Virtual Reality (FIVR) game, Pandemonium.

He waited a whole year for this very moment especially after the incident that made him unable to stand up which happened about a year and a half from today. Nevertheless, this could be considered the happiest day of his life. He basically waited a lifetime just to be able to play this game. 

"It is finally being installed! I have been waiting for this virtual reality game ever since it came out!" Adrian told his parents.

"We bought this game for you not to laze around and become addicted but for you to regain the feeling of walking which you ingeniously suggested to your doctor." coined Adrian's parents.


It has been a year and a half since his accident. The doctor said that they have healed his legs and fractures thanks to modern technology but because he was unable to walk in a long time, Adrian forgot the feeling of using his legs which greatly depressed him. He underwent therapy but to no avail.

Until six months after the incident, Atlas Incorporated announced that they will officially release Pandemonium to the public. Adrian practically hounded the forums, watched the beta test and gathered all the information about the game. His parents though smiling sadly, still had a face of reprieve because their son was basically jumping for joy in a way.


"The installation has been finished Sir Richard and it also has a timer for only 8 hours a day in which you specified since your son is still 17 years of age." One of the installers stated as they bid farewell.

"Thank you very much." Richard who is Adrian's father said.

"Hey! Why is there a time limit? nobody said about a time limit!" Adrian protested.

Although he already knows why that is. For ages 13 and below a guardian is needed to accompany the child while for those 14 to 17 years of age a time limit is decreed for them since they can play unsupervised although there are ways around that.

Adrian's parents just smiled because they know how crafty he is and said " Have fun and be respectful to other people you meet also be careful of creepy people stay away from them. Also do not rage over defeats because winning is not everything. Take care of yourself inside the game and be in your best behavior. We are letting you play unsupervised because we trust you and make sure not to break that trust".

Just as they were saying that he already set his wheelchair to hover mode and is already getting inside the game pod. The game pod is an egg-shaped machine that has a cream white color. The surface is smooth so that it ensures the user less cleaning maintenance. The inside of the pod has soft cushions that conform to the user inside which optimizes maximum comfort, and it could rival any high-class bed on sale in the market.

After getting on the pod, he told his parents "Thanks mom and dad. You guys are the best" which he then closed the pod without waiting for a reply.

Scanning user...complete

Enter Atlas ID....complete

Welcome user MyCraftySon!

"Wow! Dad that is so original" Adrian thought.

User has selected Pandemonium.

Please wait a moment as the game boots up in 10 seconds











Welcome to Pandemonium!

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