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If you were ever a fan of summoner novels and wanted to read a good one at that , then you have reached your destination! The MC is incredibly lucky as a lot of fortuitous things happen to him inside the game . He himself admits it in the story at one point in time . This however gives him dangerous quests to compensate for the luck he received. There are dubgeons where he almost died. And dying surely has a penalty attached to it in games after crossing a certain level and this one is no exception. Most of all the mc is not arrogant and is level headed and simply doesn't look for trouble . He initially wanted to be a summoner for recreational purposes as summoner is not a popular class in the game but due to the events he goes through in the game, he increases his ambitions to reach a higher level . I think this change was partially due to the quests he received. He is not so lucky in real life btw ... Either way , the novel is surely a joyful read! So show the author some love !

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This novel is truly a gem!! At first I thought this novel would be passable for my tastes but after reading it blew my mind away! It's so good that if I had to I would pay for more chapters. The only down side is punctuation but it's is fine, I hope later down the line some of his power will be transferred to him in real life, say that the game turns out to be a real world, kind of like the novel Apotheosis of a Demon – A Monster Evolution Story. I would really love this! To author thank you for the novel it is great, I gave it a 4.8 because of punctuation but everything else is perfect


Hello! This is the Author of this book giving a bias review. To those who want to give a review, please read at least all free chapters first or the first volume. Thank you all very much. Have a good day everyone.


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1. good story all in all but there a lot of plot armor and plot convenience so if you dont like those warning. 2. as pinoy myself all i can say is "NOICE". 3. HOPE YOU PUT THE 9 MOON/SUN EATERS (PICTURE BELOW)


:( where is the summoner thing. all i read (ch 200 something) is him being the main fighter... forgeting his souldbonds. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn


I read till 411ch and I think it has pretty awesome characters{I really like your naming sense and use of mythology} and world building of the game but I still didnt get the real world background and {even though this is selfish its just that i was sad I didn't see any romantic interest} rest about this novel is just pretty unique and veryyyy likeable. This is the best summoner novel I have read.


hi author I'm new here hehe. so, as I was reading your story I seem to encounter a lot of redundant words in a single paragraph like 'because'. it's ruining the flow of words, can you kindly avoid doing that in the future? thanks in advance. anyway, I'm still below chapter 50. good day.


I only ever write reviews to novels I either love or hate completely, this one is part of the former. It starts with a normal VRMMO novel, nothing too different from what you'd expect if you've read other novels from similar types but it takes a quick turn in a very interesting way. The MC isn't your Cliche type, the game NPCs feel like actual beings(hich is a very important thing for a VRMMO type novel imo), the other players in the game aren't your douche type players like you see in almost every single novel(at least not yet, can't say anything for the future) and the development so far is going at a good pace. Although some things might feel odd or too broken, it's usually only usable at a huge price and well, the MC deserves some plot armor every once in a while, y'know?


I really like this novel as I have read up till chapter 931 to this point, but there are few key point with the story that irks me to no end. One such thing is how the author focuses almost too much on side characters in certain parts or drags out parts of the story without the MC imo. Like the Pandelympics were like 100 chaoters long with little to no content from MC when everything could’ve just been paraphrased and everyone would’ve still enjoyed it, as it was not that interesting for me. Another thing is how author at the start really focused on the summons and the MC progressing, but now it just seems like he’s except for some random bs way to give him new abilities. The third thing that annoys to me is how there is a sorry excuse for information in the novel, like the readers will have no idea about 90% of what the characters are taling about but somehow Adrian just knows everything because the author just focuses on these long drawn out quests for 10s of chapters and no true exploration or level grinding or interactions. Thats it for my rant and I still like the story just author could’ve antop tier novel but because of things listed above it doesn’t ge as much recognition and it stays as a mid tier novel for me and probably many others


Loving the novel so far... A game with a good story... A summoner MC who respects the game but still treats it like a game at the end of the day... Just hope the game is just a game... Tired of novels where you find out it was a real world at the very end...


Story is still one of the best summoner novels I have read... It only loses a star in story development because recently the author has been interrupting arcs with some unrelated story which could have been told after that specific arc... And that kills the flow of the story... For example there is a big fight but we cut to the fight/quest of unrelated side characters... Only to find out that they didn't add anything to that specific fight after it finishes which is kind of weird...


Another day, another review, youbwill not regret reading this, amazing in every aspect, great in every way, it is very unique and cool, the character is very balanced and not too overpowered


It's good keep the chapters coming 😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈


It's an amazing story and I have been following for a long time. But recently it's been getting reaaaaallly slow paced. I think I will really have to go now and come back later to binge read . 😒 😒


This is an amazing fic, my main gripe with it is the fact that mc is ridiculously lucky, I haven't been able to read past chap 84 due to them being locked but I really loved everything that came before. I just find it odd that he gets the best gear and is generally the most gifted character in the game yet he hasn't even been playing for more than 2 months. The writing quality is decent enough with a few grammar mistakes and characters talk a bit too much because of run on sentences. Stability of updates is decent. Not much else to say here. Story development is amazing, you slowly integrate new pieces of information into the game-verse and expand upon the lore. Character design is pretty meh, not 1-d but certainly not 3-d. It seems there will also be a tough-girl jade beauty in Frey. World background like I said is very decent. Nothing else to say except for the fact that the plot is pretty T H I C C. All in all an amazing novel and it was certainly enough to motivate me to create an account.


The best novel I ever read in my life, it is clear to see that mr author has poured his heart and soul into this novel, the lore, the power scaling, the world building, I am absolutely overjoyed to have come across such a masterpiece and I than you, mr author, for blessing us with such an amazing novel, the twists and turns that each chapter gives you do much curiosity as to what happens next, the balance in character development as mr author perfectly executed, this in turn affects the story in many more ways which adds to the excitement every fan must be feeling, thank you mr author


Story is great just do better punctuation please thats all i have to say so please do more. Filler for 140 word count filler filler filler filler


Reveal spoiler


A very good LN for people who like MMO LN. Very good points (general): - Story and story development - Characters - In game Character design - Reality story is interessting, well balanced and not "too much" - The author really tries to have originality in some aspect Good point (for me) : - More PVE oriented than PVP - MC is overpowered but he is not the only one - Secondary characters have a real utility Bad points : - not found Need improvements points (for me) : - Writing sometimes repeats the same thing a little too much - but the author could easily remove that by putting a little more description of the item, character level, region background etc. - We can see that the author wants a balanced story (A overpowered MC who has shortcomings and who needs to progress) and it works but one or two "epic situation" are welcomed (currently Chapter 293) - [SPOILER WARNING] A little too much luck for the MC friends and family . Hidden races and job are said to be very rare... in fact, the author had a great idea for his best friend (giving hidden job because of the MC jobs) but who know why he hasn't exploited it more.