Omega Summoner

In the year 2077, the first FIVR Game or Fully Immersive Virtual Reality Game, Pandemonium, has been created. Pandemonium which is the first ever fully immersive virtual reality game made in human history. In the universe of Pandemonium, Fantasy meets science. Where order is chaos and chaos is order. A universe of endless possibilities in which anyone can become the invincible hero fighting against the forces of darkness or a sage which dives into the abyss of magic and so much more. In Pandemonium, the inhabitants comes in all shapes and sizes. Adrian, our main character, who experienced an accident that caused him to be temporary limp used the game as a way for therapy but mainly to experience the new world of virtual reality. He will experience countless adventures and challenges and rise to be the most influential person in this new reality. Join our Protagonist on his new adventure to become the strongest. The cover is made thanks to all who supported my novel. Thank you!

XiaoKongxu · Games
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2037 Chs

Fight Against Surtr I

"You want to fight with me?" Adrian stated as he pointed towards himself as he did not know whether it was serious, or the godlike entity was joking.

"Yes! You are the Champion of the Twin Gods! A fighter meant to represent the two most powerful gods in this universe. Show me how the chosen being of the two fights!" The Fire Giant Surtr stated with anticipation as he was bored beyond belief.

"This god is bored beyond belief, and he is not looking at me as if I am the best source of entertainment he has for years." Adrian thought and he is actually correct.

Adrian looked like he was contemplating because he knows that a battle against a god like the Fire Giant Surtr would end his life without even a chance to fight back. He can entertain the idea of fighting, but he does not like getting destroyed one-sidedly. Even the Fire Giant Surtr must be thinking of the same circumstances as Adrian which is why the former let him think.