Olympian Elemental Trials Series Book

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Olympian Elemental Trials Series

Rebecca Goodwin

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Everyone knows the story of Pandora… However every five thousand years, one of Pandora’s descendants must pass the trials of the gods and master each element to renew the one thing that keeps humans from sinking into misery and the evil of this world: hope. Without hope, our world is doomed. The goddess, Hera, came to me and revealed the truth about my lineage. Now I have less than six months to learn how to use magic, and win these Olympian trials before time runs out. But with the gods and Titans vying to control me, the last thing I need is to lose my heart to them. If I fail even one test, all of humanity will suffer for eternity. No pressure. Hidden Legacy is the first book in the steamy New Adult Paranormal Romance with Greek Mythology. Olympian Elemental Trials Series is created by Rebecca Goodwin, an eGlobal Creative Publishing signed author.