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Olivia Sparks


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“I’m not a ‘thing’ to be possessed.” Olivia pulled her weight with her elbows and stared at Maxen whose head was now wedged between her legs. “Absolutely,” he agreed, widening the high slit of her gown. “You’re a goddess, Olivia. And I will even worship the land that you would set foot on.” ... Olivia Lin. Exiled heiress of the biggest corporation in the small island of Nisia. Nobody knew of her name. Heck, nobody knew of her existence. Henry Lin, her father, left her in the farthest place from the country as possible the moment she was born. Maxen Victor Eton Sui, a heartbreak dressed in a hot suit. What more if he's wearing a crown? Now when their paths collide, will sparks fly? ... *This book is for mature readers. edited by Swaning join us in discord! tinyurl.com/filledelisle IG: filledelisle


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