1 Olivia Milan

I am Olivia Milan, a student of University of California, San Diego, a Biochemistry major and this is my story.


'She is 7. She was born a sadist. That's just who she is. She is a child no one wants to get anywhere close to. She is the kid all the other kids hate yet are too scared to do anything to her. She has the most bizarre family out there. She has been called fatherless but that didn't annoy her. On the contrary, she was all the more happy when those same people would somehow get hurt.'

That 'she' is just who I am – the dreaded Olivia Milan

I am happy when I see them feel pain. I am hated by all but that's par for the course, since I also hate everyone else. I have never cared for their well-being and that is why I am seen in such a hostile way. I always exact revenge, sooner or later and most often even both. I know that life is bullshit. I receive all this hate, but truth be told... I like it. I am merely getting attention after all.

And these are only a few examples of all the good deeds I have done:

* I put a handful of cockroaches in the lunch food of one of the kids in my grade. Her mom had badmouthed me after all. I shall forever remember with delight his reaction of utter horror.

* I tore a kid's assignment because she looked at me like I was shit; her tears made my day.

* I accidentally threw a kick against a girls butt; I still love that she has a broken tooth because of the fall.

* I destroyed our neighbor's fresh plants because her dog trashed my mom's car.

I could go on listing but I will stop here.


When I turned 15, I was slightly better than before in all aspects.

I could proudly say I'm beautiful, very beautiful to be precise.

I guess that's why almost all the boys want me as either a friend, or a girlfriend.

With the way I am, the aura I carry around me, the authority I hold even as a small girl; other girls wants to be me.

They crave my charm and want to be around my personal cliché.

But then I have my flock, my little crew which is inseparable. Full of girls with different characters and it's obvious we all clicked, despite having bad but at the same time very interesting reputation.

I'm neither the head cheerleader nor a cheerleader, but not so surprisingly, I have even more fame than the said Queen (the head cheerleader).

I'm the unnamed Queen, the Bitch and not the Bee.

I have never cared what the world has to say about me but even if there are second thoughts that I do, I'm hoping it is clear now that I don't.

Ever since I lost my mom – the one person I loved the most – I have been more of a bitch than ever been, I turn scary at times and I'm sure it got people thinking – is she even normal?

There was a day a girl in my grade came to me aiming to lash out at me because I intoxicated her at a party.

"You bitch!" she had said almost in tears and I was guessing it was because she lost her virginity to a stranger because of what I did, "are you even normal!"

Knowing that I'm not, I replied grinning

"Well, I'm not normal and if that was not obvious before I'm hoping it is now" I winked at her before pushing her out of my way.

Though there are those times when I'm super nice and chatty with people in school. I know it do seem like I'm walking in a different light those days.

But most times that I don't even bother talking to anybody except my friends.

But the situation turned for the worse when a new parental figure arrived in my life, a father...

I was surprised when my he came back, I always thought that my mom was lying to me just to get me off her back whenever I get too curious about where he dad was but then it turned out she didn't lie to me.

He truly was alive somewhere and he came back for me.

I'm not really angry about the fact that he went away in the first place but the only thing I would never forgive him for is coming back after my mom died; it was like he was waiting for her death before making his appearance- though he kept saying otherwise.

According to him, I'm his only child which makes me the heir to his multi-million dollar company.

Now why should anyone blame me if I come to school in expensive cars wearing much more expensive cloths and being generally expensive?

Yes they don't say it out loud - but why would they, they are not so dumb to not know that I don't take such insult lightly - but it is clearly written on their faces that they do not like what I'm doing, well it's not like I care, as long as I like it, that's okay.

My dad always tells me I am the most beautiful thing he has ever had, and I know, I am the most beautiful thing I have too.

While some girls fuss over the title of Queen Bee and all that, they know I don't care about being the Queen, well; I don't need the title, even the seniors know very well that the title is always and would always be mine.


I'm now 18 and a senior and surely, everyone knows by now - with the numbers of scandals that I've had, the number of detentions I've gotten and with the number of guys I've slept with over the past 3 years - there would be no change to the way Olivia Milan is.

Everyone knows I gave my first kiss to one of my female friends and then, it was rumored I'm a lesbian which people kind of believed so I had to tell everyone, while standing on the cafeteria table, so the news could reach everyone that I gave my "freaking first sex' to Jeff, the hottest guy in Grade 12 which was as of when I was 16.

And one of the funniest things is that I still have a lot of fans, the whole school literarily fangirl/boy over me, with the way they buy the same type of cloth I wear, get happy if they get acknowledge by me, always want to be around me, it was clear they want nothing but to be sighted by their idol.

They all get delusional with the thoughts that they hate me because of my nerves but in reality – which they all shone – they all love me because of that, without the nerves, they all know I'm not me.

Which is why, some of them pray every day that I loses my charm, my nerves and my beauty, most especially my beauty.

And also, I'm now a 'fully grown young lady', not really fully grown but then, you know what I mean.

I now have curves at the places they are meant to be and I also got my mother's blessing.

I got blessed with abundant 'back and front' and because of that, other girls hate me more than before since their crush, friends or boyfriends tend to want me and really, it's no one's fault; I am just the best, no argument.

And now I'm too familiar with their scornful looks and I'm more comfortable with the attention than I ever was.

I and my best friends made a dare that I should add my name for Prom Queen and that was to test if really I am the Queen of this school or I was just being delusional so I did, and once again, all of my ever loyal subjects showed their support once again by voting for me.

After collecting my crown I gave it to one of them and gave the middle finger to the stupid king when it was time for us to have the 'dance', if I were to be very honest, his crown looks really hideous, it makes his grin look scary, maybe that is because I have never liked him ever since he enrolled in our school an took the reputation of the renowned bad boy.

The hate would've been minimal if he didn't leave the head cheerleader for a stupid nerd whose face is always pink.

I hated those times he used to bring her to our table for lunch, I just hate the fact that he came to our school and made the dreaded cliché a reality.

But I love the way Erica – the head cheerleader, who would have been qualified as my friend but then… I don't know why I didn't make her my friend – dealt with her, she showed her that it's completely rude to steal someone's boyfriend, and also taught her that if you want to do it, do it openly and bitchily, not acting all innocent and getting the good favors.

We later made our exit very early since the party felt stupid and used the opportunity to go to a club to finish the Prom bullshit.


When I graduated high school at age 19, it couldn't be more perfect.

I've learnt to live like I want, to take whatever life brings and embrace it, not to be a cry baby but to cry when life brings it for me, which is kind of rare.

I have also learnt that when you take life as simple and learn to shove hard things in a bracket of your mind, you would live being free of all the troubles that come with life; I mostly learn to love myself which I believe is obvious.

And now as a college student, I guess life gets to give me an opportunity to be a bigger and more mature bitch, it also get to pass its shit to me in loads, I'm sure the bitch knows I'm always ready.

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