4 CHAPTER 4: A Young girl*

Su Yao was born in a slum and her earliest memory was her parents were brutally killed in front of her. She survived by stealing, scheming, and killing other people at a young age. The world of Cultivation was very cruel and she was one of the peasants that was not worthy to mention. But everything changed after she met a certain old man that saved her from the hell. Ten years later, she was one of the top genius that resounded across the world.

" Yes! Master. " Su Yao said with a devoted tone. For her, her master was everything. Everything she had was given by her master. She devoted her being to her master. She was a twisted person like a twisted mind. She fancied her master who was going to die. Before entering into Half-Immortal, her master needed her help to even walk. He was a complete skeleton and a pretty ugly creature for her he was her saint, her father, her master, and her everything.

[ Title - Master's Pet ]

' Come to think of it, the reason why An Moyan decided to take her as a disciple was she looks like his first love who was just a normal girl. Tsk Tsk, every hero has Tragedy. ' An Moyan while looking at Su Yao. Su Yao was very beautiful woman even Protagonist could not able to conquer.

Su Yao had a very attractive body, especially her large peach-shaped ass which was the perfect ass. Even though she wore three robes, her assets could not be hidden. Her large ass swayed left and right everytime she walked and she also had D-cup-shaped breasts that were man's treasures. Su Yao had black hair with blue eyes and black hair was rare hair color in this world. Her face looked charming and seductive. She was really a gorgeous woman.

Su Yao took off her clothing and the cold breeze gently blew her body and she was without the clothes on top of the mountain.

' Damm! She really is fucking gorgeous. ' An Moyan could not help but to swear inside him. An Moyan's little brother slowly woke up from his sleep.

" Su Yao! I have a question. " An Moyan asked her and he was planning to nurture her as his left-hand man. He believed that Su Yao would help his journey.

" Yes! Master. This disciple shall answer every question. " Su Yao said proud and steady. She stood up proudly in front of her master without clothing and she was flushed a little bit but her dream was going to come true.

"It has been ten years since you become my disciple, right? At the time, I was an old man with a crane and my waist was bending 45 degrees. " An Moyan said with a nostalgic tone and he looked at An Moyan's body with lecherous eyes.

" Yes! Master. Everything this disciple has is because of master. I am willing to die for the master. " Su Yao's tone was not unwavering and just strong. Her naked body was a great sight to behold and she kneeled on the rocky ground.

" I see. " An Moyan was very satisfied with Su Yao's expression. In the novel, she rarely appeared and she was one of the reasons that An Family was not completely erased. Without a doubt, she had extremely good talent and she had the potential to become one of the strongest cultivators.

An Moyan walked in front of Su Yao and Su Yao's face was a little bit red from the outdoor naked experience but she proudly represented her naked body to her master and looked at longing eyes.

' What a nice smell. ' An Moyan muttered and both of their bodies were very close to each other. They could feel their breathing and An Moyan lifted up her chin, and Su Yao was still kneeling on the rocky ground while a flushed face and looked at An Moyan's face with a beautiful smile.

" Are you willing to become my woman " An Moyan asked with a dominating tone and his aura could not be hidden. People might frown on him in his previous world but in this world, it was not that rare. Some female cultivators chose this own way to cultivate their own ideal husbands and they groomed their husbands since the day they were born to become an ideal husbands, male cultivators also did that.

" ... " Su Yao's eyes were dazzled and a few seconds later, the tears left from her eyes and she looked at an old man in front of her with a smile.

" Y...Yes master...I'm willing to become master's slave, lover, daughter or Dao companion. Please use this slave body until the end of this slave... please " Su Yao's eyes were filled with tears and she looked at an old man in front of her with devoted eyes.

" Good. " An Moyan nodded and he picked up Su Yao from her armpit, he also took off his clothing. His old body was ugly without a doubt, but he was a cultivator so he still had good skin and a slight worse physique.

Beauty lied in the eyes of beholders and Su Yao's eyes looked like she was looking at a peak male physique. Saliva leaked from her mouth a little bit and she savored an old man's body with lecherous eyes

An Moyan's face closed to Su Yao's face as they both started to kiss. An Moyan slowly opened her lips and Su Yao followed her master. Her lips started to kiss dry old lips with a full of passion. An Moyan sucked her beautiful lips slowly while tasting the flavor of her lips.

" You can call me 'daddy ' when we are going to fuck. " An Moyan stopped the kiss and Su Yao lips followed behind his lips, An Moyan whispered beside her ear while biting her soft ears.

Su Yao's body was twitched a little bit and her body weakly fell on the ground. A proud disciple of the Head elder looked like a slut and her cunt wet a little bit when she heard that her master told her to call him ' Daddy '.

" D..addy.....ah...ahhh.. " Her sultry tone was voiced softly and her body uncontrollably twitched on the ground. She squirted while moaning loudly on the ground. She orgasmed as her eyes rolled, and her body was twitching on the ground like a fish on the land.

' So it's true. Su Yao has a daddy complex. ' An Moyan looked at Su Yao's ahego face and she just orgasmed from a simple. Her body's posture was filled with a sexual appeal and An Moyan held his erected little brother. He kneeled on the ground and he could not hold back anymore.

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