Old Ancestor: Thrown Out By The Nanny From The Start

Song Haotian, an old man with dementia, was deserted by his children. This kind of news was common on the Internet. However, such an insignificant event actually led to a series of events. Song Haotian’s adopted daughter made false claims about him in order to be selected for a talent show. The netizens cyberbullied the old man in order to protect their idol. Just when the netizens thought this case would end satisfactorily with the adopted daughter winning, an unexpected scene played out. The head of East Asian Chamber of Commerce, the elder of an ancient martial arts clan, the beautiful CEO of the world’s most powerful security company, the head of the nation-renowned Chinese Medicine Association, and many other families and factions were involved in the case due to the false claim. Later, the netizens finally found out the true identity of Song Haotian and how powerful he was. However, it was too late now.

Break The Corn · Urban
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546 Chs

System Failure

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"Send the message."

"Yes, Sir!"

At Drake's command, Camille went to her laptop and typed something. In an instant, she took control of all the computers in the country.

Everyone's communication equipment stopped working, and they all received a mysterious file on their phone.

It was an app.

The forums, bbs, and blogs had been actively discussing the event, but everything suddenly went quiet. All the servers were down, and no one could type anything on their devices as the app automatically opened.

A photo appeared on everyone's screen.

It was an image of none other than Himmel Soan as an old man.

"What's going on?"

"Shit, my computer froze!"

"Mon, my laptop is broken!"

"I don't care about your computer! My phone is broken! Look! What's happening to my phone? It won't do anything! The keyboard won't work! I can't even switch it off!"