Oh No, I get stuck with Crazy Name that Stuck me with A crazy Goddess!

A soul is reborn into Danmachi with no help whatsoever. All he's left with is a giant wheel that will decide his fate. The only thing he got was a randomly stupid name that would tie him to a crazy yandere goddess. And a skill that's seem great but he doesn't have any idea how to use. "I just wanted to have a nice mob character life and not be too involved in the story too much. Find a nice girl to settle down with, not this bullshit."   Disclaimer: All characters involved in this story belongs to their respective Author/owner/creator. All that belongs to me are my own OC characters and that's it.

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Let's Go Wheel

I don't know how long I've been floating. I feel as though I'm in total darkness, unable to feel my body or anything else, and I'm just floating endlessly. The last thing I remember was that I was about to buy the newest novel and manga when something unexpected happened. I was hit out of nowhere. Oh my god, I hope that wasn't fucking truck-kun—how cliche would that be?


To pass the time, I started counting backwards from a million. Before I drive myself crazy, I also attempt to remember all I read in manga. After what seemed like years, I saw a bright light and suddenly came to the realization that perhaps now was the time when the so-called God would grant me my wishes or an explanation.

I look around the darkness and I turn to see some kind of Shining Light. As I look closer it looks like some kind of huge ancient Circle that gives me a tingle feeling, as I tried to get closer to make out what it is, I'm left dumbfounded. Is that freaking game show wheel. I received no explanations—just a big ass wheel. Where is my all-powerful God? I would rather have wishes than try my luck. Knowing my luck back in the day, it's shitty. "Refund. I demand a refund."


I wait, hoping someone will come and help me out. All I see is this giant wheel that's just taunting me. God, I hate gacha. I let out a long, suffering sigh and began to study the wheel. What I can glean from it seems to be just different worlds, anime, manga, and novels I read.


"What is this supposed to tell me which world I go to?" It seems asinine. I don't even have a body. How am I supposed to spin? What am I supposed to say? "Go, magic wheel go," I joked in my head.


The wheel starts to spin. I start to panic. I wasn't ready yet. I was joking. It seems like I can't do anything but watch; I can't even tell where it's landing because of the thousands of worlds on it. I start to cross my non-existent fingers, hoping it'll be something easy. The wheel starts to slow down. I'm watching it past Naruto, Bleach One Piece, Demon Slayer, Attack on Titan, Fairy Tail, Winx Club (which I watch to please my sister), etc. The anticipation is killing me as I watch it slowly go down, and finally it stops in a world I'm so familiar with. "DANMACHI". 


Isn't that the world with a 14-year-old boy who got cheat hacks and started to break the system with his fast level up? I mean, from the stories, I feel like it was a little rush, and there were a lot of mature women lusting after a 14-year-old boy. I get that the gods in that world don't age, but really, how many cougars are there? Don't get me started on that yandere freak, Freya.


I mean, if you were going to look after a boy, why hide in the shadows, let him develop, not even interact with him at all, and then just expect him to love you? I spent the next couple minutes just ranting about the world and its stupidity.


A new wheel popped up smaller than the last one; it just has a few selected choices for how I'm going to transfer to the world. I just tell the wheel to go again while I watch the spin. I think of a good plan depending on what time period I am in. I can either maximize my efficiency or become the ultimate background character, because why the hell do I have to fight the crazy battles when I can just let the main character do that? I'm not going to be one of those sad Isekai MCs who tried to get all the girls. I'm not really into harems; it's really unrelated to trying to maintain more than one girl relationship.


The wheel stops in semi-reincarnation, meaning I'll get to create a new body, but I must keep some qualities from my old life, e.g., my intelligence, my luck, and other qualities. I don't get to have a proper background, like parents and stuff like that. But what I got was that I could make my own background. First, another wheel pops out that's just saying a new name.


"I don't get to even choose my own name." I told the wheel to start spinning after a couple of minutes, and what I got was Odr Friggs.


..... I have a mental breakdown. Are you fucking with me? I was planning to avoid Freya. You give me some kind of stupid name that literally makes me the biggest target for her obsession. No, fam, this was supposed to be Bell's problem, not mine. I spent an hour just ranting about how shitty this is.


After I come down, I remember my previous one, which let me choose my background and how to develop my body. So I spent time adjusting it since I'm going to have a connection to the god Odr, who is the god of vehemence. He is also associated with desire, passion, and rage.


So after I started filling out my background, an orphan left with just a name and midnight black hair with sky blue eyes. A swimmer builds bodies. I was allowed to work on my soul, knowing that Freya can look at all souls. I have a unique skill due to my disposition to having her husband's name. That prevents people from spying on me because I was born with it, so to anyone else, my soul looks like an ordinary gray soul unless they're touching me. This way, I can avoid Freya unless I get close contact. After a couple hours, I finish writing down everything I need to know, and I move on to the last wheel.


I think the last wheel is just one skill or ability I get. Go magic wheel I Choose You. The wheel starts spinning, and I wait, singing a Pokemon theme song in my head. The wheel finally stops, and it lands on enchantment magic. "LET'S Goooooo"

I don't know what it entails, but just having enchantments is an op. After all of that, I get ready.

Suddenly, I feel suction forces pulling me as if I'm being pulled in a certain direction. The last thing I see is a hazy figure that popped up right next to the wheel. I can't discern their features, but they're waving goodbye. If I had a body, I would stick my middle finger up, leaving me to choose all my sh*t myself, F youuuuuuu.

Well, a new world is here. Come, get ready for this awesome mob character to come.


Well off he goes I guess. On passionate adventure that will have many obstacles in his way if wants reach his dreams.

Who was that hazy figure?

Why the name Odr of all things?

Is it a just mere coincidence or is there something more to it?

Well Stayed Tuned to Find Out.

Okay this is my first story I know I'm going to get a lot of criticism about my writing I just hope you guys go easy on me and give me some good feedback to work with.

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