99 Chapter-93<*Controlling Madam Etero*>

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It was quite the long session, but I ended up going over ten rounds before impregnating the both of them. Mom was proud of herself.

"Next time whenever you dual cultivate mom has to be there," she said.

I said nothing to her as we left the room and met with Sunder and Yamato once more. Sakura and Wander had a slight glow to them after conceiving a child. It prepared me to see them angry and jealous as they assessed the women they married. In the future, the two women would also lust after each other because they both dual cultivated with me.

I'm not sure how their husbands were going to feel, but they both wanted a child to raise that would be a cultivator.

Sunder then turned to me.

"Thank you, Dong Chen," he said. "We are both planning on having daughters, so in the future we may bring them for dual cultivation as well."

What the… F***! Okay, I need to stop being surprised by this. I just have to accept everything that comes and screw off everything that needs to be screwed.

"As for the location of Madam Etero, I'll give you this map that's locked inside a small chest," Sunder said. "Even she doesn't know that we've pinpointed her location after thousands of years."

Mom took it in her hands and looked at it and HouXiang was nearby sensing the spiritual energy around the chest. Mom opened the chest and out came a small pearl map that projected it only to those within our small room. HouXiang was a bit surprised.

"You spent thousands of years operating under her and finding this. Why?" HouXiang asked.

"We are nothing but tools to her," Sunder said. "We are nothing but tools that will be used regardless of what merits we have. Yamato and I started gathering information on her thousands of years ago, and we continued to keep track of everything until we narrowed her location. Even she doesn't know that we know. Dong Chen, if you go there you can find her and she is afraid of you using your ability to order women around to control her. I think if you can take control and assert your dominance over her, then the continent can truly be at peace finally."

"Peace?" I asked.

"Yes," Yamato said. "I will raise my new daughter well. Dong Chen, thank you and please keep the continent peaceful. Most of us simply want to live and enjoy life without always having to fight for strength."

"I understand," I said. "I will do what I can for that peace."

Honestly, doing what I can basically means f***ing p***y,so it's not like I have to work that hard. I'm also getting more stamina, and it's fun to shoot loads into beautiful women. I'm getting more and more depraved every day.

"Now that this is settled, I'll be taking some disciples along with Iora to fight against Space River's forces that are amassing near our borders," HouXiang said. "Iora loves to fight and r*p* men, so this will be a prime opportunity for her. She also just gave birth, so she is back to 100%"

"She just gave birth?" I was a bit surprised.

"Oh, go look at your daughters," HouXiang said. "They're cute. Play with them a bit, then Xisleth and Risless will go with you to that location. There aren't many on the continent who can fight them even at seventy percent of their strength."

"No, I'm just surprised that she gave birth so quickly," I said.

"Beast people gestate faster and also mature faster. In a few years you'll need to dual cultivate with them as well. My egg will hatch after Risless and Xisleth give birth. We can talk about this later, for now there is no time to waste."

Madam Etero is in her chamber waiting for the news of the planned assault by Fablio. An assistant walked in and bowed before her. Sweat beads formed on the servant's face, it was obvious the news of the assault would not be what she wanted.

"Madam Etero, the forces by Fablio have been wiped outand Fablio has died in battle."

"Who killed them?"

"Iora," the Assistant said. "Iora was the leading fighter, and she captured the men, then afterwards abused them before eating them."

The Assistant was a bloody paste after Madam Etero crushed with her foot.

Fools! All of them! Fool and weaklings!

I now felt the pressure. If this were an enemy that did not order her, then it would be simple. She would go herself and use her leverage as someone from the Eternal race, similar to how Iora used her beast race to fight. At the same cultivation level, an Eternal was still mountains higher than even a dragon. Having lived for billions of years, there was no technique that she hadn't seen before.

Yet that boy has dominion over me because he is a universal dual cultivator!

She sat there for a few hours thinking about whether to call in the next assistant. She had no shortage of them, and her hidden temple where she could age slower was like a prison.

Why didn't I just crush the Blossoming Flowers in their infancy stages when they were forming? I let this happen… perhaps I am growing far too old.

Footsteps were heard coming into her chamber, and it startled her.

"I didn't call for anyone to come, leave now!"

"No," the voice came back. "I am not leaving because I will conquer you."

She looked forward and sense an attractive aura. It was Dong Chen, along with Risless and Xisleth next to him. They had passed through her entire base without being noticed. The power of pinnacle cultivators made the others into nothing more than cannon fodder.

"You! How did you get here?"

"It's not important how I got here, what's important is that you will not continue doing things the way you've been doing them!" Dong Chen yelled.

"Remember Little Dong, Eternals are different and they mate differently," Xisleth said. "I know you were shocked when you came here at first, but you have to go through with it."

"What?" Madam Etero yelled. "You plan on mating with me? WITH ME? An Eternal! How dare you?"

"I order you to let me inside," Dong Chen said. "Let me inside and harm no one from my Sect again."

Madam Etero's eyes widened as she couldn't imagine what was going to happen next.

Standing over mountains of corpses, Iora continued to feast on the dead cultivators who attacked. Those unlucky enough to be alive were caged and waiting for her to have her way with them. Because of her higher cultivation and more durable body, she broke her toys easily. HouXiang could only watch as the beast woman continued to do whatever she pleased.

"Why do you take pleasure in death?" HouXiang asked.

"Pleasure?" Iora seemed confused.

"You took pleasure in things like this that made Dong Chen hate you the first time around," HouXiang said. "Now you constantly have to be under his order."

"I enjoy being under his order," Iora said. "It means he is powerful enough to dominate me and I will freely give of myself."

"Dominate you?"

"Instinct," Iora said. "Instinct to follow the one who can dominate me. Else I will dominate them however I please."

"What about your children?"

"They will be the same, but Dong Chen is pack leader. They will follow him or those stronger than them."

"At least you're simple," HouXiang said before turning to the disciples and military from the Sect. "All of you help clear out the corpses here."

Back at the Sect, Sana was still making love with Elder Liu and Josephine, who was visiting. Josephine was pregnant, and now feeding Sana as well.

"You just don't stop, do you, Sana?" Josephine asked. "I do not find women attractive normally, but this after effect from the dual cultivation makes me want more and more of you."

"I do not understand it myself," Elder Liu said. "My body yearns… I need more!"

Gora was playing with the other disciples in the Sect in another place in the realm. The Blossoming Flowers had many buds that bloomed, especially in this new spring time due to all the seeds spread by the master farmer.

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