166 Taking Chen Meng Away

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Chi Bo asked He Lan to wait for him outside while he went down by himself. If he wanted to save Chen Meng, he had to get rid of Brother Tian first.

Yin Xun and He Lan waited outside. After a while, Chi Bo came out.

"Where's your accomplice?" He Lan looked behind Chi Bo and asked curiously when she realized that there was no one around.

"I knocked him out." Chi Bo came out from below with a gun in his hand.

After he climbed out, a few minutes later, another disheveled man crawled out from below.

He Lan's first reaction was to think that it was Brother Tian. She went up to kick him, but Chi Bo stopped her. Chi Bo smiled ingratiatingly at He Lan and said, "He's Chen Meng."

When He Lan heard this, she quickly retracted her foot. She was so close to kicking Chen Meng down.

"I'll deal with you when we get home." He Lan glared at Chi Bo fiercely before turning to talk to Yin Xun. "Now that you've found your friend, what do you plan to do?"


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