228 Did Not Keep Her Word

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Liu Ying sighed and said weakly, "Go ahead."

"What's going on between you and Si Fan? Didn't you love him madly in the past? You didn't even hesitate to break the law for him. Why do you suddenly hate him now?"

Yin Xun certainly asked this not out of curiosity, but to confirm if her idea could be implemented.

Liu Ying did not intend to shy away from the question. She directly told Yin Xun about the day she saw him hit Yin Mo.

"I admit that I'm not that very smart, but I'm not as stupid as Yin Mo. A man who commits domestic violence can't be desirable no matter what. There are so many other choices. There's no need to hang yourself on a tree for him." Liu Ying's tone was calm. When she spoke of Si Fan, her tone was filled with disdain. She was clearly not as obsessed as before.


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