"Long live the lair!"

"Long live the Lair Reconstruction Committee!"

As Meng Chao and Xiong Wei hugged each other passionately, thunderous cheers rose in the hall. 

Of course, most of the cheers were from Golden Tooth members. 

They knew deeply that after Saber Jin Wanhao passed away, they had to do everything they could to advocate for the Lair Reconstruction Committee's birth if they still wanted to retain their interests and their position as the strongest gang. They also needed to have the dominant position in it, hence they were doing their best to support it. 

Somehow, they managed to give off the feeling that they were united as one, giving them a completely new and brilliant look. 

As for Meng Chao, he went to the back of the hall, and after he drew the curtains, his legs became weak. He fell forward, straight into the arms of Lu Siya, who had quickly stepped forward to support him. 


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