Of Starlit Balls and Starship Captains Book

novel - LGBT+

Of Starlit Balls and Starship Captains

K.L. Noone

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  • 7 Chs

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Space opera, Regency romance, and an invitation to an Imperial ballroom among the stars ...<br><br>Captain Catherine Everington loves her starship, her crew, and their mission of interplanetary exploration. New worlds beckon, and Kit's always wanted to discover them. But a summons from her mother brings a reminder of Kit's family obligations, including the title and place she'd once given up among glittering Regency society, on the capitol planet.<br><br>The Regency is ending, and the new Emperor will take the Galactic Throne, which means he'll need to choose an Empress. But Arthur has never been a conventional heir, and he's fascinated by discoveries and languages and new frontiers. And an unconventional starship Captain with a love of the unknown might be exactly who he needs ...