Of Space Whales and Battleships: Worm(Parahuman)

A fan of naval history and Worm ends up in worm as a shipgirl. General chaos ensues along with a bit of escalation. Can our protagonist save this doomed world?

Commonnerfer · Book&Literature
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96 Chs

Chapter 9-2

Georgia's eyes fluttered open to a surreal and disorienting sight. She found herself lying on a barren, desolate planet, the ground beneath her composed of some fleshy material which really couldn't be described with words. As she struggled to sit up, her gaze was drawn to the ground below.

"Where the fuck am I." Georgia mutters trying to stand up as the ground mushes below her.

A deep and unsettling rumble echoed through the very ground beneath her feet. It was a sound that seemed to emanate from the planet itself, like the growl of a massive, slumbering beast.

"Oh shit, am I on top of Scion's main body?" Georgia asks as her rigging gives thrust throwing the battleship girl into the sky.

As she ascended, the rumbling and growling persisted, and she couldn't help but feel dread in the pit of her stomach, as she continued to go higher, the planet just kept getting larger in her view.

"I need to make a slip space jump." Georgia whispers in horror.

Suddenly reality breaks as the air itself seems to tear in 10 different spots.

As the rifts in reality crackled with energy, the ten Scions emerged from them, their golden forms materializing in an unsettling display of power.

Georgia starts flying up, picking up speed. The 10 Scion's give chase. Georgia looks down and watches the 10 golden men gaining on her, before kicking her engines into overdrive. She appears to develop a mach cone, yet it is an electrified blue.

Georgia smirks as a sudden surge of energy kicks in, Her engines seemingly kicking up to nearly 200% power. The surrounding air seemed to ripple and distort as Georgia initiated the slipspace jump. For a brief moment, it's as though reality itself bends around Her. The atmosphere outside shifts, displaying colors and patterns reminiscent of a surreal aurora borealis.

[Impossible] the ten Scions echo.

Then Georgia had disappeared, there is a profound sense of stillness and silence. For a moment, it's as if the universe itself is holding its breath. Scion stared on in complete confusion. Then, without warning, a blindingly bright flash illuminated the cosmic darkness, followed by an earsplitting explosion that seemed to tear a hole into the very fabric of reality. The shockwave that ensued was a force of nature, expanding outward with relentless power. It created a visible distortion in the surrounding air, causing it to shimmer and vibrate with an otherworldly energy.

The wave quickly cascaded and knocked all ten Scion's back down towards the surface as they were hit by the force. Nowhere near enough to kill them however the power from an unknown dimension was a mystery to the ancient space whale.


As Georgia found herself halfway across the star system, she couldn't help but marvel at the sheer scale of the celestial bodies around her. The giant planet-sized space whale, Scion, was now visible in the distance, its immense bulk rivaling that of Jupiter, one of the largest planets in the solar system. Its enormous form moved like a massive hulk forcing its way through the cosmic waves of the sky, it wasn't graceful, and there was no form of control, it was just moving.

Her sensor's could actually pick up it's organic sensors… That was a weird thought, although it allowed Georgia to be made aware of one thing. Scion was looking for her.

"I, could the wave motion gun even kill that thing?" Georgia mutters knowing the star killing gun was really her only chance besides bombarding the ever loving shit out of the space whale with antimatter.

"Do I have to summon the hull? Or can I form it in my hand like my normal main guns?" Georgia mutters holding out her hand.

Georgia held her hand outstretched and her mind focused on channeling the power of the Wave Motion Gun. The weight of responsibility hung heavily in the air as she knew that her actions were about to determine the fate of Earth Bet along with hundreds of thousands of parallel earths.

The energy within her surged, much like the reactor of the Battleship Yamato, and the ambient hum of power filled the surrounding space. The wave motion energy, a radiant and otherworldly blue, began to gather and coalesce in her palm, forming into a highly explosive ball.

The Battleship girl could feel her energy being sapped and her main functions running on emergency power, yet she continued on. As the energy condensed, it cast an eerie glow across her face. In her fingertips she held the power to kill a god.

Her sensors pinged a warning before they too lost power. Scion must've noticed the build up of energy because he was now metaphorically looking directly at her.

"IT'S TOO LATE YOU BASTARD! I HAVE YOU NOW!" Georgia shouts releasing the beam of energy.

[MUTUAL] Scion returns releasing his own weird form of energy.

Georgia willed the order to fire. The energy surged forward, a streak of sapphire lightning, propelled by the sheer unfathomable force. It tore through the vacuum of space, a brilliant lance of destruction aimed directly at Scion, no Zion.

The release of the beam had killed all of Georgia's power; she was now sitting open for any and all attacks. However Zion was not in a good spot himself.

The moment of impact was cataclysmic. In that cataclysmic instant, the universe bore witness to a monumental clash of forces. The energy beam from Georgia's Wave Motion Gun struck Zion, the ancient space whale, with unrelenting force An incandescent inferno of radiant blue light engulfed the colossal creature, its sheer intensity swallowing the massive form of the cosmic behemoth.

The laws of physics seemed to bend and warp in response to the unimaginable force at play. The Wave Motion Gun's beam tore through Scion's form, cleaving it asunder with an unstoppable might. The very fabric of reality seemed to scream in protest as the space whale's essence was rent asunder.

The eldritch horror of the cosmos, found itself evaporating into nothingness, its existence unraveling in the face of the relentless onslaught. Its dying scream, a mournful and otherworldly sound, managed to carry through the vacuum of space—a haunting sound which Georgia would be happy never hearing again.

So there she sat, in the fast expanse of space. Her wave motion engine having to undergo a restart. Her sensors were the first to come back on and they were blaring.

Georgia's eyes widened in shock as a disturbance in the cosmic fabric, and before she could react, the colossal space whale's last desperate attack hit her center mass. The star system shifts and Georgia has no clue where she is although it looks alot like the inside of slipspace.

"That's what he meant by mutual." Georgia mutters wincing in pain.

The full hull of USS Georgia had been summoned into reality, the Armored Steel and Titanium structure had been ripped to shreds. Georgia struggled to remain upright on her damaged bow, her physical form showing signs of severe stress. A painful cough wracked her body, and she felt a buildup in her lungs, which she expelled into her hand, revealing reddish-black oily blood.

"Fuck me, this is it isn't it?" Georgia mutters stumbling down the deck.

With a sense of resignation and fatigue, Georgia leaned against the 18-inch turret of her broken hull. The steel hulk surrounding her began to glow with a blue light .

In her final moments, Georgia's thoughts turned to Enterprise her friend, she summoned the golden glowing wisdom cube. It was the only one which she carried on her, all of the other one's were in the vault below the museum. Georgia held Enterprie's wisdom cube close almost cuddling it.

"I never did find a way to bring you back. Sorry." Georgia mutters coughing up more oil-blood.

Closing her eyes, she released a tired sigh, ready to embrace the darkness and unknown, as she broke down into a single wisdom cube.

Then as quickly as the cube had formed it was swallowed away by space.

Georgia and Enterprise were gone.