Of Space Whales and Battleships: Worm(Parahuman)

A fan of naval history and Worm ends up in worm as a shipgirl. General chaos ensues along with a bit of escalation. Can our protagonist save this doomed world?

Commonnerfer · Book&Literature
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96 Chs

Chapter 9-1

November 2nd 2011

Contessa moved through the dimly lit room with the grace of a seasoned predator, her steps soft and purposeful. The only sound was the hushed rustle of fabric as she approached the bed, where a figure lay slumbering beneath the covers. The digital clock on the nightstand blinked 3:00 AM in crimson numerals.

"Get up! We don't have time! They're coming, and we need to move now!" Contessa shouts shaking Georgia

Georgia jolted awake from deep slumber to sudden chaos, stared at Contessa with wide, disoriented eyes. "God Damn it, isn't this a few years early?" Georgia asks

"It's your own damn fault! NOW FIGHT THE SPACE WHALE!" Contessa shouts, flipping the mattress in a rush of adrenaline.

"What in the fuck happened to you?" Georgia mutters from the ground, the battleship girl stands up her pajamas being the appropriate navy blue.

"You did." Contessa states her anger surprisingly clear in her voice.

"Yeah, that makes sense." Georgia says in a rather relaxed manor.

The room seemed to crackle with tension as Contessa glared down at Georgia. The urgency of the situation couldn't be overstated. Scion, the seemingly invincible being, was moments away, and the fate of the world hung in the balance. Yet, Georgia's nonchalant response was unexpected, even for Contessa.

Contessa clenched her fists, her frustration evident. "This isn't a time for jokes or sarcasm, Georgia. You need to focus. We're facing something beyond comprehension."

Georgia climbed to her feet, her expression more serious now. "Alright, I'm up. What's your plan?"

"We're going to use your powers to take down Scion. Hit him with the same thing that hit the Simurgh and kill him." Contessa says

"Yeah, that probably won't be enough… It's actually a pretty bad plan, however I got it." Georgia says

Contessa's eyes narrowed at Georgia's response. Her irritation was palpable, but she knew there was no time for further arguments or discussions. The leader of the ship girls was just so frustrating.

"Just do it!" Contessa shouts.

"Alright, sure," Georgia responded calmly.

Only for Scion to immediately tear through the building, abducting Georgia and carrying her in his grip high above the Atlantic.

"Wow, you are rather riled up." Georgia says not even caring that her throat was held in a vice grip.

[Threat] Scion replies.

"Ah, I thought I forgot something… I can not believe I left the Slaughterhouse 9 alive long enough to start this off." Georgia says in understanding.

[Die] Scion says

Georgia smirked. There was a radiant burst of light. Sky seemed to ripple with iridescent colors, as if the very fabric of reality was being woven anew. The sparkling stars intensified in magnitude, and the air itself shimmered with ethereal magic. The navy blue pajamas were engulfed in a torrent of shimmering dust and Wisdom cubes. Motes of light wove around Georgia, forming her combat clothes and the physical representation of her rigging began to appear.

Scion let go of Georgia in shock yet the girl didn't fall, she gracefully floated backwards across the inky blackness of the night sky.

[Irritation] Scion states

The rigging continued to solidify, growing significantly larger than its previous form, rivaling the sizes of both Musashi's and New Jersey's. It was a formidable presence, brimming with untapped power.

With a deep breath, Georgia raised her outstretched hand toward Scion. Every single gun mounted on her rigging turned in unison, their barrels pointing squarely at the false god.

"Level 1 GEORGIAAAAA BEAAAAMMMMM!" Georgia's voice rang out, a declaration of her resolve. The rigging unleashed its devastating firepower, delivering a full broadside that rocked the very heavens. Six massive 18-inch nuclear-capable shells erupted from the barrels, streaking toward their target with pinpoint accuracy.

The shells struck their mark with explosive force, detonating near point-blank range. The resulting eruption of energy was nothing short of cataclysmic, a dazzling display of light and force that sent shockwaves reverberating through the night sky.

The electromagnetic pulse generated by the cataclysmic event surged outward, a relentless wave of destruction swept across the eastern seaboard. Power grids faltered and failed, leaving cities and towns in darkness.

Georgia herself was sent hurtling backward by the sheer force of the explosion. Her form tumbled through the air, a lone figure silhouetted against the blinding light show that had enveloped Scion.

As the smoke and haze cleared, the night sky revealed a startling sight. Scion, stood unscathed by the Nuclear hell fire. Yet one thing that had changed was his demeanor. The explosion had not harmed him physically, yet the Space Whale was angry.

Scion launched himself at Georgia, his golden figure surging forward like a relentless force of nature. He raised his outstretched hand, and from it, a beam of radiant energy shot forwards.

Georgia stood firm, unflinching in the face of Scion's beam. As the golden light of the attack engulfed her, her force field activated with a shimmer, absorbing and dissipating the immense energy of the beam.

The night sky crackled with the intensity of their clash, and the spectators on the shores below could hardly believe what they were witnessing. The beam that would have obliterated any normal parahuman hadn't even phased the slayer of endbringers.

Georgia's missile alarm was blaring, her sensors had seen what she physically couldn't, Scion approaching fast and he was dangerously close.

With lightning-fast reflexes, Georgia executed a perfect sidestep in mid-air, narrowly evading Scion's lunging attack. She watched in amazement as the golden manifestation of the Space Whale sailed past her, the force of his movement creating a rush of wind that ruffled her newly formed combat attire.

Yet her guns continued to track and her radar kept a constant bearing on the target, it was time to stop playing around.

"If you continue at this rate, I will be forced to destroy you!" Georgia shouts at the now hovering form of Scion.

[Resolve] Is what Scion ends up responding with.

"Level 2 Georgiaaaaa BEAAAAMMMM!!!" Georgia shouts, as she unleashes the same attack which had killed the Simurgh.

Once again, her main guns erupted with a deafening roar, and the night sky was rent asunder by a searing beam of eerie black light.

In the atmosphere high above, a tiny yet immensely powerful antimatter particle was released and collided with matter in a world ending event. The result was nothing short of apocalyptic.

The very fabric of reality itself seemed to tremble as an incomprehensible reaction occurred. A colossal release of energy, beyond the scope of human understanding, unfolded. The air itself ignited, and the atmosphere became a roiling inferno, the end of the world had come to pass.

Horror gripped those who watched, their eyes wide with disbelief, as the world appeared to be consumed by the overwhelming power of the explosion. But then, just as quickly as it had begun, the flames vanished, leaving behind a vacuum that sucked in the surrounding air with a thunderous shockwave.

In the aftermath, Georgia and Scion were gone, their existence erased by the unfathomable forces at play. The ocean's temperature had risen to near boiling, and oxygen levels had plummeted. The world had been forever altered, yet it would likely endure.