Odin the Boundless

To the newest incarnation of Odin Borison, the All-Father and ruler of Asgard, a unique change occurs. Not only does this reincarnation merge Odin with the knowledge of his past incarnations, but it also introduces a fascinating twist: the infusion of meta-knowledge from another existence. In this new life, Odin becomes a fusion of his former selves and the accumulated wisdom and abilities of a separate existence (another reincarnator). This unexpected fusion bestows upon Odin everything that was which the other life wished for ... Essence of the King and Essence of the Blank ... what is that?

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32 Chs

End of the War

(Odin POV)

They have arrived. I can sense them already and get ready. This won't take long and after this, I can finally move on to other things. The war has started to become boring. The experience that the Asgardian army needs, they got now. And all the other things will come with time. I can see the ripples and the space is forcefully broken on top of the Bifrost. I watch as the army of Heven appears in front of the gates of Asgard.

I stand before them holding Gungnir and with Munin and Hugin on my shoulders. The Queen is seen and I can see the surprise in her eyes. More and more of the army pours out of the gate and they stand and fly in front of me. That is good, it makes destroying them in one blow much easier. However, it doesn't matter really. 

"Odin ... it looks like you were expecting us. Quite the perception you have. But it won't help you. We will destroy Asgard today and take what you love most."

"I have weighted your worth and found you lacking ... now it is time to remove what is unnecessary. Thank you for this chance to prove a point.", I say and point Gungnir towards them. I activate the Still force and combine it with my divinity of time, stopping time around the army for good. My control over time has reached unprecedented levels after I became the Speed and Still force. So doing this is something elementary and doesn't even take much energy. Close to nothing if I'm honest. 

The entire army stands still but they still see me and what I do. I did this on purpose, to punish them. Now I pour my energy into Gungnir and in one of the biggest blasts ever towards them. The attack swallows everyone and kills them, giving them no chance to retaliate. 


There is nothing that they can do and the war ends in the most anticlimactic way possible. I check that everyone has died and then turn around and walk back. Heven is now open for our armies and whether they ever recover from this or not ... that is already clear ... they won't. You can't come back from this. 

I am finished and make my way back towards my family quarters. The rest of this war will take no time at all, now that one front is cleared. No one makes a move or a sound as I walk past them. After a moment, they finally get their bearings and loud cheering is heard. 



For the rest of the war, I spend my time with my wife and Aldrif. I can see the intelligence and the energy my daughter already has. She is only 2 years old but she already tries to run around the palace like a small monkey. Her smile can light up the darkest of places and make the most brooding of men smile. As soon as the war is over and Gaea has given birth to our second child, I will take both her and our children to Midgard and show them the planet. 

Aldrif has a strong bond with nature due to her divinity. She must have gotten that from Gaea. 

"You're back, my love.", Gaea says to me after I just finished the war council today. She has stopped attending due to the date coming closer for her to give birth. 

"Aye. How are you feeling?"

"Don't you know that already?", she smiles but tells me anyway, "Bloated."

"I understand. Would you like me to-"

"No. Even though it is the sweetest thing of you to do this, I will carry this as it is intended. Otherwise you would do more than I.", Gaea says somewhat in jest, somewhat seriously. 

I used my powers to imbue Gaea with it and take away the unpleasant feelings, allowing her to move naturally and without problems or discomfort. But Gaea likes to do things 'natural'. So I could only help her with minor things, such as giving her massages and enriching her food with a lot of energy. I might have done a folly with the massage through. 

Now she requests massages frequently. I do like to do it, as it takes my mind off of war, fighting and planning for the future. And unlike other weaker men, I am not a 'macho' who thinks that doing something like giving your loved one a massage makes me look weak. 

On the contrary. If I was weaker, I wouldn't have time to do this and instead would have to always be on the lookout for threats and worry about the other realms. Now, I can take time for Gaea and Aldrif. Aldrif is such a lively child and I am more than happy to give her all the love I can. I realise now that it might seem, that I am getting soft, but that's not true. 

The next threat is already on the way and I will get to use my powers to a good amount. Zgreb the Aspirant is on the way and looking for his fellow Celestial the Progenitor. But for now, I will stay with my wife and daughter and watch over her pregnancy. 

"You know that's not the case.", I answered Gaea. 

"Yeah yeah, and you know what I mean. This is already more than I could have ever hoped for when I saw you coming, but I still want to do this."

"Aye, as you wish, my love. Now didn't we have another smaller part of our family? Where did the bundle of joy run off to?", I asked in jest as I could sense Aldrif getting rather impatient in her hiding place. 

"Hihi ...", I could hear her giggling. 

"I don't know, my love. Maybe she left and went to war?"

"No, my baby is not old or strong enough to fight yet.", I say, knowing that this would irk Aldrif greatly. She was very proud and wanted to be like her father in terms of strength, so when I say this, she will react and just as I expected...

"Hey! I am strong!", I hear Aldrif proclaim and come out of hiding. I hope she will never grow up. Should I stop her from growi--

"Don't even think about it!", Gaea said. 

"What are you talking about?", I ask her. 

"Don't what me. You had that look in your eyes again that means you want to keep Aldrif cute forever."

"Nonsense, Gaea. I am the All-Father! I wouldn't stoop so low that I-"

"Spare your breath, love. I know you better than anyone."


Truly scary intuition. 


My son was born. We decided to call him Thor Odinson. The son of Gaea and Odin. Despite what you might expect, the right to the throne currently holds Aldrif, if she desires it, she shall have it. I am not an idiot to only allow males to become rulers of Asgard. Aldrif and I were waiting for the birth of Thor and when we finally were allowed to see them, we were both smiling brightly. 

Aldrif seems to take her responsibility as an elder sister very seriously. Each day, after waking up, she first checks on Thor, plays with him a bit and then comes to eat breakfast. I make sure that the entire family is together for as long as possible each day. So I usually get everything concerning the war out of the way and then take time for enjoyable things. 

Another few months until the war ends. Asgard could end this easily, but we have decided not to use any more resources than necessary. It is no longer hard for our troops in any way, so waiting until the Dark Elves and the Jotuns inevitably give up, is the best course of action. 

On another note, I feel Zgreb the Aspirant coming to Earth soon. I will deal with the raging Celestial and heal him. At least that is the plan. I don't want to see him die like that. I will use him as a good fight, but then I'll try to heal him and send him on his way. The first apes started to walk on two legs and it would be useful if the Celestials could do their thing. 

The latent potential they give the humans is something I am very interested in and I have plans for that. As the most powerful god on Earth, now and forever, I wish to distinguish those who both trust and believe in me from others. And for that, I believe that Zgreb will be of use to me. 



(3rd Person POV)

A rather casually dressed Odin is walking through the halls of the palace as a meeting has been requested by Heimdall himself. Odin knows what this is about but he still comes. Odin is dressed in a casual blue short-sleeved top with brown pants and boots. Even though it is a casual thing to wear for the All-Father, it is by no means cheap. Odin has enchanted this outfit thoroughly and he is wearing it because he knows what is coming. He likes the freedom of movement he has when wearing it. 


"Dad!", the voice of a six-year-old Aldrif is heard as she runs through the halls and toward Odin. Right behind her is the almost four-year-old Thor running after his sister, not wanting to be left behind. Odin stops walking and looks at them with a smile. He can't help it. Over the course of these years, he has had trouble keeping the image of a stern and serene King as smiles started to reach his face more often when he was together with his family or even only thinking about them.

But his power was not questioned. Never. Things like what he will do next are what give Odin all of the respect he receives. 

Aldrif finally reaches Odin and is slightly out of breath. She holds his pants and looks up at him.

"Yes, my love? What is it?"

"Are you going to another meeting? Can I come?", Aldrif asks. 

Then Thor arrives as well. He is breathing rather heavily and puts his hands on his knees to catch his breath. He also looks hopeful and with big eyes at Odin. 

"Haaaa ... yes father ... haaaa, we also want ... haaaa, to come.", Thor says and Odin smiles helplessly. There are not many things Odin says no to. He has come to believe that 'no' is something that should be used sparingly and in the moments when it is truly important. He doesn't spoil his children ... too much, at least. There is no reason, to deny his children to attend this meeting. So why should he say no? 

If you say no too many times, it loses its effect and importance. And it is also hard for him to say no to those puppy eyes. He is not sure where they have learned this. 

"Truly? But why would you want that? Didn't you say that it was rather boring most of the time?", Odin asks. 

"Yes, but this time it will be different.", Aldrif says.

"How so?"

"Because of your clothes.", Aldrif says with a smirk. She is truly a smart child. 

"Pray tell, what do my clothes have anything to do with this?"

"You are wearing something comfortable to fight in. And since you know what will be discussed you must believe that you will have to fight, and so I want to know what that is as well.", Aldrif says with a proud smile. She is happy that she could deduce that. 

Thor only looks at his sister in awe and admiration. He didn't know why they wanted to attend the meeting, but now that he knows, he is impressed with his sister.

"Very good, my dear. Your power of deduction and observation are impressive. It would seem that you observed me for a while now.", Odin says. 

"Aye, I did. Always observe your prey and find out its mannerisms and behaviour. And only then strike.", she repeats what Odin taught her about hunting. 

"It would seem I am getting old and predictable. My daughter sees me as her prey. Maybe we should start your training soon?", Odin remarks with a smile. 

"Oh! Really?!", Aldrif is excited. 

"Aye, it would seem that you are ready. When this is over, we shall begin."

"YEAH!", Aldrif jumps around Odin happily and starts to dance with Thor who is happy for his sister. Odin looks at them amusedly and then shakes his head. He picks them both up in his arms and makes his way towards the meeting room. It is time to deal with the Celestial that has arrived on the planet Earth. 


A rather slow chapter. It shows you the progress of Asgard, the progress of the war and the relationship between Odin and his family. Please don't comment anything about him getting weaker or something like that, because he enjoys spending time with his family.

He has so much power and every day he increases the difficulty of his training by applying runes to himself. You will see how strong he is (or somewhat) in the next chapter.