96 I'm The Crazy Dissector!

"No, system please help, I don't want to die".


"Please, help, I don't want to die. Please, you promised that I'll become the Ocean Master, I still haven't dissected even 1% of creatures in Oceania yet".


For the first time since Sebastian got the system, it yelled at him which made him stiffen as his thoughts were jolted awake.

[Sebastian! You were chosen for reincarnation for a reason, the system decided on you despite countless others having died the same day as you did.]

[The system saw potential in you that is why you were reincarnated.] 

[And remember, your soul is a human, you are an anatomist, you are a genius who succeeded in creating a variant between a Great White and a Whale Shark against all odds.]

[Use that brain of yours, use that genius brain of yours that enabled you to constantly break the convention, giving yourself the crazy dissector nickname.]


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