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Oasis of Blood


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Prince Samir looked at her disdainfully. “You’re not human.” “Aren’t I?” Nazmi asked boredly. “You aren’t.” She rolled her eyes. “Then what am I, your highness?” “A nymph. I can tell.” Prince Samir’s golden orange eyes threatened her. That if she lied again, she would surely lose her life. Nazmi started to panic. She hadn’t felt such genuine fear in a very long time. Time was running out, she needed to try and execute her plan before it was too late – but she swallowed the fear inside her to avoid blowing her cover. “How can you be so sure?” Nazmi laughed. Unfortunately for him, aside from having a lot to hide, playing with fire was her favorite activity. “Is it because you can’t bite me?” His dark skin and glowing eyes looked beautiful in the dim lighting; such an ethereal and lovely appearance wasn’t befitting of a vile monster like a vampire, Nazmi thought to herself. How unfortunate. The vampire hummed in agreement. “I would have ripped your skin and devoured your ichor the moment I saw you if it weren’t stopping me.” “You could always just kill me and drink my blood that way,” she said with a sarcastic smile. “Barbaric, yes, but it seems you and your kind prefer it that way. I’d say you’re animals, but that would be too cruel a comparison. Animals could never be as disgusting as you.” — War between the humans and vampires has gone on for centuries. Bloodshed and domination are all the two races seem to know, and neither side ever show intention for peace. The death toll between them is massive, both mortals and vampires alike. But what about everyone caught in between? Nazmiseia is one of the few remaining nymphs left. Since nymphs are spirits borne from nature, the constant shedding of blood and war has destroyed countless of their homes. Many of the wars took place on nymph land.As a girl, she lost her friends and family all save for her father. He took her to live amongst the humans and blend in, so that they could live a peaceful life. She took up the human-friendly nickname of Nazmi. Her father didn't know that his sweet girl would grow up wanting nothing but revenge on both humans and vampires alike. She is now the age of 20, finally old enough to begin learning how to use her nymph powers. While developing connections with strong people and training to fight, she ends up thrown in the middle of a human-vampire skirmish at the border. Nazmi not only finds herself injured, but captured by one of the most fearsome vampire generals. In the hands of the notoriously handsome and tyrannical vampire Prince Samir, her plans for revenge have to take a backseat to something more urgent - escape! — There will be lots of R18 detailed smut throughout the story. Please be aware! Blood and gore, vivid descriptions of death. Enemies to lovers, of course.~