1 "Death" Means "Family Reunion"

(y/n) stares at the massive wooden door before her, itching the back of her neck as she takes a moment to remind herself to let go of the breath she was holding as she stood there. She can't help but get goosebumps when she hears the faint voices inside.

"Here goes nothing..." She sighs quietly to herself. She shakily brings up a fist to the door, staring at her own knuckles as they barely hit the dark stained wood. It was taking everything in her to not bolt from the door step as soon as the last knock echoed from inside. Shaking at the thought of having to face her family again after all of these years, she crosses her arms and stares down at her own feet


(y/n) whips her head up and stares wide eyed at the familiar face before her.

"Pogo!" She exclaims at the small chimpanzee. She feels the corners of her mouth pull up into a smile as she begins to relax in his benevolent eyes.

"It's s nice to see you, (y/n)" He begins, taking her hand in his to guide her into the home,"I'm so glad you could make it."

"Of course, Pogo!" She replies kindly, placing a gentle hand on top of his furry one in a reassuring way ,"It's so nice to see you too!"

He lets his gaze wander on her for a moment before chuckling softly to himself. Almost in disbelief at the sight of her. She kneels down onto her knee to wrap him up in her arms, nuzzling the small ape and breathing in his comforting scent.

"How have you been?" (y/n) questions as she pulls away from him. He stays quiet for a brief moment before smiling sadly

"Things could be better, but things could also be worse" he admits quietly. She nods in understanding and places a hand on his shoulder, rubbing it slightly before letting it fall back to her side. He lets out a loud sigh before taking a moment to look around the room.

"You're the last person to arrive" He begins, returning his gaze onto her ,"You should try to go and say hello"

"hello?" (y/n) nervously picks at her fingernails ,"sounds a lot easier than it is"

Pogo chuckles lightly before walking closer and completely shifting his gaze onto the large staircase behind her.

"It's going to be tough, my dear" He sighs again before pointing a shaky finger towards the stairs ,"But, I'm sure you'll be fine."

She turns around on her heels and lets her eyes follow his hands direction, her gaze slowly landing on a large figure standing at the top of the staircase. She gulps down the lump in her throat and gives a nervous smile to Pogo

"You can do it, (y/n)" He whispers confidently. Before she knew it, he was walking away and disappearing into the other room. She lets out a sigh and returns her eyes to the figure still standing quietly at the top of the stairs. (y/n) lets herself take a moment to really look at the tall silhouette. Her eyes widen in surprise once she registers that the incredibly muscular man is actually her brother Luther, number 1.

"Luther?" She calls out hesitantly. The man makes his way to the bottom of the stairs and looks at her for a moment. His eyebrows are furrowed as he tries to figure out who she is

"(y/n)?" He replies with a small smile. She takes a few steps forward and gasps at the sight of him

"I can't believe it's you!" She glances down and back up again before reaching out and hugging him lightly ,"How did you get so big?"

"Late bloomer" He chuckles lightly patting her on the shoulder. When she pulls away from him he studies her for a moment.

"What happened to you? It's like you dropped off the face of the earth after you left-" He stops suddenly and his gaze turns behind her. (y/n), confused, turns around and smiles at the girl standing in the doorway. Her sister Allison grins back.

"I should probably go and check up on some things upstairs" Luther says clearing his throat. (y/n) turns back to reply, but he's already almost up the first flight of stairs. She stares at him as he leaves and chalks up his sudden departure on Allison's presence. She smiles to herself, remembering how close those two were and the countless googly eyes they've made towards each other during meal times. Turning back around to Allison who was also watching as Luther left, she takes a couple steps toward her

"Allison!" She exclaims excitedly. Her sister walks slowly towards her with a light smile and reaches out her arms to hug her

"(y/n). It's been so long." She quietly replies. (y/n) stands onto the balls of her feet and wraps her arms around her sisters shoulders

"It really has, hasn't it?" (y/n) pulls away and looks at her sister for a moment before chuckling ," Why is everybody so much taller than me now?"

"A better question is, What's your skincare routine? You still look like a teenager!" She laughs lightly.

"I guess growing up isn't for everybody, you know?"

(y/n) takes a moment to look around and spots her mother sitting alone in the next room. Wearing a light blue dress dotted with white flowers, she sits quietly in the room almost as if she were a piece of furniture as well. (y/n) looks at her for a moment before calling out

"Hi, Mom" She says sweetly. (y/n) waits for a moment and turns to her sister Allison when there isn't a reply. Allison looks at their mother sadly

"She hasn't really been responding today" She sighs and turns away to start walking up the stairs ,"We're guessing that dads death must have something to do with it."

"Do you think she'll be okay?"

Allison looks over her shoulder for a moment and smiles sadly ,"I'm sure she'll be fine. She isn't like us after all."

(y/n) looks over at Mom one last time before following Allison up the staircase. They share a few stray comments about the state of the house and how strange it feels to be back home after all of these years, but (y/n) eventually excuses herself from the conversation

"I'm going to go and check out my old room real quick" She says quickly while she holds her sisters hand for a moment ,"I'll meet back up with you later, okay?"

Allison gives her a sweet smile and gently pats her hand ,"Of course! Have fun with the nostalgia"

(y/n) returns the smile before turning around to head down the wide hallway before her. As she passes by the doors, she makes mental notes on who the rooms belonged to. It takes her a second to remember which one was hers, but she quickly recalls the constant smell of marijuana and realizes its the room next to Klaus's. She laughs lightly to herself when she pushes open the door and spots the hideous posters on the wall opposite to her. Under those is a small wooden desk piled with papers and pens. When she walks further into the room and picks up the crinkled pieces of paper, she finds little doodles and notes from when she and the other kids would "talk" to each other during their meals.

"You were always the sentimental type" A voice calls out from behind her. She balls up the paper and turns on her heels to find Pogo standing in the doorway. When she sees his kind smile she laughs and scratches the back of her neck

"Yeah, I guess so" She agrees quietly as she scans the room. Her walls were covered in strange items that nobody could ever remember where they came from, but she could never forget the stories attached to them. A bent bottle cap taped up next to the door from when Diego was first experimenting with his "curving" power and hit her right smack in the forehead. A crinkled up note from Klaus that contained an ungodly amount of swear words that he had passed to her under the table during one of their meals. Even a ball point pen that Allison took from the bank mission and gave to her because she knew that (y/n) would like it.

"You're father always hated that you did this-" He gestures with his walking stick to the wall filled with junk ,"But I found it quite charming."

They both take a moment and look at the various items that she had collected over the years. Pogo turns to look at her and sighs deeply. When she faces him she is a bit taken aback by how sad his expression seems

"It was a shame when you left" he says with a sad smile ,"I feel like I was finding things, left and right, that I just knew you would love to put up on that wall."


"No, it's alright." he holds his hand up and smiles a bit more brightly this time ,"I don't mean to make you feel guilty. I just want to make sure that you, all of you, know that we missed you greatly after you left."

She bends down and pulls him into a hug ,"I missed you too" she says quietly. He pats her on the shoulders before letting go and turning to walk away.

"Oh, and by the way" He turns with a grin and motions towards one of the papers hanging by the door frame ,"I am not particularly fond of this note you received from Master Klaus. Please consider taking it down, yes?"

"I'll think about it" She laughs and watches as he finally leaves. She moves closer so that she can read the note better and shakes her head, chuckling softly to herself

"Yeah, I'm keeping this one."

(y/n) takes the next few minutes silently letting her eyes wander. She makes a short checklist of all of the things she is going to take back to her own place and smiles to herself when she realizes that her list is getting far too long. To save herself from becoming a hoarder, she decides it would be best to leave and seek out her sister Allison again. Making her way out of her old bedroom, she hears voices coming from her father's study across the hall.

"Is that who I think it is?" she quietly questions when she recognizes one of the voices. She walks faster now and stops just outside of the double doors. She suddenly remembers a time when these doors seemed too big and scary to go near. (y/n), upon hearing that familiar male voice again, snaps out of her imagination and finally looks past the dark wood stained frame. She smiles at the sight of her brother Klaus and giggles to herself as she watches him poke fun at their sister Allison.

"I wanted to get your autograph added to my collection!" Klaus teases. (y/n) makes her way further into the room and Klaus looks at her, smiling brightly.

"Is that my favorite little Ghostie?" He questions with his hands on his hips. She chuckles and makes her way over to her brother to pull him into a tight hug.

"Forgot how much I missed that" She replies sarcastically. He pulls away for a second and studies her face

"Wow, it's like you haven't aged a day since we last saw you!" He pinches her cheeks and purses his lips, "You're still a little baby" He coos. She laughs and swats his hands away. When he puts his hands up defensively, Allison grabs a hold of the plastic band around his wrist.

"Just out of rehab?" She asks. He pulls his wrist away and fiddles around with the bracelet

"Oh no no no no, I'm done with all of that" He sighs dramatically and clutches his chest, "I just came down here to prove to myself that the old man was really gone"

Allison and (y/n) look at each other with raised eyebrows.

"And he his!" He says suddenly while clapping his hands enthusiastically ,"He's dead! Yay!"

Allison rolls her eyes and leans against the table with crossed arms. (y/n) can't help but smile a little at her brother as she continues to look at the small trinkets on her father's desk.

"You know how I know?" He continues ,"Because if he were alive, not one of us would be allowed to even step foot in this room."

Both of the sisters nod quietly as he continues

"He was always in here, our whole childhood, plotting his next torment, right?" He chuckles as he sits down into their fathers chair and noisily puts his feet up onto the desk ,"Remember how he used to look at us?"

They all look up at the portrait of their father hanging above them. Klaus points to their fathers frowning face and mockingly copies it

"That scowl? Thank Christ he wasn't our real father so we couldn't inherit those-" He pauses for a moment and uses his fingers to stretch out his eyelids as he looks between the two girls ,"Cold dead eyes!"

"You're ridiculous" (y/n) laughs. Allison chuckles quietly and paws through the pages of a book she's found. Klaus, continuing his mockery, scowls hard at (y/n) which makes her laugh even harder

"Number 8, I thought-"

"Get out of his chair" A booming voice suddenly called out from behind her. She turns to look and sees Luther standing in the doorway, glaring at Klaus.

"Oh wow, Luther" Klaus replies in awe as he stands up from the chair ,"You really filled out over the years, huh?"

"Klaus" Luther warns. Klaus puts up a hand in defense and begins to walk away

"Save the lecture. I was already leaving. You guys can just talk amongst yourselves-" Luther stops him suddenly and grips onto his fur coat. Klaus stares up at him, surprised by this action.

"Drop it

"Ex-squeeze me?" Klaus asks with raised eyebrows

"Do it. Now" Luther demands in a low voice

"Alright, Alright!" Klaus whines as he makes his way back over to the desk. He begins to reach into various pockets and dumps everything he's taken in a messy pile while glaring at Luther

"It's just an advance on our inheritance!" he explains as items drop onto the floor with a loud thud ,"No need to get your little panties in a bunch"

Luther watches quietly until Klaus seems to be finished and makes a dramatic exit with the slam of the door behind him. (y/n) can't help but giggle as she watches him leave.

"You know what? I'm gonna go too" She says after a few seconds of silence ,"I still need to meet with a few more people"

Luther and Allison give her a small smile as she makes her way out of the room, shutting the door quietly behind her. Once she's out of the room, she looks around and takes in the upper hallway. Old pictures and paintings hugged the walls and she let her fingertips graze the gold frames as she walked slowly down the hall. She smiles softly as she remembers the times she's ran down this hall with her siblings to get in uniform for a mission. She recalls a time when she had been a little too reckless and broke one of the portraits. She was lectured for what seemed like an eternity and she chuckles at the thought of how she must have cried for at least half of it. She remembers how Klaus came up to her afterwards and flipped their father off when he turned his back to them.

"Man, he really hasn't changed has he?" She sighs. Before she knows it she's walking down the staircase and making her way back into the living room to possibly try and talk to Mom. When she turns the corner however, she sees Vanya and Pogo standing in front of the large portrait of Number 5. She steps further into the room and takes a moment to gaze upon the picture of her brother. She sighs deeply as a dark blue sadness washes over her. It seemed like it was just yesterday that they were both giggling at the way he would pop around to scare their other siblings. Sure, he was annoying at times whenever he would insinuate that he was better than everybody else, but she kind of liked that about him. She admired the way that he carried himself and his determination to do better. The truth is, she missed him dearly and always held hope in her heart that he would come back with that cocky expression always plastered on his face. That or, at the very least, be safe and happy wherever he ended up. She pries her eyes away from the picture and lets her gaze fall upon Vanya. She watches as her sister talks to Pogo in her quiet voice and waits for a moment in which she might be able to intervene and steal her from him. When the conversation dies down until the both of them are standing and smiling at each other (y/n) makes her move.

She walks quietly over to Vanya as to not startle her and taps her lightly on the shoulder. Vanya quickly turns around and her eyes meet with her sisters

"Oh, (y/n), hey" She greets quietly

"I'm sorry if I'm interrupting, it's just really good to see you" (y/n) pulls her into a hug and rubs her sisters back in an almost motherly manner. Pogo gives her a kind smile and a nod before making his way out of the room.

"It's good to see you too, (y/n)" She hugs her back for a second and pulls away ,"How have you been?"

"Oh, you know, got a lot of sleep these past few years" (y/n) jokes, rubbing the back of her neck. Vanya gives her a light smile and fiddles with the book still clutched tightly in her hands. (y/n), noticing the movement, moves her gaze onto the cover and chuckles

"I guess you've been busy these days huh?" Vanya looks down at her hands and (y/n) can see her shift uncomfortably as she passes the book from one hand to the other.

"Yeah, you could say that" She replies almost to herself

"You had a lot of nerve, you know that? Putting us on display for the whole world to see how messed up we were" (y/n) nudges her sister to try and make sure she knew she was joking. Vanya simply stares at her own feet and shrugs, picking at her fingernails.

"Hey... I actually thought it was kind of cool" She reassures ," I mean it was definitely ballsy, I'll tell you that, but you're a good writer. I think you've found yourself another talent"

Vanya looks up at her sister and gives her a small smile. Just as (y/n) is about to say something, Luther's almost thundering steps make the two girls turn towards the entryway. Luther makes his way in, nodding to the two girls, and takes a seat in the middle of the room. Allison is close behind him and takes the seat next to him. Vanya nods over to the couch and soon both her and (y/n) are slowly sinking into the leather cushions. Diego and Klaus are the last to enter. Diego takes the seat in between Allison and Luther and scans the room, his eyes eventually landing on (y/n)

"Hey Ghostie" He says with a smirk. (y/n) rolls her eyes and smiles at the dumb nickname

"Hey Diego" She replies coolly. Diego looks her up and down and chuckles to himself

"All these years and you still look like a damn kid" He pauses for a second as Klaus walks over to offer him a drink. He declines his offer with the wave of a hand and glances back over at (y/n) ," I guess it's nice to see your baby face around this shit hole again."

"It's good to see you too" She replies with a smile. Klaus offers the drink to Allison and she takes it. She sips on it gingerly as she looks around the room.

'You guys want anything?" Klaus asks motioning towards the two girls on the couch. They both shake their heads and Klaus makes his way back over to the bar. There's a few minutes of everybody just sitting in their seats and restlessly fiddling with the things around them. The only noise being the constant rattle of Klaus making his concoctions. Soon, just as the air is getting a little too thick for comfort, Luther stands up and clears his throat to get the rooms attention.

"Uh" He pauses for a moment and -looks around ,"I guess we should get this started."

Everybody turns their gaze to Luther's large figure and listens intently. Klaus is still in the background making as much noise as possible with his drinks as Luther glares at him for a moment before clearing his throat again

"So, I figured we could have a sort of memorial service in the courtyard at sundown. Say a few words, just at Dads favorite spot-"

"Dad had a favorite spot?" Allison interrupts with a questioning look in her eyes. He turns to her and furrows his eyebrows

"Yeah, you know, under the oak tree" He states confidently. He looks around the room at the confused faces and he realizes that they have no idea what he's talking about.

"The oak tree?" (y/n) questions almost to herself.

"Yeah, we used to sit out there all the time..." He pauses for a moment and adds in a quiet tone ,"None of you ever did that?"

Klaus then barges in with a drink, a trophy in one hand and a lit cigarette in the other. (y/n) stares at him as he stumbles into the family circle and laughs quietly to herself

"Will there be refreshments?" Klaus asks looking at each sister with a big smile plastered onto his face ,"Tea? Scones? Cucumber sandwiches are always a winner"

"What? No." Luther replies seriously ,"And put that out. Dad didn't allow smoking in here."

Klaus shrugs and places the cigarette between his lips as he twirls around to the other side of the room. Allison, following his movements scoffs and points over at her brother

"Is that my skirt?"

"What?" Klaus pauses and looks down at his own legs for a moment admiring the black fabric hanging from his hips ,"Oh! Yeah, this. I found it in your room. It's a little dated, I know, but it's very breathey on the...Bits"

"How do you look better in skirts than I do?" (y/n) asks jokingly as she watches him move the fabric around in his hands

"I just have the legs for it, babe" He replies winking at her.

"Hey! Listen up!" Luther demands abruptly ,"There's still some important things that we need to discuss, alright?"

"Like what?" Diego questions, slowly letting his cold gaze move up to Luther. Luther shifts his body so he is partially facing his brother. (y/n) notices that the tension between them is almost exactly the same as when they were children.

"Like the way he died"

"And here we go" Diego rolls his eyes and lets out a deep sigh. Vanya tilts her head to the side in confusion and shifts in her seat so Klaus can sit in between her and (y/n). He sinks down with a groan and lets his eyes flutter shut.

"I don't understand" Vanya starts slowly ,"I thought that they said it was a heart attack."

"Yeah, according to the coroner"

"Well wouldn't they know?" Vanya asks moving forward in her seat.


"Theoretically?" Allison echoes. Everybody's attention is now fully on Luther. They look at each other for brief moments to try and figure out if anyone else is understanding what is going on.

"What are you talking about, Luther? It's their job to figure out what happened and that was they came up with. Are you saying that they lied?" (y/n) questions suddenly. Luther opens his mouth for a second and closes it just as fast. They watch as he thinks for a moment.

"I'm just saying, at the very least, something else might have happened." He tries to explain ,"The last time I talked to Dad, he sounded strange."

"Oh, quelle surprise!" Klaus joins in as he gurgles his drink. All of the other siblings glance over at him, but curiously lean back into the conversation

"Strange how?" Allison asks

"He sounded on edge. Told me to be careful who to trust."

"Luther" Diego sighs ,"he was a paranoid, bitter, old man who was starting to lose what was left of his marbles"

Diego stands up slowly and walks towards his brother. The other siblings watch as Luther shifts uncomfortably and tries to wrack his brain of some type of explanation to get them to understand.

"No." He states confidently ,"He must have known something was going to happen"

Luther stops suddenly and turns his gaze onto Klaus who is somewhere in his own world, staring up at the ceiling and blowing rings of smoke out of his mouth

"Look, I know you don't like to do it, but I need you to talk to Dad."

Klaus brings his head down and looks in between Vanya and (y/n) who both nod towards Luther. He stares at him for a moment in disbelief and points at his chest

"I can't just call Dad in the afterlife and be like ,'Dad, could you just...Stop playing tennis with Hitler for a moment and take a quick call?'"

"Since when?" Luther scoffs ,"That's your thing"

"I'm not in the right...Frame of mind." Klaus says in defense

"You're high?" Allison questions without looking up from her drink, swirling it around slowly.

"Yeah! Yeah!" Klaus laughs in response and gestures to the other people in the room ,"I mean, how are you not, listening to this nonsense?"

He then slumps back into the leather couch and begins chugging down his drink. Luther lets out a deep sigh and points a finger at his brother

"Well, sober up! This is important" Klaus groans in response and closes his eyes. He leans over and lets his head rest on (y/n)'s shoulder as he continues smoking his cigarette. She lightly pats his leg and continues listening to the discussion.

""Then there is the issue of the missing monocle" Luther tries to continue but is almost immediately interrupted by Diego

"Who gives a shit about some stupid monocle" He scoffs

"Exactly!" Luther exclaims turning to Diego ,"It's worthless. So whoever took it, It must have been personal. Someone close to him. Someone with a grudge."

Suddenly the air in the room becomes thick with tension. The siblings all looking at each other once again to try and see if anyone else has figured it out, but nobody coming to an exact conclusion. (y/n) stares hard at Luther and shakes her head at even the possibility of what he might be implying

"Where are you going with this?" Klaus asks, almost hurt. Diego turns to Luther and looks at him with an intense glare before chuckling lowly to himself

"Oh, isn't it obvious, Klaus?" He starts ,"He thinks one of us killed Dad"

Everybody's eyes are on Luther at those last words. (y/n) can see how almost all of them are trying to process the idea and how desperately they want Luther to deny it or at least give a different explanation. When the seconds start ticking by however, without anyone saying a word, the siblings stare in disbelief at their brother

"You do?" Klaus questions, his tone implying how hurt he was.

"How could you think that?" Vanya joins in

Diego leans in close to Luther and pats him hard on the chest ,"Great job, Luther. Way to lead."

One by one, they all stand up and give Luther one last look of complete disbelief and leave the room. (y/n) slowly stands up and starts to walk out. Before she's fully out of the room she turns back and stares at Luther.

"You can't just imply shit like that, Luther...You know full well that none of us would have wished death upon that man, even if we hated him." Her voice cracks at the end of her sentence. Luther looks away from her gaze and sits back down onto the chair with a sigh. She takes a moment to look at him before turning away and walking up to her own room to cool down.

Slamming the door behind her, (y/n) lets out a huff and allows her body to rest itself against the hard wood. She eventually lets herself slide down until she's sitting limply on the floor. She places her head in her hands and finds herself fighting back the urge to cry. Suddenly, the image of her father's scowling face forces itself to the front of her thoughts. (y/n) was the most emotional out of all of her siblings and her father hated it. The collecting of "sentimental" items, crying over the pain of a first tattoo, any time she accidentally let herself be vulnerable with her own father, turned into a harsh lecture. Letting herself take a few moments to breathe, she softly massages the back of her neck and closes her eyes.

"13 years..." She sighs ,"It's been a little more than a decade and yet we still act like children."

A small smile forms on her pink lips and she finds herself remembering all of the times she had been in this exact situation. She and her siblings would fight over the most ridiculous things and it would always end with everybody storming off into their rooms. They may have gotten older and lost their father, but they were still the same dysfunctional family from all those years ago. As she spaces off, staring at the grey wall ahead of her, her ears pick up a faint rhythm

"What the hell?" She asks in a hushed voice. (y/n) stands up and hops onto her bed. It creaks loudly under the sudden weight.

"Children behave" A woman's voice starts singing. (y/n) places an ear against the wall and chuckles lightly. If her hearing was as good as it was when she was a kid, then that meant that the music must be coming from Luther's room down the hall.

"That's what they say when we're together" The voice, louder now, continues to sing over the bouncy rhythm. Giggling to herself, (y/n) straightens up and tries to balance herself on top of her mattress. She lets her hips sway to the beat and her hands snake their way up the back of her head. In that moment, (y/n) imagines herself performing on a stage. She giggles at the seemingly silly image and continues to dramatically lip sync to the now faster pace song. As she clumsily turns herself in a circle on the springy mattress, she tries to throw in a few poorly executed robot moves.

"They don't understand And so we're..." (y/n) prepares herself for the bridge of the song and smiles widely. Just as she's about to pull off what she would hope to be her best dance move yet, a sudden crash of lightning causes her to slip and tumble off of her bed.

"Shit!" She exclaims. As she is slowly pulling herself up off of the ground, she looks up to find that the lights are out and the entire house seems to be trembling. Sudden bright flashes of light through the window are shortly followed by the low rumbling of thunder.

"What the hell..." She questions quietly. She swiftly makes her way out of her room and stands in the hallway for a moment, her eyes scanning until they meet Allison's when she steps out into the hallway as well. They both stare at each other for a moment but, before either of them could say anything, Luther was bounding past them

"Everybody, downstairs...Now!" His voice booming louder than the thunder that filled their eardrums already. Without hesitation, Allison and (y/n) were quickly following in his footsteps, slowly grabbing the other siblings as they navigated the dark home.

"It's coming from outside" Allison screams over the thunder. Diego strides past the group and finds his way to the doors that lead out into the courtyard. All of the siblings are quickly at his heels, sharing quick glances at each other in anticipation.

"Whoa..." Diego exclaims, shielding his eyes from the harsh blue light that washed over the siblings as they step out into the yard. The wind howled as it whipped around the family, the air cold and thick as it filled their lungs.

"What is it?" Vanya asks. Noticing her sister move uncomfortably close to the mysterious light, (y/n) rushes to her side and grabs a hold of her arm.

"Don't get too close!" She demands loud enough for all of her siblings to hear. Diego takes a moment to look at her and smirks lightly.

"Yeah, no shit!" He yells back.

"Looks like some sort of temporal anomaly" Luther states suddenly ,"Either that or a black hole. One of the two"

"I don't think I like either of those options" (y/n) jokes lightly. They all take a moment to silently stare at the strange thing in front of them, but a noise from behind them catches their attention.

"Out of the way!" They all whip around to face the voice and find Klaus clumsily running through the group, gripping a fire extinguisher in his hands. Shoving both Luther and Diego, he takes a stand in front of the anomaly

"Hey! What are you-" Luther begins to protest, but stops short when Klaus begins to frantically spray at the portal. They all watch in curiosity as he then, in a fit of frustration, chucks the entire extinguisher at it. If she weren't about to piss her pants already, (y/n) would have pissed her pants laughing at the scene.

"What the hell do you think that's gonna do!?" Allison screams. Klaus throws his hands up in the air and shifts so that he is partially facing the group.

"I don't know!" He helplessly replies ,"Do you have a better idea?"

Before anybody is able to respond, a particularly loud fit of thunder erupts from the portal itself. They all watch in stunned silence as the portal begins to shift, electricity crackling in the tinted blue air.

"Everybody get behind me!" Luther and Diego shout simultaneously. They share a brief moment of disgust with one another before aggressively shoving the rest of the siblings behind themselves.

"I vote for running, c'mon!" Klaus grabs a hold of (y/n)'s sleeves, tugging on them lightly as he shudders at the sight of the growing blue light. For a moment, (y/n) almost takes him up on the offer, but when she turns back to face the light she notices something she didn't see before.

"Uh, is that a person?" She has to scream the question to be heard by the rest of the group. They all squint their eyes and focus on the muddled figure in the now misty blue wall.

"That can't be right..." As soon as the words leave Luther's mouth, a single clap of thunder sends a final tremble through the ground. The misty blue portal almost immediately dissipates, leaving that same muddled figure hanging in midair before dropping down to the ground below with a loud thud. The world around them is suddenly in an uncomfortable silence.

"Is that a little kid?" Vanya quietly asks. (y/n), after studying the person lying on the ground before them, can see that they're a young boy. He groans and shifts uncomfortably in the dirt until he is able to prop himself up and look at each sibling. (y/n) feels her breath get caught in her throat when her eyes meet his.

"Does anybody else see..." Klaus begins, squinting his eyes at the young boy ,"little number Five, or is that just me?"

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