34 Morning in two different places

The sun was already shining in the Vogen residence, the servants were already working and the house's routine continued as normal.

In the main bedroom, a shocking scene for anyone could be seen, Madame Charlotte was sleeping on her own son's chest, totally naked and with his cock inside her.

Charlotte had a smile on her face and little by little she could notice that her eyebrow was moving, indicating that she was about to wake up.

She was dreaming about something but she felt something growing inside her, she felt filled at the moment and she didn't know why and it was slowly waking her up and pulling her out of dreamland.

When she opened her eyes the first thing she saw was a male chest, out of habit she imagined it was her husband and in the reflection she passed her hand over his face, but feeling noticing something different she looked up and noticed her son .

Flashbacks from the previous night came back to her and she quickly remembered every detail, she had had sex with her son and had slept with him.

She also noticed what makes her feel fulfilled. Yesterday Han had cum inside her and in that same position they stayed, his dick had softened.

But now the morning wood occurs. Every healthy man should wake up with a dick as hard as a rock and Han was no exception.

Now she felt his erection deep inside her and tried her best not to move, she didn't feel lubricated and with each movement she felt a little pain.

But the situation also made her excited and little by little the situation made her comfortable.

She started to move her hips very slowly in an attempt to get some kind of pleasure without waking Han up.

 'God, I'm getting so wet.'

'hmmmmm slowly... very slowly... I can't wake him up'

'hmmm so hard and full'

But little by little she wanted more and more and moved faster and faster.

She soon had one hand resting on Han's chest while riding his dick.

A very sensual moan came out of Charlotte's mouth that would make anyone excited and to try to avoid moaning loudly she grabbed one of her own breasts and put it in her mouth.

Now a muffled sound came out but it still drove anyone crazy.

Charlotte moved up and down on Han's cock with desire and quickly she felt an orgasm reaching her and then again she fell on his chest panting and smiling

''Mom, it's not fair just for you to have fun, I need to enjoy it too.''

It was not known when Han had woken up but now he was the one moving, he lifted his body a little and soon after that he started fucking her.

''Calm down Han, I'm a little sensitive, take it slow''

Unfortunately Han didn't hear her, he started fucking her very hard and this time with her vagina sensitive after orgasm she wasn't careful to try to keep her moan.

''OHHhhh! F-fuck keep going I'm so close AGAIN! oh!''

''OHHhhh~! MHhh~ Y-Yes I- I'm going to cum!

''Ohhh mom your pussy is so good, I'm cumming too''

Han then came inside Charlotte again

''Mom, yesterday we did it quickly and I couldn't appreciate your body, but today you don't escape me''

''Han, be calm, I'm not going to run away. We have time''

But at this moment Han was thinking with the second head, he quickly got out from under Charlotte and slapped her butt, leaving a slight red mark.

She knew that the words would have no effect and could only calm that raging erection of her son.

She got down on all fours, showing off her nice fat ass. Han's sperm was leaking from the pussy and above was a beautiful untouchable ass.

Han wanted every inch of this woman he's wanted since his first day in this world.

He got closer and then started kissing Charlotte's asshole.

'Ohhh! Han.. W-what are you doing.. You can't touch there''

Half-knowingly Han asked as he alternated, he also started rubbing his fingers on her asshole, slowly pushing his finger deep inside her.

''Have you never had sex around here, mom?''

''hmmmmm never…. your father.... thinks this is dirty''

''Old Zou doesn't know how to appreciate the good things in life, mother. I'll help you with that''

Han kept alternating, sometimes he ran his tongue over her asshole and at another moment he inserted a finger, little by little he felt her relaxing and moaning.

''Do you like this mom?"

"ah~ ah~ Y-yea...a new feeling, but I feel like it's good."

''Are you ready for the main thing?''

''Hmmmm I don't know if it will work….but go ahead son''

Han then positioned his dick and slowly began rubbing it against Charlotte's pussy, mixing his semen with her fluids in an attempt to lubricate his dick.

When he felt that it was enough, he positioned his dick at the entrance to her ass and slowly began to insert it.

''Hmmm, that hurts''

Clarlotte put her hand back in an attempt to stop Han, she felt pain at the same time he only put her head in.

''I'll go easy mom, don't worry''

Han then slowly pushed his dick deeper and deeper into that tight, hot asshole. He felt his cock burning and being crushed by her strangers, it was a divine feeling.

Charlotte gritted her teeth and looked pained as she took his member, even though she also had cultivation, that didn't mean she wouldn't feel pain, especially from something coming from inside her. Finally she felt Han's hips touch her ass, meaning that she had taken all of his dick inside her.

''hmmmm it's...so...big...''

''I feel... like I'm torn in half''

She then took one of her hands to her own pussy and started touching her clitoris in an attempt to relax.

Han stood there enjoying the tightness and hoping his mother would get used to it and no longer feel any pain.

Slowly Charlotte began to moan again, slowly moving her ass, her expression also changed from pain to pleasure, either due to the anxiety of feeling this new pleasure or due to masturbation, now she felt better.

''ahh son... you can move... but be slow mmmm''

Feeling that his mother was now relaxed and even took the initiative to move, Han got excited, with slow movements he took out his dick and put it back in.

''hmmmmm that's good, keep it up''

Charlotte began to enjoy the new sensation, as she continued to play she enjoyed losing the virginity of her ass with her own son, this added an extra touch of excitement.

''Do you like this mom? What would old Zou say when he found out I was the first to fuck his ass?

Han took advantage and slapped that big white ass, this time hard and leaving a clear mark.

''hmmmmm son... don't visit your father... this dirty woman... is unforgivable''

Charlotte felt her body heat up and she began to speed up her movements, moving away and then throwing her butt towards Han.

Seeing that her excitement was rising, he began to fuck her ass hard and without regret, he also did his best not to cum. Since he started having sex with Charlotte he felt like he was a young man having sex for the first time, within a few minutes he felt that if he wasn't concentrating he could easily cum.

''Ahhh! Best ass in the world! You could make any man cum in seconds~''

Chalotte continued to throw her body towards Han's dick with force while she also received some slaps on her ass

''Ahaa!! hHmhh! I want it!. Fuckingg! Huge!! GMHhhh!

Charlotte at that moment was unrecognizable.

''Ohh! Fuc-kkkk…. ahhMhh son.!..''

''Hah!~ fuck! Mom you are a good anal slut huh?

''MHMHH!!!~ YES GUHMMGH! I LIKE *Slurrp* *THIS hHmhh''

''Old Zou really doesn't know what he missed all these years''

''Aha! hHmhh! Han….Fuck. forget your father. Fuck! GMHhh~''

Charlotte feeling that she was close to cumming accelerated her movements around her pussy


''I-I WILL!!, F-Fuck, FUCK, HAN- S-ON! I'M CUMMING!!~''

Han felt Charlotte's ass squeeze his dick even more and he quickly came deep inside her, Charlotte also felt a strong orgasm and could no longer stay on all fours and her body fell and Han followed.

''That was really good mom.''

''Hmm I agree dear''

Han spent time kissing his mother's back while catching his breath. Charlotte was awesome and every sex he felt much more exhausted than usual and he found that strange, but it wasn't the time to think about that and he focused on appreciating his mother's body.

Feeling Han's kisses on her back, Charlotte felt her excitement return, his dick was still inside her ass, but this time she resisted.

''Son, we can't spend the day fucking like rabbits. Let's stop for now and we can come back again another time. I have things to do and I can't delay''

''No problem mom. I have something important to do too."

''Huh? May I know what it would be?''

''Yes, the gods want me to do some missions to prove that I am worthy of their blessings. In one of these I need to deal with some people I have a grudge against. I will go to a neighboring country so that I can put some plans into action''

Han then told some plans and also about how Robert and his friends always treated him as inferior, useless and about their actions towards Han during these years. Of course, he hid that Aria was being fucked daily by these enemies, basically serving as a prostitute.

Hearing what Han was planning her concern grew, she also felt a little sad about what he must have been through these years but now he had the power to change some things and she was willing to help.

''You know what son, I'll go with you.''

''But mom, don't you need to take care of the company?''

''Yes, but taking care of yourself is also important. Furthermore, given the state of things, I highly doubt that our family can go back to what it was before in terms of business. I prefer to focus on helping you become stronger, this way we will have a better chance of defending ourselves and recovering lost things.''

''... Yes, you are right.''

''But don't worry, I will go to the location first before returning home. God gave me an ability that allows me to go back and forth between places I've already been. When I get there I will use this skill and then I will return to find you and then we will do this mission together''

They then got up and quickly took a shower, cleaning off all kinds of fluids and got ready.

Charlotte gave some orders to people in the house and then watched Han disappear in front of her. He used the skill and returned home. He was faster this way because the kingdom was neighboring the Quinn Kingdom.

Han looked at the house longingly as he missed his wife and quickly left the city.


Hours earlier in the capital of the Quinn kingdom, Robbert's room

At that moment, the beloved princess of the kingdom was sleeping deeply naked on the chest of another man who was not her husband who was also naked, due to the situation in the room and the unconscious smile on her face, the night was filled with a lot of action.

At that moment Aria was awakened by a hand squeezing her ass.

Opening his eyes Robert looked at her with deep sexual desire.

''Good morning young master Robert.''

With a sensual voice and a smile Aria greeted him.

''Good morning my little bitch princess, whoever looks at that beautiful smile has no idea how naughty you are''

Robert felt enchanted by this woman, every smile, smell, taste, and he felt more and more addicted to sex.

''Hehe, if I'm smiling it's all thanks to this here''

Aria responded as she took one of her hands and held Robert's cock and began to slowly jerk him off.

Robert was already completely hard before he even woke up and now feeling the princess's hand he became excited.

''Are you already wanting more? You really are a whore''

''Yes young master, I'm your whore and you deserve the best things''

''Unfortunately we don't have much time princess, my father will soon be home and I wouldn't know how to explain why I'm with the princess in bed. You should leave soon."

Hearing this, Aria's eyebrows rose, she was looking for an opportunity to bring up this subject and she didn't have one during those moments with Robert, now she finally had an opening.

''Oh, Lord Cedric? I heard from my father that he will probably be the next duke now that his vitality has renewed and he becomes more and more powerful."

Upon hearing the praise for his father Robert frowned, he continued to hate his father now who had given up on giving up all control of the family. It took years of training for nothing.

Seeing that he remained silent, Aria continued to speak while her hand was still moving up and down on his dick.

''Don't be mad about it, I heard that he had always trained you to replace him and now he won't do that anymore. Unfortunately, we children cannot go against some of our parents' decisions."

''But if it's any consolation, young master, I think you would be a great leader of this family, only someone as manly as you is suitable to rule a family. Just imagine yourself being in charge and dismantling everything in your family."

''Maybe more... imagine yourself ruling the entire kingdom''

Robert closed his eyes as he listened to Aria's voice while being masturbated by her, whether it was her voice or her hand, they all had a touch that made him feel bewitched and in his mind he saw himself sitting on a throne, with everyone kneeling in in front of you. His enemies were not present as they had all already been decapitated. He saw himself wearing a beautiful golden robe and a crown with the finest jewels.

"All the women would be at his feet and the young master could choose who he wanted and when he wanted. No need to share anything. You could dominate everything''

The image of Aria's sisters, of other nobles' wives appeared in his mind, if he were the king everything would belong to him and no one could deny it.

The already existing ambition grew even more. Before he imagined himself just leading his own family, now he suggested a small idea in his mind. Why not the whole kingdom?

Aria continued to talk about how he could be on top being the king.

Robert increasingly deepened this thought and the objective of becoming king became more and more fixed in his mind. Now leading your own family was just a small detail. He didn't need it, his stingy father could have it and he would have the whole kingdom.

But then he felt Aria's hand stop and her voice too, he quickly came back to reality. He remained silent for a few seconds before sighing.

''In the mind everything would be possible, unfortunately this is not so easy to achieve''

"I believe in the young master. See my father, he was lucky enough to also discover a red stone and protect the kingdom, someone like you can also be so lucky. This world is now so confusing that at any moment everything could change. One kingdom can invade another, a useless warrior can grow stronger. The tables can turn at any moment.''

''Maybe you just need a little luck and then all this can happen''

Robert noticed that Aria's tone of voice changed this last time, now she no longer had the sensuality and she spoke seriously, as if she believed that every word was real.

He now looked seriously at this princess trying to understand. No matter how much he treated her like a whore, in the end she was still the king's daughter and must definitely have her own thoughts and goals. He couldn't be negligent about this

With furrowed eyebrows he looked at her.

''Do you want to say something princess?''

''Hehe, don't give me that suspicious look. I will tell you a secret young master. My father loves me and has always given me everything I want, but for some reason he never let me have any kind of power within the kingdom.''

''At first I believed it was to protect me, but if he really wanted to protect me he wouldn't allow me to marry Han. A man who can't even stop his wife from being fucked by someone else''

''Hahaha poor Han. I'm guilty of this''

Robert laughed at how pathetic the princess's husband was

''....Instead I see that the young master is ambitious and moreover powerful, surrounded by good friendships. I'm tired of just being left aside. If I am to be used, I prefer it to be by someone capable like you."


''Although I have no power, there are neutral factions that would like to support me. I believe that this combined with the young master may be enough."

''Eric who will be the next Duke is already his friend and by counting on me, we can mobilize at least half of the kingdom's power''

''And you know, he's not as interested in power as normal people, he's always just interested in cultivation and sex. If we can provide him with the best resources and the best women. I'm sure he would be pleased.''

Eric was a strange person. While he was very talented in cultivation, he was also extremely lustful. His father was always on the lookout to force his son to farm and take on responsibilities on the frontier, but he always received a negative response.

Everyone considered that Eric could be the most talented in the entire kingdom if he really tried everything, but despite everything he still remained in the top 5 of the most talented.

''And you know.... And excluding Eric's father, the other two dukes are extremely dissatisfied with their father's growth. I even heard that they plan to deal with it to stop it from growing any further. If your father continues to grow, the king will have to make more land available to him... And there's nothing he can do except take it from those who already own it. The father said that this would serve as a test for his father, if he managed to overcome this battle he would be worthy of becoming a duke and could be heavily rewarded."

Robert became more serious. Growing up, always being trained to take his father's place, he understood all of this. Dealing with the nobility was like walking on chicken eggs. You have to be very careful at each step because at the first mistake someone may reprimand you and then you will be forced to move back 10 spaces.

Cedric's growth had long alarmed the Dukes, but as he was at the end of his vitality they paid little attention. Now that he recovered and was growing more and more, this raised a red alert for everyone.

Luckily there was the event of the red stones and now everyone's attention was only on that, but he felt currents of tension forming towards him and also towards his entire family.

Maybe after everything normalized they would face a real storm.

Robert remained silent, lost in his thoughts as he considered everything. Aria just watched as she caressed his chest like an attentive wife.

''You're right, but I still feel like just us isn't enough.''

''Hehe, really but I forgot to tell you one small detail. My useless husband got one of the red stones.

Upon hearing this, Robert's eyes widened, everyone was looking for something and this useless man fell right into his hands.

''And you believe that he is so incapable that using the stone didn't even have any effect?''

''Hahahahahahhah princess, your husband is really the only one in history. I believe that no one on this earth has been as talentless as him."

Robert felt as if he had heard the funniest thing in the world. Until now, anyone who found the stones could become stronger. From children to the elderly. This case would be something truly unique. But there is no doubt about it, he is the man with rank 0 talent in all of history.

''And where is this stone?'' Robert's greed grew and now he felt that there was a way to become stronger and achieve everything he wanted.

''Now he is with my husband. But he sent me a message and said he will bring it soon so I can get stronger. At that time I can naturally hand it over to the young master. Only you are worthy of receiving these divine gifts."

''Hahaha Aria, you are truly my luck in this life. We will do it this way, as soon as your husband returns, contact me and I will meet you as soon as possible. I will take the time to put some plans into action. You should also contact those who want to support you and make them loyal. As long as you are sincere, when I become king you will all be well rewarded."

His expression now changed, he acted as if the idea of becoming king was just a matter of time. He even treated Aria like a servant he could give orders to.

''Yes young master. I better leave too, your father is about to arrive and I need to be home when my hubby arrives."

''Okay princess, but before that. I need help with something'''

Robert then got up and as if he was reading his mind Aria understood, she quickly got on all fours, with her face touching the bed, pushing her ass up. Giving easy access to Robert. She then opened her pussy lips and with a sensual voice she called him

''You can fuck me however you want, but be quick''

''Will be''

He then quickly placed his dick inside Aria's pussy that was already begging to be fucked. He felt Aria's soft ass touching his hips and along with the contractions of her hot pussy around his dick he let out a moan of pleasure.

''Hmm what a hot pussy you bitch. I don't get tired of fucking you

Aria felt her pussy incredibly wet, she threw her body forward, raising her ass even more and started hugging a pillow.

Robert filled his hand with Aria's big ass and ferociously took his dick out and inserted it quickly while also pulling her ass towards him.

''Mhhmhnmhnm... slurp... mnhmnhmnhmn...''

Aria's moan was muffled by the pillows, she loved Robert's cock and nothing better than a good fuck in the morning.

Her pussy demanded more and more to be fucked and she was getting what she wanted. Robert fucked her fiercely as if he wanted to rip Aria in half

Grabbing Aria's hips as he alternated between pulling her against him and slapping that fat ass, making the bed shake. His shaft penetrates deep into her pussy'

"You've really found your place, haven't you princess?" Robert says, teasing with a slap

 "Under me, all submissive... just getting the cock you want. Let me - ahhh, oh, yes, let me show you how good it feels to fuck you."


Aria felt an indescribable pleasure running through her body and an orgasm was approaching.

Robert felt the same way, Aria's masturbation and along with that the simple idea of being king and fucking all the women in this kingdom excited him and he felt like he needed to release all of that.

Feeling pressure build up on the head of his dick he then pushed his dick in as deep as possible.

''Take this princess, take my cum''

''hmhmhmhmhm I'm cumming... too''

Aria's pussy contracted around Robert's shaft and he then came deep into the princess's pussy, it was something so strong that he felt his own vision darken a little.

At that moment he felt that he couldn't stay away from that pussy and that he should do his utmost to fuck whenever possible.

Panting but relaxed, the two caught their breath.

Robert got off of Aria and she was getting ready to clean herself up when she was interrupted.

''Stay like this, I want that cuckold husband of yours to see what it's like to give pleasure to a real woman.''

Aria at that moment had sperm leaking from her pussy and small dry white marks all over her body. Any half-knowing look would be enough to raise suspicions.

But she accepted her new life willingly.

''Yes young master, I will stay like this to show him. Only your cock satisfies me. Wait a bit and I'll finish it''

Aria then went back to Robert and knelt between his legs. She then cleaned his entire cock which was dirty with their fluids. She made sure to also rub the entire dick on her face, spreading saliva and cum all over her face before getting up.

This scene made Robert feel even more excited. If it weren't for the urgency of his father returning home he would throw this woman on the bed again before fucking her again.

Closing his eyes and taking a deep breath to calm himself, he watched Aria put on her clothes before leaving the room, leaving one last kiss in the air.

Aria then left Robert's house wearing a long black cloak with the symbol of his house on it.

No one stopped her until she got into a carriage that was different from the usual one but was driven by an old acquaintance named Tomas.

This miner was promoted and now worked under Robert's family.

He then guided Aria towards her house.

We don't know why but the trip ended up taking 1 hour longer than normal...

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