Now Activating: Women Deflectors. Book

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Now Activating: Women Deflectors.


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Josei Girai was living a miserable life. His incredibly terrible looks, personality and low paying job made him unpopular with women. Being a woman and being about 12 feet near Josei would unconsciously trigger several defense mechanisms. It wasn't uncommon for women to break down crying, or faint, or pee themselves, or do all three simultaneously just by being near Josei. But one day, while Josei was in his office on the 24th floor, he somehow got hit by a flying truck and was reincarnated in a fantasy world as a baby. Now given a second chance at life, Josei tries to do what he could never do before: acquire the fabled "girlfriend" It's technically an isekai, but it's so slow it'll make you rip your hair out. In summary, it's not very good.


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