Novelverse: Book of Beginnings

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What is Novelverse: Book of Beginnings

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The Novelverse awaits. Do you want to transmigrate now? This is the Book of Beginnings, the start of a new adventure, the seed to a new world. Your assistance is needed in the creation of the Novelverse! Note: Feel free to use any of these starter ideas as reference or actual chapters in your own novel, but please do not prevent others from using them as well. Also, it would be mighty nice if you comment your novel if you decide to use an idea. That way I can have something to read :3

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Ini adalah kisah fantasi, yang tidak bermaksud untuk merendahkan atau melecehkan pihak manapun, kurang dan lebihnya mohon maaf dan terimakasih. Alkisah, Di suatu tempat yang tidak diketahui. Muncullah suatu cahaya yang membelah dirinya menjadi 2 bentuk sinar cahaya, kemudian salah satu dari sinar itu, membentuk suatu kehidupan dan juga peradaban. Di Dalam kisah ini, terdiri dari 3 makhluk. Yaitu Malaikat, Jin dan Manusia. Pada jenis makhluk malaikat terdiri dari 3 golongan yaitu, malaikat langit, malaikat bumi atau peri dan malaikat kayangan/akhirat. Kemudian untuk jenis makhluk Jin pun terdiri dari 3 golongan yaitu, Jin yang memiliki bentuk dasar binatang atau suka disebut siluman, lalu Jin yang mampu berubah-ubah bentuk menjadi manusia atau hewan kemudian, yang terakhir Jin yang terlahir di angkat kayangan/akhirat, karena perbuatan baiknya selama di dunia. Lalu yang terakhir adalah manusia. Manusia pun terdiri dari 3 jenis, yaitu manusia berukuran normal, selanjutnya manusia berukuran raksasa dan manusia berukuran kecil seperti hewan. Cerita ini dimulai, dari seorang malaikat yang berteman dengan malaikat lainnya, kemudian dia melakukan kesalahan yang tak terbayangkan.  Akhirnya, setelah pengampunan. Dia kembali lagi terlahir menjadi sesosok Jin akhirat/kahyangan. Dirinya tidak pernah mengetahui kehidupan masa lalunya, setiap dia kembali dihidupkan menjadi makhluk lain. Maka pada waktu itu pula dirinya terlupakan dari asal mula penciptaannya.  Sehingga suatu kesalahan yang dilakukan oleh pihak jin yang tinggal di akhirat/kahyangan. Membuat dirinya pun ikut terusir menuju alam dunia.  Di suatu waktu, Takdir kembali datang kepadanya yang tidak pernah diduga oleh dirinya kembali sebelumnya.  Dia melakukan pergesekan dengan kaum malaikat, yang kembali membuat dirinya dan malaikat itu terlahir kembali di dunia. Kali ini sungguh tak terduga, Jin itu dilahirkan untuk ketiga kalinya, dan kini menjadi manusia sedangkan malaikat tersebut menjadi Jin yang terlahir di dunia. Keseruan apakah yang terjadi dalam perjalanan kisah ini, sebaiknya kita ikuti bersama-sama.  Selamat membaca ^•^

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My Wife is a Lovable Henchwoman

Is it a curse to have a family name that means, " dishonest or unprincipled person? " Sherbet asks a handsome stranger in Mexico to marry her. Her purpose: To be able to get rid of or cover up her cursed surname and start a new life which was promised by the organization after her last mission. But she was dumbfounded when she finds out what was inside the black card. 'To kill the son of the late Shinobi Master'. Her last mission was delayed due to her incomplete source of information about the young master. Sherbet is trying so hard to hide her secret identity as well as her job and the type of organization she belongs to. When her husband started to inquire about her mysterious cuts, burns, and bruises, she simply answered him that it was part of her mission, which the latter understand and smiled. Her husband even volunteered to nurse her wound every time she goes home injured. On the day of Christmas Eve, Sherbet went home with a fatal wound that horrified her husband. She was in bed for 5 straight days. Sherbet gained consciousness on the night before New Year's Eve. Her husband can no longer withstand her situation and ask her to quit her mission in the military. She strongly refused. " I'm going to ask you again... What mission are you into that almost takes your life as a soldier? " An ear-splitting silence passes by. "Honey, I'm not a soldier... I'm a... . . . #revenge #tragedy #mafia #action #fatedlove Author's Note: If you feel like reading this type of novel, add this to your library and vote for it. Follow me for daily updates. PS. The book cover in this story was not mine. Credits to the owner who uploaded.

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In a Nation ravaged by corruption and oppression, a young boy named Ethan and his sister, Elizabeth witnesses the brutal murder of their family at a very young age, and also the destruction of his town at the hands of a nefarious group of nobles. Abandoned by his relatives but saved by an old man, the two siblings grew up together. Until tragedy strikes again years later, when some group of power holding men broke into their quiet life, taking the life of the generous old man and left Ethan for Dead. But when his life teeters on the edge of oblivion a surge of ancient energy awakens within him, granting him unimaginable powers in a mordern world. With a burning desire for revenge, Ethan embarks on a perilous journey to hone his newfound abilities and bring justice to those who shattered his world. With his level of smartness and Understanding of the whole setting and also driven by his insatiable thirst for retribution, Ethan infiltrates the high society of the nobles, his true identity concealed by a mask of cunning and deception. Drawing upon his unparalleled strength and formidable powers, he strikes fear into the hearts of his enemies. One by one, he kills them without leaving a trail behind. However, as his path to revenge unfolds, Ethan is confronted with moral dilemmas and discovers a conflict within himself. Not just that, he soon realizes there was a mastermind behind and worse would be happening to the world.

Roth_Raven · Fantasy
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5 Chs


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