Novel Moved: Search: Became the Broken third son

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What is Novel Moved: Search: Became the Broken third son

Read Novel Moved: Search: Became the Broken third son novel written by the author Rain_Corn on WebNovel, This serial novel genre is LGBT+ stories, covering r18, magic, weaktostrong, transmigration, villain. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


This novel is being moved and entering into the WSA Spirity Contest. Please Search on Webnovel for: [BL] I Became the Broken Third son of a Count to find the novel again. https://www.webnovel.com/book/i-became-the-broken-third-son-of-a-count-%5Bbl%5D_23673035105150605 The first 1-40 chapters will be uploaded on Saturday/Sunday: 7/2-7/3 -2022 EST. New Chapter 41 - and ongoing will be uploaded form Monday 7/4-2022 For any returning readers :) Sorry for the inconvenience but I am doing this as an opportunity to grow the novel and for motivation to upload more chapters regularly, I believe this will be a positive change for the readers of this novel. I have in return as a treat commissioned a new cover by a professional artist, which I am currently waiting for. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause the readers.

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她,是华夏第一兵王。铁血杀伐,肆意潇洒。一场意外的事故,让她化为一缕幽魂。 她,是九幽大陆万澜国凤家六小姐。天生痴傻,丹田尽碎。家人耻笑,未婚夫厌恶至极。 然,当她变成了她,星眸骤睁,从此,废物将不再是废物…… 炼、至尊丹药! 驭、上古神兽! 战、血尸沙场! 修、混沌神术! 一袭红衣,绝世之姿绽放万千风华! 他是神秘的腹黑妖孽,一场意外,遇到了她。从此,毒入心髓,绝不放手! 他说:“天地为证,日月为媒。吾以万里江山为聘,许你生世;心血为引,换你安好!你生,我守你永世无忧;你死,我灭天地、入黄泉,繁花碧落亦不负!” ****** 她说:我从无野心,只想保自身周全!奈何敌欲杀我,我灭之! 她说:我只求家人安康,奈何国将破、家将亡,我披甲杀敌,战之! 她说:吾生之愿,与云陌世世双人。奈何天欲灭我,我便——封天! 一袭红衣倾天下,染墨君心醉笑她! ****** 片段一: 某人埋头吃饭中…… “幽儿,这菜好吃吗?”云陌问。 某女拿着鸡大腿:吧唧吧唧…… “幽儿,想不想一直吃?”云陌摇了摇狐狸尾巴。 某女夹起鸡脆骨:嘎嘣嘎嘣…… 云陌优雅的伸过俊脸,指了指自己的脸颊,“幽儿,表示一下,以后天天做给你吃。” 某女迷茫抬头,看着含羞带臊的某男思索片刻,恍然大悟。 在云陌风情万种的小眼神中,她放下一锭银子,飘然离去…… 伙食费和某男人:…… 片段二: 某人很头疼,她从没想过自己有一天会被一只妖孽缠上。 “我是男的!”她皱眉,心念一动,翩翩贵公子模样出。 云陌勾唇一笑,沉声道:“我喜欢男的。” 某女眼睛一亮,青丝披散,一脸邪笑,“其实我是女的!” 云陌笑容涟漪,似妖似仙,:“不巧,刚改了胃口,女人也不错。” 某女磨了磨牙,眼珠一转,“我脾气不好,睡觉时说话放屁还梦游!” 云陌俊眉一挑,薄唇轻启,邪肆低沉的磁音流出。 “那就……试试吧!” ****** 公子安爷新作,一贯宠溺、温情、热血风格,欢迎入坑! 旧文推荐:《溺宠之绝色毒医》都市、异能!男女双强,温情热血无极限!

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Sebuah kisah nyata yang diceritakan dengan terisak-isak oleh pemilik kisah tersebut, sebut saja namanya Gava. Gava seorang wiraswastawan sukses, entrepreneur yang berhasil, memiliki perusahaan dimana-mana, cantik jelita, pandai, memiliki kesabaran yang luar biasa dan kekayaannya pun tiada tara. Dia menikah dengan seorang laki-laki bernama Rasyid yang luar biasa sempurna di dalam bayangan banyak orang. Kesempurnaan yang mereka berdua miliki tidak akan mungkin dapat membuat mereka menukar posisi pasangannya. Namun siapa yang menyangka bahwa ternyata Rasyid memiliki hubungan gelap dengan seorang wanita bernama Putri seorang pemilik Hotel ternama di Indonesia yang memiliki cabang dimana-mana. Putri yang agresif, centil, menggoda, ternyata mampu meluluhlantakkan hati Rasyid. Gava yang baik selalu berpesan kepada Rasyid agar tidak melakukan hal-hal yang dilarang oleh agama hal itu lantas menjadi pegangan bagi Rasyid untuk melangkah bersama Putri. Rasyid lantas berinisiatif untuk menjadikan Putri sebagai istri kedua hal itu sesuai dengan janjinya kepada bahwa dia tidak akan pernah melanggar aturan dari Tuhan. Gava yang nyaris sempurna ternyata memiliki kelemahan yang membuat Rasyid akhirnya tergoda kepada Putri. Gava yang terlampau pemalu sehingga hubungan rumah tangga mereka menjadi hambar. Gava mampu menahan hasratnya untuk bercinta bersama suaminya sampai berbulan-bulan lamanya dan Hal itu membuat Rasyid merasa tidak nyaman. Hingga kemudian kebutuhan untuk bercinta itupun dapat tersalurkan kepada Putri. Gava berhasil mengetahui hubungan Rasyid juga Putri melalui sahabatnya yang bernama Viko seorang pengacara yang sangat mencintainya sejak bertahun-tahun ya yang lalu. Dari Viko lah akhirnya Gava dan Putri bertemu muka mereka saling bercerita. Putri pun menceritakan kisah hubungan asmara juga hubungan ranjangnya bersama Rasyid di depan Gava dan Viko. Amarah di hati Gara menggelegak. Dia nyaris tidak mampu menguasai dirinya beruntung dia berhasil menahan amarah hingga Putri berhenti bercerita. Dan dengan hati hancur Gara pulang ke rumahnya di dalam rumahnya dia menggila melayani Rasyid suaminya seperti Putri melayani Rasyid.

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One of the stars [BL]

Xiajie was a young boy that was disdained and abused by his family because of some accident that his sister blamed him for. He was almost beaten to death by one of his own servants and fell into a coma for one year. While Xiajie was in a coma he found himself experiencing the life of young scholar also named Xiajie. He was very talented in martial arts and knowledgeable. Also in this life he went through abuse and being accused again for things he hasn't done. But..... Until he met him. TheWar God that everyone feared. The War God fell hopeless in love with him and so Xiajie couldn't help feel touched en fall in love with him. They lived happily together until the great war took out. He died fighting along side his lover.... •••————————————————–———————–••• "Xiajie!.....don—-don't....die..........." "Xiajie!!!........" "Xiajie!! y-you promised we would g-get married and live happily to—-together!...." A certain War God cried in hopes to get his lover to speak with him..... "Ling Zhao lets meet in our next lives a—again......." Said Xiajie as he felt his strength leaving his body and his consciousness being sucked out of his body. "Mhm—.......y-yes!...yes! Lets meet in our next lives!" "Just wait for me!" Xiajie smiled upon seeing his lover. As tears streamed down on his face as his eyes began to look unfocused as his body stopped breathing...... •••————————————————–———————–••• Xiajie woke up as his former self will he be able to find his lover and reunite again? "Oho~~

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Wow!. This is new to me, i love your creative idea and how you brought it to life. A fascinating storyline filled with warmth and the theme itself is admirable. I know it's just two chapters but you are onto something. One of the best novel I've read in webnovel, your approach of this world you've created is sooo inspiring. And i say these words from an Author who really cares about new original work and your work is just amazing. Keep on writing and share it with the world. Pure Gold.


I love this kind of story and found this book. wow. I really like how the author write this. I can feel how kallian felt and smile when funny things came. love this story


Alright so the first few chapters are getting a small revision to some paragraphs and some extra flavor added to them. Some of the flow feels a bit broken sometimes so I wish to add in some better transitions to fix this as I want the reader to have an easy understanding and light feeling when reading it. Who is the Male lead? - hopefully, you (the readers) won't dislike my choice, as it may not be apparent yet. I am not a romantic who believes in love at first sight.


The only real complaint I have for this novel at the moment is the frequency of updates. The writing quality is fairly high with no obnoxious errors--I can tell that the author proofreads their work. There are a few weird romance shenanigans here and there, like, a character automatically falling for the MC because they didn't react to their scars, but it feels fairly grounded for the most part. It has a plotline outside of the romance which is a + for me, and I look forward to where it's going. Great work!


My! I Love this novel. Just want to read more...[img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update]


I am big simp for stories with cultivation and royalty in them, the Mc is well thought out and a very interesting person. Any fellow reader out there seeing this review, read this book you will like it for sure. MORE CHAPTERS PLZZZZZZZ


Really enjoying the pace so far. Unquestionably easy read, which makes it easier to read casually or when you're out. I'm a big fan of underdog stories too, so I love how Killian's written - as well as what his future will look like!




Up till now I really love this story. I love the characters. I definitely recommend it. [img=update][img=update][img=update][img=recommend]


I have to say I'm really stunned with this book because it's so intriguing and addicting, I really can't wait for more chapters. Good job author and thanks a whole lot for writing a masterpiece.😁


This novel is interesting for sure! I like Killian and the weak-to-strong story type. Although the first chapter was a bit confusing, I definitely love the sneakiness of him and his character. I also like the slow introduction of allies or enemies. There are a few possible love interest already! Can't wait to see what Killian would do and to get vengeance on these stupid maids! Keep it up Author! *Will his father the Count do anything about it... >.>*


I am adding a review as I do believe the rating I gave is what I'd give it if I was reading it from any other author as well. so far the story is going slow but forward and there is a clear path for the MC


THIS NOVEL SUITS MY TASTE!!! [img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update] i love how this was written!!! [img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend]


honestly incredibly well written. when I saw it was new i wasnt expecting much but its soo good. love the main character and dante is everything so far


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