"Oh there she is. Heiran!"

After walking like a zombie in their hallway, Heiran raised her head as soon as she heard someone called her name. She isn't really mindful of what's happening around her the moment Chung Ae dared her to interact with their campus's best athlete. She knows she can overcome her fear and talk to him; up to the point that she can ask him for an interview. However the challenging part is the uncertainty whether Young Jae will accommodate her or not.

She walked faster and stopped in front of Dongyul who is also a staff of their school paper. She isn't sure if Dongyul knows about her betting her scholarship and the position of being the EIC to Chung Ae but the way he looks at her makes her think he has some sort of knowledge about her. Why would he even call her when he's with Young Jae and he knows his best friend will only ignore other women like her?

"Did Chung Ae give you a reasonable span of time to finish the interview?"

The moment Dongyul started the conversation, Heiran has to lower her head in embarrassment. Young Jae who is now behind the both of them is just watching her reactions, waiting for her to answer Dongyul's question.

He knows exactly what Dongyul is up to. His best friend wants him to feel guilty about Heiran's condition in order for him to schedule an interview with her. But Young Jae still wants to confirm if Heiran badly wants to pursue her scholarship or not. What if she can afford the tuition fee? Then it'll be unnecessary for her to bother his time.

"Don't you think it's unnecessary to mention her name?"

Both of the guys got her point. Mentioning Chung Ae's name in this situation is indeed off. But Young Jae isn't the type who will tolerate Chung Ae with her evilness. And Dongyul is aware of the struggle his best friend has to go through just to get rid of that woman. There's only one thing left for her to do, which is to change. If not, then Young Jae, just like all of the other girls who wants to become closer to him, he will certainly reject Chung Ae.

"Go and talk all you want. I am not listening."

Dongyul smiled after Young Jae finally interacted with Heiran. And after seeing that, Young Jae's face reddened in embarrassment. He isn't aware that making him talk with Heiran is also a part of his best friend's plan. With that, he overtook the both of them; completely ignoring them and leaving the conversation to Dongyul.

"So how long should it take you to ask him out?"

"Ask him out?"

"For an interview. Sorry about that."

"Well I should submit my feature story on Tuesday."

Young Jae, who is still eavesdropping with their conversation clenched his fist after hearing the deadline. If he'll vent his anger on Chung Ae, she will think that he is interested with this girl, just like she always suspects every time Young Jae defends another woman. And with doing that, he knows he'll only contribute to the tension between her and Heiran and Chung Ae will despise this woman even more.

"Five days? Do you think you have the courage to ask my friend right here?"

"He often rejects these kind of interviews right?"

"At least you tried. Just go and ask him."


Both Heiran and Dongyul glued their eyes ahead of them, to where Young Jae is standing still. He looks intimidating and scary for Heiran to pin down. Her heart is beating faster and the cacophony of frantic inside her is raging wild, as if she'll collapse anytime in front of him. Dongyul on the other hand is also nervous because Young Jae raised his voice on him again. Is it because he wants Heiran to pursue this interview thing?

"Miss Choi Heiran, do you watch my game?"

Dongyul stood up in the middle of both parties. Young Jae is looking straight to Heiran's lifeless face; he can even see the sweat rushing down from her forehead. The sunset is behind him and is shoving directly to Heiran's face. Her black hair is sleek and shiny; her gray eyes and it's blue flickers are extremely showing up, making Young Jae regret leaving a harsh impression on her.

"I don't watch any sports at all."

"Then be my guest. After the game, come to my locker and I'll ask you some questions. If you manage to get them right, you'll feature me and my career. If not then I'll accept no guilt at all with you losing your scholarship."

"Okay then."

He is somehow impressed with her answer. She said yes in as fast as a lightning which kinda makes him think she really wants to have her scholarship until she graduates.

"Oh and don't take anyone with you."

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