Jung Young Jae, a young successful basketball player who always takes the lead among his teammates will stumble and cross paths with the campus's supposed to be school paper's Editor-in-Chief, Choi Heiran. She will get him into trouble as much as he would mess with her silent life as well. With Young Jae discovering Choi Heiran was also a former basketball player, he would find it intriguing to know what went wrong with her career that she decided to detach herself from the game. Considering the fact that he is a huge fan of her literary works, Young Jae also found himself having trouble saying no to this woman's requests. Will his curiosity end up knowing Heiran's background? Or will he end up falling in love with the woman who once in her life had the same track as he has?

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19 Chs


"We're locked Young Jae."

The man heard her voice trembled as if it's her first time encountering such distraught in her life. She is scared that no matter how hard she tries to hide it, the feeling still shows not just with her voice but with her whole system. Her hands are shaking, even her body is following its vibration. She wasn't sure whether to be happy that the lights were down and Young Jae would not be able to see her or she should freak out knowing she's not seeing anyone.

"Do you remember how many steps you took before you reached the door?"

Upon hearing Young Jae's voice, a certain type of comfort soothes her heartstrings. It's as if she felt safe just by the authority and the power that voice holds. She tried to recall the steps she made before the light turned out, as she was trying to reach the door. It was, one, two and a little step for the third one; she instantly remembered.

"Why bother asking about it?"

"You're scared aren't you?"


Young Jae slightly chuckled and purposefully dropped the novel he has been reading for more than a week now. He wants to test the waters and as what he expected, Heiran screamed at the top of her lungs upon hearing the banging noise of his book dropping on the ground. Her hands are still covering her ears and she doesn't even know why. Too glad Young Jae doesn't have any night vision at all that he couldn't see her reaction to his jump scare.

"Yes you aren't scared indeed."

And the next thing she knew, Young Jae is already sitting beside her. He even leaned his back on the door before he stretched his legs on the floor. They both had the chance to see each other when Young Jae lighted his screen and he glanced her frightened face.

"I'm trying to call Dongyul. Calm your nerves for a minute."

"Promise me you're not going to drop anything again."

"Like this book."

And he lifted the novel with his right hand again, attempting to drop it on the floor the second time. However, he got shocked upon Heiran trying to steal the book from him, leaning her body towards his direction. Maybe for her, getting that close to a man has never been an issue but for Young Jae, that certain gesture is already intense and romantic.

"Got it."

As soon as Heiran got the book from Young Jae, she immediately distanced herself from him. Young Jae was able to breathe properly after a wide space were created when Heiran reached for her bag and dropped his novel there. Heiran thought it is a good idea to blackmail this guy for an interview. If she'll hide his book from him, he'll keep himself closer to get it back. And the only way to get it back is to allow her with her interview. He might be good in playing some tricks on her, but she will never let herself lose the game.

"The only way to get your novel back is to grant me to do that interview with you."

"I can escape this place the moment I try and you can't. You really want to go against me?"

"Who told you I can't leave this place? I know there's a window straight ahead."

"Then go and see it for yourself."

Heiran, being one of the most competitive persons Young Jae has ever encountered all his life stood up and accepted the challenge. Although she admits she is really scared of diving into the darkest side of the room, she still carry on and started walking. Young Jae is still sitting on the floor beside her, keeping his eyes glued on her feet as she makes a step. But his phone rang and after knowing it is Dongyul, he immediately answered the call.

"I'm with the guard now Young Jae. We're coming there. But is Heiran still with you?"

"Yes she is with me."

"Because I'm also with Chung Ae."

"I'll find a way."

"We'll be there quick."


Young Jae lifted his head and looked towards Heiran's direction. With the flashlight of his phone, he was able to see her sitting on the floor as if she had stumbled unto something. He collected his strength, stood up and ran to her direction. She is still unable to move, as if her knees hurt from falling apart.

"What happened to you?"

"There's a ball on the floor and I stumbled to it."


And he saw her complete disposition after the lights went on again. She is helplessly sitting on the floor with her right knee almost shoved to her face as she blow it because it is now bleeding. With Heiran wearing a skirt, Young Jae felt really awkward that he is standing in front of her. So he grabbed his varsity jacket and knelt to the ground with one knee to cover her thighs, just like what is expected from a grownup man. Then the both of them heard the door knob twitched, and Young Jae remembered Chung Ae is with his best friend and she will obviously be hating what she is seeing right now.