Not your typical baby mama

All Amy needed to do was get away from her pursuers. The last thing she thought she'd encounter was being kidnapped, drugged and offered to some smelly fat old man. But no, he wasn't any of that. Zach was simply a god. And he was drugged, just like her. It could be the drugs or she just genuinely found him irresistible. And to her luck, he didn't resist her when she made a move on him. When she found out how much of a beast he was in bed, she wasn't complaining. But she knew they were not supposed to cross paths. So when she finally left the next morning, little did she know that fate had a 'little surprise' in store. [Warning : This book has a mature theme. Read at your own discretion. Suitable for 18+ audiences ] A/N: ALL CREDIT FOR THE COVER GOES TO THE OWNER (UPLOADED ON PINTEREST and the App called BOOK COVER MAKER PRO for editing. I DO NOT TAKE CREDIT FOR IT. With that said, enjoy the book my lovelies Xx

Miabella265 · Urban
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363 Chs

The test....

A newspaper was slammed into Gwen's desk. She didn't flinch at the harsh actions and slowly looked up at the culprit only to fall in amusement. She looked at the news that had made the headlines and was already in the papers.

"Wow! They sure are fast", her lips lifted in amusement.

"Have you lost your mind?" Aldo growled as he rested his fists on her desk. His glare could smother her into dust if it could.

"What did I do?" She shrugged with an innocent expression.

"Is this about the break in?" He was hardly keeping his composure. Gwen was starting to learn that this man had a short temper but she was unfazed by his antics.

"And if it is?"

"The King made it clear that we don't draw unnecessary attention. We're in the F.B.I's turf, how is this going to help us stay low?"

Gwen broke into a laugh. She leaned back to her seat and laughed to the point of wiping away tears. "How did someone so short-sighted become The King's second in command?"