Not the Last Airbender

Reborn in the world of Avatar as an aristocrat of the Fire Nation, he completely forgets his past life, although snippets of it occasionally surface, prompting him to try and remember. And somehow, he must survive in this war, the reasons for which are unclear to him. As for how he ended up seducing a princess, gaining a reputation across all nations, and convincing those around him that he is almost the second incarnation of the Avatar, despite only mastering one element, he has no idea. It all happened somehow. Accidentally. co-authored with Vandalizer

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Chapter 8. Kyoshi Island. Part 2.

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Perhaps I can change the canon now. The Avatar hasn't reached his full strength yet; right now, he's just an ordinary, peaceful monk with too much on his mind. If I kill him, it will at least buy me a decade to prepare better.

At the same time, I'll lose the aftermath completely.

Although it's still not certain that I can defeat him right now, the Avatar is a very powerful bender, even at such a young age, and I may be in over my head.

Most likely, in any scenario, the Avatar will at least be able to escape from me. I'm almost certain of it: catching an airbending master is no easy task, especially considering that you can't use the same bending yourself.

"I have the right to arrest them for actions that may have violated the ancient word of the Fire Lord. I can arrest local warriors for attacking the face that represents authority, which is me," I said a little awkwardly. Yes, it sounded somewhat convincing, but damn it, I had to present an official version, as if I was acting all high and mighty by the law.

"Your Fire Nation laws do not apply on Kyoshi Island," the Avatar declared pompously, apparently following the example of the local girls, who also paid little attention to what I was saying.

"Again," I snapped, "I am acting on the Fire Lord's ancient word of non-aggression. These actions are meant to prevent the conflict between the island and the Fire Nation from escalating..."

"Aang, don't listen to him!" a guy dressed in Kyoshi's warrior-like women's clothing shouted from somewhere, not listening to what I was saying either.

The Avatar seemed to snap out of it, shook something out of his head, and stood back in a confident pose:

"I won't let you hurt them!"

My teeth began to gnash when this idiot didn't even understand the meaning of my official explanations. I resigned myself to the shouts of this colorful idiot. It seems it's time to change the canon, and whatever happens, screw it.

But I wanted the Avatar to attack first, and that's exactly what happened: he jumped in my direction, sending a wave of air that I easily sliced through with my rapier and quickly charged the Avatar.

Somewhere a few moments later, when I was halfway there, Aang had already completed the movement of his second strike, which I dodged with a leap up and forward, at the same time lunging at the Avatar, extending my sword forward.

He dodged, of course. He was as agile as I was - he could dodge as well as I could, and this turned out to be a very irritating tactic, where he practically dodged my blow and sent his own in response.

My speed was so high, Aang couldn't even react, but I couldn't hit him either like I was trying to cut through thin air - that's what it means to be a trained air bender - I act on intuition, and I'm far from being a master myself—an example before my eyes.

But the master's lessons were not in vain, and I quickly grasped the basics of his fighting style and began to trap him with each blow. During one of my moves, I managed to inconspicuously pull out a lighter, and that was the main idea: during the Avatar's next dodge and step aside, I would use my "Fire" bending, creating a blue flame stream of considerable power.

To Aang's credit, he managed to create a minimal barrier, but it didn't help much, at most it protected him from burns, but he physically flew several meters and crashed heavily into one of the buildings.

In my head, I already had the thought that the victory was mine and I could celebrate, but it was too early: the guy's tattoos started to glow while he was unconscious, and I realized that this was already a big problem. I wouldn't be able to defeat the Avatar in his current state, and he was already opening his eyes and it was clear that he was ready to fight back.

With a huge leap, he covered the distance to me and began to bombard me with all kinds of airstrikes and slashes, which were already far from harmless and three times stronger than before. And now I was spinning around like crazy, sometimes managing to breathe fire because it didn't even require a minimal physical effort on my part.

Unfortunately, it didn't have any effect as such. He just brushed it off like a minor annoyance, but he couldn't catch me. Aang himself just wasn't ready to fully channel the Avatar's power, and the output was much weaker, and practically my only hope was that Aang couldn't stay in this state for long.

And while I was spinning like crazy, sometimes on pure wild reflexes, not even realizing what I had dodged.

We danced for a good five minutes, and honestly, with all the tricks, I was starting to run out of breath, and it showed: a slight delay before moving my hand, a quick step stun, and my "dance" started to look more and more awkward from the side, which was a terrible sign.

The first real mistake would be my downfall, but by the feel of it, thank God, the Avatar also began to lose speed and power in his strikes - Aang himself was getting tired, and whatever you want to say, but I guarantee: he relaxed, and that was my chance.

During his next air attack with a touch of water, I used my air bending almost shamelessly, giving myself unnatural acceleration, and in one leap I managed to graze Aang's face with my rapier because he managed to defend himself - I was aiming for his head and kicked him hard in the stomach, so hard that my leg went numb, and Aang flew back and passed out.

The thought of defeating the Avatar didn't even occur to me; there were so many "buts" and "ifs" that it was more of a tactical victory over the essence, trying to squeeze some percentage of its power out of the guy's not-so-exercised body.

But there was nothing to do, I had to finish what I started and finish the guy. I felt no remorse, even though he was technically the first person who wasn't garbage or trash, just a guy with a slightly naive view of the world, burdened with responsibility, but this guy had a nuclear button, and I had to take it away.

When I walked toward the unconscious Aang, it felt like I was walking toward the abyss, and maybe that was the turning point that would define my character.

But it didn't diminish my determination.

The problem was that I had no more strength than Aang himself, so I stuck to my word and walked decently over time, so much so that the bald guy's buddy appeared out of nowhere, splashed me with water, grabbed the Avatar, and walked away as I tried to get up.

Unfortunately, my poor fellows scattered in all directions at the beginning, and they all watched from afar as their boss got beaten up. And I just didn't have the strength to yell for them to grab the girl. I had spent everything trying to reach the Avatar and finish what I had started.

Okay, my poor companions began to gather all the temporarily detained people and take them somewhere to be held, and they didn't resist much, as most of them looked at me with some incomprehensible emotion on their faces. Only Prince Zuko looked at me and thought something like: "I could do that. His arrogance knows no bounds.

"Hey, you poor guys, fire warriors on the ship, warrior women in the local jail," I gathered my strength to shout to my subordinates, "If I find out that someone has inappropriately touched the warrior women, I'll give her a weapon and put her in a one-on-one. Execute!"

I hope that the girls don't let the boys do anything stupid, even if they are not prisoners, but detainees. Because for many of them, the hormones were playing too much, after all, there were fewer girls than boys on the ship, and nobody planned to make a whore out of anybody, and of course, there were frustrated people left on the ship. And they could easily do something stupid.

But whatever. We have to think about the urgent, for example, my level is still not that low. Well, I noticed that before, but it was an airbending master, although young, but not just earning arrows for beautiful eyes. So I can easily jump around and the victory will be mine. But that's up until the Avatar's condition. And then it's a draw. It would take a miracle for me to have any hope of beating him. And this miracle is called - not to be taken seriously. Oh God, self-esteem is killing itself.

The Avatar, who has only a very small percentage of his power, and uses a monk's body and not all elements, did not take me seriously, and that was a big problem for me. Oh God, the thought of what I must become to defeat the Avatar at the peak of his power makes me break into a cold sweat.

And damn it, why do I feel like a villain in this battle, huh?


Katara barely made it. Some scary Fire Nation warrior fought Aang on equal terms, and even when he entered the Avatar state, he managed to keep fighting and even win!

The thought of an ordinary Fire Nation warrior being able to defeat the Avatar sent chills and a knot in her stomach.

What chance would they have if the Avatar couldn't handle a one-on-one fight? And what if there were a dozen of them?

Sokka, sitting next to her, also staring thoughtfully at Aang, had similar thoughts. He was still recovering from the blow and there would probably be a small scar on his face. But they didn't think about that; they didn't even need to discuss anything, they just thought about one thing.

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