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(Currently Proofreading, may take a while... [3/19] Chapters) Zoya was enjoying summer holidays alone at home. Her parents and her little brother decidet to make a 7 week vaccation around the world so Zoya had the house for herself which was nice because her parent favored her little brother way more than her to the point that they only knew she existed because they had to pay her education. While beeing alone at home she suddenly had the urge to watch films she watched in her childhood. And of course also both HTTYD films. (Characters, places and events of the 3rd don't exist because the film was never made). Unfortunately The TV wasn't mounted to the bracket properly and fell directely on her. And of course she was sucked into the universe of HTTYD as a female Night fury I Don't own the film, the series or the pictures. Credit to the original owners for creating HTTYD.

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You can write?

(Hiccup's POV)

"That weather isn't looking like it's gonna get better so prepare to stay here for a while" Gobber said while closing the door of the great hall. All one could hear was the chatter of people eating their food and the rain against the giant door.

The weather was getting so bad that my father banned flying as long as he said otherwise. "We are just sitting here and Astrid may be in trouble out there" I complained more to myself than to anybody else.

Anyway Tuffnut answered that question for me. "The last time Astrid was the best of us when it came to survival training... or was she?" Ruffnut looked at him "No that was Voik" They stared at each other. "Wait who is Voik" they said in unison"

Could you please be quiet I am trying to concentrate over here Fishlegs complained. Snoutloud also said something but at that point I wasn't even listening anymore. "what exactly are you doing?" I asked Fishlegs.

"Well I though that we should write down all the things we know about dragons. And not like in the book of dragons but like the specialties of the dragon that will be interesting for tamers." "For example?" "If you scratch a Deadly natter on the right place on it's tail it will just collapse and enjoy it while forgetting everything else"

Because I had nothing better to do anyways and that didn't sound like a bad idea I decided to help him. The only problem was that we didn't even have enough knowledge to fill three pages and I also didn't want to reveal everything I knew about Toothless because If someone managed to steal that book it my be used against us.

And the last time the book of dragons got in the hands of the wrong people we spent an entire week trying to recover it. And after that we bought every copy we could find so that no dragon hunters would have that kind of information.

(Time skip)

(Zoya's POV)

I opened my eyes and still felt Astrid's body pressed against mine. I peeked under my wing and saw her peacefully sleeping. Maybe you know the feeling if your cat decides to sleep on you absolutely don't want to move because you are scared of waking her up" Well that's exactly how I felt this moment.

Astrid woke up after only a few minutes. Seemed like my struggle not to move caused me to move enough to wake her up. For some reason I think she now trusts me a bit more than yesterday. I wonder why the rest of the gang didn't come to search after her.

Astrid seemed to have noticed that too. After stretching a bit she walked to the cliff and sat down staring at the beautiful white clouds. "Where are they?" She mumbled. A tear rolled down her cheek. "Have these idiots forgotten her? Or is their relationship not as good as it was shown in the film?"

I walked next to her and sat down like a dog looking in the same direction as her.

"If I only had a way to get off this fucking island" she screamed. "I haven't seen a single ship since I arrived here" She said while another tear rolled down her cheek. If only Stormfly was here then I could just fly home with her and forget everything. "

"But now here I am with no way to get of this god damn island" She screamed again. But at the end of the sentence she suddenly stopped crying. Because I got curious I stopped trying to interpret the form of clouds and looked at her.

Astrid was directly looking at me. My mind needed a few seconds before finally understanding what she thought of. "You know..." She said while looking at me not knowing how to start her sentence. "Forget it, what am I even doing. I am talking to a dragon while staring at the sky."

She said while waving her hands through the air. I was already on my way back to the lake to catch some fish. "Were are you going dragon?" She turned around an asked.

Just call me by my freaking name and not always just dragon I growled at her. She looked at me with no idea what I was trying to do. "It can't be helped then" I used one of my claws to scratch something in the ground.

(Astrid's POV)

The dragon seemed to scratch something in the dirt. After finishing the dragon stepped back. I took a closer look. "ɐʎoz sı ǝɯɐu ʎɯ". I looked at it in confusion. I soon realized that I had too look at it from the other side.

There were four words drawn on the ground "my name is zoya" was written in very big letters. "You can write?" I looked at the dragon. Hiccup and Fishlegs would jump so high that their head would reach the roof of the great hall if they knew about this.

Zoya scrambled something different. "What are you doing here?" Stood there. I still can't believe I am having a real conversation with a dragon. "Well my friends and I found a map which allegedly should lead us to a secret Island. There also was something written on there but we weren't able to read it. SO we searched and then a storm hit me and I landed here"

"I actually had a copy of the map and...." I realized that I only lost the copy with the pictures with the rock formations but not the note with the message on it. Hiccup told us to ask everybody we saw (if that person didn't look like a bad person) to ask for help with translating. I held the note in my hand.

Zoya raised herself a bit up and looked at the note before she started to laugh. Or at least is seemed so. After she pulled herself together she wrote something in the dirt. "twofive nineteentwentyfivesixninenineteenthreeeightfivefourfiveeighteentwentythreefivetwelvetwenty only is a strange way to say in another language that that's the place with the best fish in the world."

She wrote. "You can read that" I stared at her and she nodded proudly. "A dragon that can write just told me that it was able to decrypt a message in another language and that it means nothing different that we searched for the island with the best fish."

That was to much for me to think about so I just needed a short break.

Sorry but I wrote this while watching a movie so...

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