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Suddenly being thrown into the novel's world and possessing a pretty much fucked up character made him have no choice but to continue his life as a new identity. And just like any sane person who transmigrated into a book, of course, he would destroy every red flag that stood in his way. Yet, unbeknownst to him, every single thing he did was just wrecking the storyline more and even more; to the point that the plot had become utterly screwed, thanks to him. ===== A/N: This novel is heavily inspired by many famous video games.

Admirably_ · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
192 Chs

Ch. 8: Nathaniel Leillucis [2]


The man parried the attack and jumped backward. But just like a shadow, Nathaniel never left his side and continued to engage him.


Every time the assassin tried to fend off Nathaniel's attacks, numbness began to spread to his arms. He didn't understand, according to the report Nathaniel's combat average ranks were around C. Then why did he feel like the boy overpowered him in terms of strength?

The Second Prince's report was also incorrect; it claimed that Adrian was inept in combat when in reality, he possessed exceptional agility. Once he completed his task here, he would undoubtedly file a complaint with the Mercenary agency's information department.

The Mercenary Agency was an independent organization that spread across the continent. Filled with professional soldiers, they provided information and received quests such as joining the war regardless of their political interests, aiding monsters' subjugation, escorting merchants, bodyguarding, etc.


Shoving Nathaniel's sword aside, the assassin hopped backward to create some distance. Hovering in the air, he threw five daggers towards the boy. However, just before they could reach their targets, Nathaniel unleashed a powerful gust of wind, blowing the knives away.

Another thing to be wary of was Nathaniel's Wind Elemental ability. While not as powerful as Adrian's, it was still Nathaniel's strongest affinity. However, as he sensed something incredibly fast rushing toward him, the man swiftly tilted his head.


The ground behind him erupted as Nathaniel's wind bullet made contact with the floor. Undeterred, Nathaniel released a volley of wind bullets, prompting the man to immediately start sprinting.

—Boom! —Boom! —Boom!

With each step he took, the ground beneath him exploded as Nathaniel's wind bullets relentlessly pursued him.

"Don't be a coward! Fight me, you bastard!" 

Ignoring the boy's taunt, he continued to run. Upon noticing a river up ahead, he executed a backflip towards Nathaniel's back. Caught off guard, Nathaniel ceased his fire and turned around, only to find three daggers hurtling towards him. Reacting quickly, he jumped and rolled to the side, narrowly avoiding the projectiles.

Halting his roll, Nathaniel furrowed his brow, perplexed by the man's disappearance. Quickly scanning the surroundings, he spotted the assassin charging toward Adrian in the distance.

"Dammit!" Nathaniel cursed and pursued the man.

Seizing the opportunity, the assassin swiftly launched five knives towards the unconscious Adrian. However, just before they could strike him, an earth wall emerged from the ground, effectively blocking their path. The assassin quickly glanced over his shoulder and noticed three earth wind blades hurtling toward him, forcing him to zigzag to evade.

—Boom! —Boom! —Boom!

The ground suddenly burst, sending debris flying into the air. The man skillfully climbed the wall and gracefully leaped down. As he closed in on the vulnerable Adrian, the assassin tightened his grip on the sword and swung it.


The man's head snapped up in surprise as a blade blocked his weapon. His gaze shifted, and he found himself face-to-face with a pair of feral golden eyes. Before he could recover from his surprise, Nathaniel shoved his weapon away and waved his sword.


Fortunately, the man swiftly regained his composure and blocked the sword, preventing it from grazing his neck. But the boy's overwhelming power caused him to lose his footing, sliding back a few centimeters in the process.

"How dare you!" Nathaniel exclaimed, his voice dripped with contempt as he withdrew his sword and brandished it once again.


Parrying the incoming attack, the man's face crooked as the numbness bloomed within his grip. But before could react, Nathaniel's sword rushed back at him relentlessly.

—Bang! —Bang! —Bang!

With each clash of their swords, shockwaves surged through the man's arm, intensifying the tingling sensation that now pulsed through his entire limb. His arm began to tremble uncontrollably. 

It quickly became apparent that he had made a grave mistake by choosing to engage in this battle. Not only was he unable to defeat Adrian, but he found himself struggling to even keep up with Nathaniel's strength. 

Initially, he believed he should complete this quest no matter what, as he had never failed a mission since joining the Mercenaries. However, it seemed his flawless record would now be tarnished. 

Furthermore, he had spent a significant amount of time in this confrontation, and reinforcements were likely to arrive soon. He had to find a way to escape this dire situation before it became even more perilous.

As Nathaniel's sword came towards him, he swiftly leaped backward to avoid it, causing the boy's sword to slice through the air. Undeterred, Nathaniel mirrored the action and swung his sword once more. 

The man tried to jump but an unseen force seized his feet, abruptly halting his escape. Looking down, he saw mud tightly clenching his leg. Glancing behind Nathaniel, he noticed Adrian stretching out his trembling hand. Frustration and desperation surged, but his attention quickly shifted as an excruciating pain surged in his lower abdomen.


Suddenly, black smoke burst forth from the assassin's body, enveloping the surroundings. With agility, Nathaniel swiftly leaped out of its reach, landing firmly on the ground. Reacting instinctively, he summoned a Wind Elemental to disperse the smoke, only to glimpse a fleeting silhouette vanishing into the nearby forest.

"Hey! Wait!" Nathaniel called out.

As Nathaniel prepared to give chase, he abruptly halted his step, his gaze fixated on his sword. Thick red liquid dripped from the blade, staining the ground beneath him. Shaking off his thoughts, he swiftly spun around and sprinted toward his brother.

Kneeling beside him, he gently cradled Adrian in his arms, "Ian, are you alright?" 

Adrian weakly nodded, his face pale and drained of color. Nathaniel carefully examined the wound on Adrian's abdomen and the gash had closed, leaving behind only a faint scar. Letting out a sigh of relief, and a smile began to form on Nathaniel's lips. 

"See? I told you! You'll be f-" His words were abruptly cut short, and Nathaniel's smile vanished, replaced by a surge of dread coursing through his veins. He watched in horror as Adrian's hand slipped lifelessly from his grasp, and his head tilted to the side.

"Ian?" Nathaniel's voice trembled, his words filled with disbelief. He shook Adrian's body, desperately seeking a response, but there was none. 

"I-Ian? This is not funny," Nathaniel pleaded. Unsettling feelings washed over him, and a sense of foreboding settled in his chest. 

"Ian?" Nathaniel brought Adrian's face to face him, searching for any sign of life. But all he saw was his little brother's peaceful expression. 

"Ah... Ian..." Nathaniel struggled to suppress his panic, his body trembling uncontrollably. He quickly placed his fingers under Adrian's nose, hoping to feel the faintest breath, but there was nothing.

Changing his approach, Nathaniel pressed his ear against Adrian's chest, straining to hear the sound of a beating heart. Silence greeted him, amplifying the growing despair within him. Refusing to give up, Nathaniel clutched Adrian's arm, desperately searching for a pulse. This time, he felt a faint pulse, barely discernible, as if it were slipping away. 

Tears streamed down Nathaniel's face as he shook his head in denial. "No... no... no..." Sobs escaped his trembling lips as he clung tightly to Adrian's lifeless hand. 

"Ian... don't leave me again, please..." Nathaniel's voice cracked, his tears falling onto Adrian's cheeks as he held him close. 

"Why are you so cruel to me?" Nathaniel's anguished cry echoed through the stillness of the forest.