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Suddenly being thrown into the novel's world and possessing a pretty much fucked up character made him have no choice but to continue his life as a new identity. And just like any sane person who transmigrated into a book, of course, he would destroy every red flag that stood in his way. Yet, unbeknownst to him, every single thing he did was just wrecking the storyline more and even more; to the point that the plot had become utterly screwed, thanks to him. ===== A/N: This novel is heavily inspired by many famous video games.

Admirably_ · Fantasy
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192 Chs

Ch. 24: The Sovereign Class [2]





Gizel leaned his body against his desk and crossed his arms, "Before we start, can someone explain how to create a Magic Circle?"

A pink-haired girl raised her hand.

"Yes, Sylvina."

"By channeling our Mana whilst chanting runic language with correct syntax and intonation, we can manifest a Magic Circle. Once it's formed, it will automatically absorb your Mana depending on how big and how powerful the spell is."

Gizel nodded his head in satisfaction, "Excellent, Sylvina."

"Thank you."

Creating a Magic Circle was no different from coding. Just like a programmer needed to use the correct programming language to instruct the program to run properly, so did Magic Circle.

And when it came to dispelling a Magic Circle, honestly speaking, it was not that hard, but so freaking damn hard. It was a hella nerve-wracking moment.

The first step to do it was to analyze and understand the structure of the Magic Circle. Second, identify the vulnerabilities of the Magic Circle so it could be exploited, like erasing or tampering the Circle, or disrupting its Mana flow.

However, these two steps must be done in a split-second gap before the magic was invoked a.k.a at the time when the Magic Circle drew Mana from the Mana Pool. Simply put, it was tantamount to deactivating a bomb.

If you could shut it down, you survive, if not you die.

Nevertheless, dispelling Magic Circle was seldom used on the battlefield since people preferred to prepare a defensive or counterattack spell instead of doing a double-edged action. This technique was not completely useless, it could be used to dismantle a magic trap, unsealed object, etc.

Minutes passed and Adrian couldn't help but sigh when a sense of boredom crept in. He glanced at his classmates and they were seen taking notes as they watched the professor. His gaze darted outside the windows but there was nothing to see aside from the trees that swayed against the wind.

In the end, he took out his history book and began to read. It was true that Adrian read history books. But there were times when he was fed up with it, he would change the book's genre before resuming reading them. And magic books were not the exception. Also thanks to it, Adrian had much knowledge in various fields.

Péréz peeked at Adrian from the corner of his eyes as he was seen taking out a book from his Magical Sphere. His hazel eyes scrutinized, he was curious to look at what book Adrian was reading instead of paying attention to the front.

He narrowed his eyes and moved a little bit because it was too far away for him to see. Of course, Adrian was not stupid; he knew what Péréz was doing, but decided to ignore him.

'Reading a history book in Magic Class?!' Péréz jaw wide opened, he was stupefied upon finding out what book Adrian was reading, however—

"Excuse me, you're too close." A voice pricked Péréz's ears, he lifted his head and found Adrian's indifferent face not too far away from him.

"Huh?" Péréz was caught off guard.

"You're too close," Adrian repeated and pointed at his body.

Péréz looked at where Adrian beckoned, and he realized that he had been leaning towards him at a 45° angle without even realizing it, "Ah… sorry." Péréz quickly adjusted his position, moving away from him.

Adrian sighed and returned his sight to the book.

'Oh, my goodness! So him being a pompous Prince is true, after all!' Just look at him, he didn't even bother to hear the professor's lecture and even read another subject in his class! 'What a jerk!'

Just because he was born into the Imperial Family, it didn't mean he could do whatever he wanted and disrespect other people!

"Is there anyone who wants to try to dispel this Magic Circle? The first person who can dispel it will get additional points." Gizel's voice rang out and a Magic Circle could be seen floating in front of him.

Without much thought, Péréz immediately raised his hand.

"Yes, Péréz?"

"Professor, Adrian said he wants to do it!"

As he heard his name being mentioned, Adrian paused whatever he did and turned, only to find Péréz smiling wryly at him.

'Let's see if you're REALLY that smart! You arrogant bastard!' Péréz thoughts.

Rhea facepalmed at the scene present, 'Not him picking a fight with a Prince of this Empire!'

But again, she remembered how that brat continued to badmouth Adrian before the class started. She had read the Prince's personality through the stars, it was said that Adrian was not that kind of person.

"Haa…" Adrian sighed for the second time and approached the Magic Circle.

He was just minding his own business, so, how could it grate Péréz's nerves? Adrian didn't understand. He was not even the protagonist of this world, yet, why would that imp pick a fight with him? 'If he wanted to pick a fight, he should have done it with Nathaniel, not me.'

He had no idea—whatsoever.

"Take your time, and you can give up by raising your right hand," Gizel explained the rule with a cheerful tone..

Adrian nodded, "I understand."


A breaking glass was heard as the Magic Circle in front of Adrian broke into pieces and dispersed into the air.

Surprised painted Gizel's face, but he ultimately smirked, 'Ho? It was not even a second.'

Adrian's azure eyes darted at him and he spoke with an insouciant face intact, "Professor, I'm done."

Ah, as expected of the so-called Imperial Elementalist prodigy, the Prince was indeed talented. But for him, it was not enough. He needed more proof.

"Hmm," Gizel hummed and expressed his thoughts, "Let's do it for the second time, shall we?"

There was slight silence but the boy eventually answered, "Sure."

"But this time, I'll be using the real spell, make sure to not fail, because you might explode."

"Huh?" And before Adrian could react, a Magic Circle formed in front of him.


Yet, it did not stop, the Magic Circle continued to emerge again, again and again.




Leaving the boy to deal with his Magic Circles, Gizel walked toward Adrian's desk and picked up a book. He leaned against the window sill and began to read it.

The kids watched Adrian with eyes wide open and their jaws dropped—they were beyond surprised! As if watching him dispel the first Magic Circle in less than a second wasn't surprising enough, now they had to witness how Adrian destroyed numerous Magic Circles with ease continuously!

They heard that the Second Prince of the Empire was gifted with magic, but seeing it with their own two eyes was truly a shocking experience!



Although Adrian's air appeared calm like still water, his inside was in utter chaos. It was due to Gizel's Magic Circles. Every time he broke it, the new Magic Circle that popped out would become much stronger and more complex making the difficulty level rise constantly.


The Magic Circle scattered in the air and the new one appeared before Adrian.

'Where…?' His blue pupils move vigorously looking for its feeble point.

'Where…?' His heartbeat raced and sweat ran down his face.

'Where…?' He could see how Mana started to fill in the Magic Circle's core.

'Where is—' Adrian closed his eyes and sighed.

'—fuck.' He ran out of time.


A loud explosion rang out and the classroom shook.



The students screamed in panic.

"Everyone, please calm down," Gizel's voice entered their ears and they slowly lifted their eyelids only to find an invisible barrier that blocked the eruption of the bomb from reaching them.


However, beyond the glass, black smoke filled the front side and Adrian couldn't be seen anywhere. The man closed the book in his hand and slid open the window.

Soon, black smoke flew out the window and revealed a white-haired boy who was standing; he was not moving an inch from his previous foothold.

"?" Adrian's forehead creased when he saw two shields surrounding him. 'One is mine and the other…' He turned his head and the professor was seen smiling benignly at him.

Gizel couldn't help but clucked his tongue in amazement, 'He dispelled 24 Magic Circles in a minute, huh, not bad.'

—Clap —Clap —Clap

Gizel clapped and praised him, "Excellent! Please clap for Adrian."

Although the students were confused, they still heeded him.

—Clap —Clap —Clap

The shields were dismissed and he walked toward Adrian.

Upon his arrival before him, Gizel extended his hand that held a book. The boy glanced at it and he realized that it was his—his history book. Adrian reached out for the book, but Gizel withdrew his hand before he could touch it.

Of course, this action made Adrian question him.

"No wonder my class appears boring in your eyes," Gizel whispered, barely audible but he managed to catch it, "But I hope you can respect me more as your teacher, Your Highness."

"I understand."

The man smiled, he handed him the book and Adrian returned to his seat.

Gizel clapped and spoke cheerfully, "Alright, now Péréz, it's your time! Please, move forward."

"Huh?" The wheat-haired boy was flabbergasted and glimpsed at the newly constructed Magic Circle in horror.

"I'm waiting~" Gizel spoke playfully.

Péréz hesitantly forced himself to stand and marched to the front. The truth was, he was so immersed in peeking at Adrian's book that he forgot to pay attention to the lecture!


He swallowed down his saliva and began to gather his Mana. Péréz was lost, he didn't know what to do, and in the end, he did whatever idea jumped into his head.


The Magic Circle blew and Péréz was seen rolling several times on the floor, "Urg!!"

The students shook their heads in disbelief at the scene present—except for Rhea.

"Pfft." Because she was trying to suppress her laughter as if watching a comedy show.

Gizel massaged his temple in frustration and explained one more time, "When dispelling Magic Circles, it is important to remember one important rule: never touch the core. The core is where Mana gathers and damaging it can lead to disastrous consequences."

Simply put, it would be like opening the floodgates of a dam when the water was raging inside.

However, a question emerged in Adrian's head. Why did the professor not make a barrier to protect Péréz just like he did to him? Even though the Mana Blast was not that powerful, why did he let him receive it? This professor...

'He's… not being petty, is he?'

Gizel approached Péréz and helped him to stand. "Make sure to pay attention next time." The professor spoke softly and the boy couldn't help but droop his head in embarrassment.

"I'm sorry."

"Don't be sorry, be better!"

"Thank you."

Gizel patted the boy's shoulder gently and Péréz returned to his seat. The man clapped his hand and spoke playfully with a smile that never left his lips, "Alright, whose turn this time?"

Soon a new Magic Circles floated in the air.




"Haa… haa…"

Adrian looked at his classmates who were panting heavily with sweat drenched their bodies. Somehow they reminded him of the first time he learned how to dispel Magic Circle. His cerulean eyes moved and the professor was seen writing something on his document.

—Ding —Dong —Ding —Dong

Upon listening to it, Gizel smiled and bid his class farewell, "Alright, I'll see you again after the lunch break."

He strode to the door and opened it, but to his surprise, four girls stood in front of the door—blocking the way.

They bowed and Leticia, a girl with lilac hair asked, "Good afternoon, Professor! We would like to ask if by any chance Prince Adrian is in this class?"

"Ah, yes, he's here." Gizel spun around toward the white-haired who was sitting while reading a book, "Adrian, these beautiful young ladies are looking for you."

The boy in question glanced at them and he met familiar purple eyes. With that, the professor left and Adrian approached them—it seemed they were here to convey their gratitude. They curtseyed and the moment when Adrian tried to open his mouth, there was someone faster and louder.

"Oh my goodness, did you see that?! This is the first day and he is already building his harem!"

Adrian knew the owner of that voice; it was the same voice that sold his name to the Professor.

'Harem my ass.' He didn't even know their names.

"You're just jealous," Rhea rolled her eyes in boredom as she responded. Her hands busily wiped her sweat from his face.

Péréz widened his eyes, he was perplexed. "W-What? N-No! There's no way I'm jealous!"

Ignoring those who started arguing, Adrian could only sigh. And judging by how uncomfortable the girls' air was, it looked like they heard Péréz's babbling.

"Let's move somewhere else." He suggested and the girls nodded in agreement.

Arriving at the back of the Sovereign building, Leticia stepped forward and spoke, "We express our sincere gratitude to Your Highness for your assistance. Without your help, we must have been drowning. We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to you for your generosity."

They tried to curtsey, but Adrian stopped them, "You don't have to curtsey nor call me 'Your Highness' when we're in the Academy. You know the rules, right?"

They exchanged glances nervously and eventually straightened their backs. "W-We're… sorry."

"You don't have to apologize, it's not like you're irking me—just saying."

How could they not when their parents taught them that upsetting the Imperial Family members meant a death sentence?

"We understand."

"I accept your gratitude. Just make sure to be careful next time."

"Thank you."

Adrian nodded his head and began to walk away.




It was late at night and a few seconds after Adrian closed his eyes, his Telesphere rang.

—Ring —Ring —Ring

He looked at the caller and it was none other but his half-brother. Without much thought, Adrian received it.

"H—" Before he could say a word, Nathaniel's impatient voice interjected.

// Ian! Is it true?! //

His white brows furrowed—Adrian had no idea what he was talking about, "About what?"

// I heard you're building a harem! //

Adrian shut his mouth tightly.

And what kind of bullshit was that?