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Suddenly being thrown into the novel's world and possessing a pretty much fucked up character made him have no choice but to continue his life as a new identity. And just like any sane person who transmigrated into a book, of course, he would destroy every red flag that stood in his way. Yet, unbeknownst to him, every single thing he did was just wrecking the storyline more and even more; to the point that the plot had become utterly screwed, thanks to him. ===== A/N: This novel is heavily inspired by many famous video games.

Admirably_ · Fantasy
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192 Chs

Ch. 1: Brotherhood [1]

Terra Continent, a Godless land.

The mountainous area with lush forests and pristine water made Terra famous for its natural beauty, and there stood a powerful nation called the Aeon Empire.

The Aeon Empire is a complete and perfect superstate located in the central region of the Terra continent. Before the foundation of the Aeon Empire, many Kingdoms ruled over the regions. They waged war on each other to expand their territory.

Chrono Leillucis was a young man from a small Kingdom. He was born into a loving family and as the never-ending war took both of his parents, he loathed war.

Chrono ascended the throne at such a young age, 17 years old. Regardless of his hatred toward the war, he knew the responsibility he bore as a 'King' and acknowledged the hope of his people.

War after war, year by year, Chrono eventually succeeded in conquering those kingdoms and later became known as 'The Hero'. Soon, he founded the Aeon Empire in the region under his name at the age of 24. The Aeon Year Calendar was adopted and the year Chrono began his rule as the Emperor was marked as AYC 0.

At AYC 107, Chrono stepped down from the throne and appointed his son, Theodore Leillucis to continue to rule over the land. In the first year of Theo's reign, he established an institution called 'the Tower'.

The Tower was a place where the most talented Alchemist, Herbalist, Elementalist, and Engineers gathered in one place. They invented many products and devices such as Magic Papers, medicines, communication devices, etc. Many products created by them were known throughout the continent and this became one of the Empire's biggest incomes aside from lending loans to other Kingdoms.

In more than 400 years, the Tower had become the most influential institution in the Empire. Also, thanks to them, the Empire was ahead in terms of weaponry, medicine, military, and technology. That was one of many reasons Aeon had to solidify the Empire's title as well as be respected and feared by other Kingdoms.




**AYC 552




Two boys were seen running in the garden. Smiles planted on their lips and their laughter echoed. A white-haired boy was chasing a black-haired boy in front of him; they were playing tag.

However, the white-haired boy suddenly stopped running and wiped the dripping sweat on his chin. "Nate, I'm tired."

Hearing his little brother's voice, the boy called Nathaniel halted his step and approached him. "Ah, Ian, I'm sorry! It seemed like I ran too fast."

The white-haired boy, Adrian, shook his head and smiled. "No, I'm having fun, so, I'm all right."

Seeing his bright smile Nathaniel couldn't help but let out a smile too and ruffled Adrian's hair while laughing.

"Ah, stop it! You're messing up my hair!" Adrian tried to shove his brother's hands off his head but to no avail.

Despite his little brother's complaint, Nathaniel continued his action. After feeling satisfied, Nathaniel eventually stopped.

Adrian pouted and glared at him. "Looks like you're having fun, huh!"

Yet, Nathaniel just chuckled. "Of course! Hehe."

Nathaniel had always doted on his younger brother, and Adrian looked up to him with admiration. He saw Nathaniel as his role model and respected him deeply.

Adrian clicked his tongue in exasperation and moved sideways. He sat on the edge of the water fountain and began to tidy his hair. Nathaniel couldn't resist joining in, gently running his fingers through Adrian's silky locks.

After finishing tidying his little brother's hair, Nathaniel asked, "Would you like some cookies?"

Adrian's sour expression immediately transformed into excitement. "What flavor is it?" 

Nathaniel couldn't help but chuckle at his brother's predictable reaction. "It's chocolate mint."

Adrian's eyes widened and rapidly blinked in surprise. "Really?! Can I have it?" 

"Sure." With a nod, Nathaniel retrieved a pouch filled with cookies. and handed it to Adrian, who eagerly accepted it with a heartfelt smile.


Nathaniel patted his head as he saw how merrily Adrian ate the cookie. Adrian was a cheerful boy with a warm personality. Everyone loved him because his presence gave off a positive atmosphere.

Suddenly, the sound of rattling armor caught their attention, and a knight approached them, bowing respectfully. "Your Highness, it's time." 

Both Nathaniel and Adrian were the Princes of the Aeon Empire, with Nathaniel being the First Prince at the age of 8 and Adrian the Second Prince at 6 years old. 

"Ian is resting right now, can you wait a few more minutes?" Nathaniel requested.

However, the knight shook his head, "I'm afraid, Your Highness, you cannot. His Majesty is waiting."


"Nate, I'm all right, let's go." Adrian put the cookies into his Magical Sphere and stood.

Nathaniel clicked his tongue in annoyance and muttered under his breath, "It can't be helped, then." 

The black-haired boy suddenly knelt, offering his back to Adrian. This action made his little brother bewildered, "N–Nate what are you doing?! Please, get up!"

But Nathaniel remained resolute, "Don't make such a drama and just get on." 


"Get. On." Recognizing his angry tone, Adrian hesitated for a moment before complying, climbing onto his brother's back. 

Adrian couldn't help but feel guilty, apologizing, "I'm sorry, I'm heavy."

However, Nathaniel just chuckled, "What are you talking about? You're light as a feather."

Adrian tilted his head quizzically, "Is it?"

Nathaniel nodded, "Yep. You should eat more and hold on tight!"


The sudden burst of movement caught Adrian off guard, and he instinctively wrapped his arms around Nathaniel, holding on for dear life. Soon, their laughter filled the air as Nathaniel ran through the palace grounds.

The knight hastily chased after them and shouted in alarm, "Your Highness! You should not run down the stairs!" 

Different from his younger brother who was physically weak, Nathaniel was gifted with strong physical ability, especially in swordsmanship. He even managed to defeat a knight in a duel. Regardless of it, there was nothing like jealousy between them.

As they arrived at their destination, Adrian descended from Nathaniel's back with a smile blooming on his lips, "Thanks for the ride!"

"Don't mention it!" Nathaniel patted Adrian's head affectionately.

Meanwhile, a knight who had been trailing behind them was visibly exhausted, panting heavily from the exertion. 


A female voice pricked their ear. Turning toward the sound, they saw a woman with flowing blonde hair and blue eyes approaching them. 

Upon recognizing her, Nathaniel and the knight bowed respectfully, "I greet the Empress of the Aeon Empire."

The Empress let out a smile. "You may rise."

Nathaniel straightened his back and Adrian's voice drew his attention, "I'll see you later in the Palace!"

"Alright, see you."

After bidding their farewell, Adrian walked toward his mother, their hands intertwined, and the knight followed closely behind, maintaining a respectful distance.

"Mom, Nate gave me a piggyback ride! It was fun!"

"Have you said your gratitude to your brother?"

"Yes, I have!"

Nathaniel watched them with a thin smile until a voice interrupted him and his smile dissipated.

"Your Highness, Her Highness the Consort is waiting inside the carriage."

Nathaniel turned and a knight was seen bowing to him, "Lead the way."

"As you wish."

Walking side by side, the knight leading and Nathaniel following closely. Despite being born to different mothers and belonging to rival factions, Adrian and Nathaniel developed a deep sibling-like connection over time. 

Nathaniel often found solace in Adrian's company, even when faced with his mother's scolding. He would simply tune out her words, continuing to play and spend time with his brother. 

After a few minutes of walking, they reached the carriage. The knight opened the door, allowing Nathaniel to step inside. Seated across from him was a woman with striking black hair and captivating golden eyes, his mother; a Consort. 

As soon as the door closed, she spat her piece of mind. "I've told you to stop playing with him. Remember, you are rivals."

Nathaniel looked at his mother disgustingly, he was tired of this kind of conversation. "Rivals of what?"

"The throne," she replied, her gaze fixed on him. 

Leaning against the plush couch, Nathaniel stared at his mother coldly, "I don't recall asking YOU to make me the Emperor of this country."

"I'm doing this for your own good!" she exclaimed.

Nathaniel scoffed at her nonsense and chuckled wryly, "For my own good? Even a dog who accidentally passes by will laugh at your words."

She clutched her fist tightly, her lips quivered and her golden eyes turned feral as she gazed at his son before her. Everyone who saw her knew that she was trying her best to tame the beast that ran amok within her heart.

"Is that how you talk to your mother?" her voice trembled, suppressing her rage.

"'Mother', huh?" Nathaniel sneered, "Then why don't you treat me like a 'son' and not as a political tool?"

"Nathaniel!" In the end, she exploded, and yet, her son fearlessly eyed her in the eyes as if this scene was something he used to witness. "If you keep on testing my patience, then you leave me no choice," she warned.

Nathaniel's mood became murky and his face was devoid of any expression, "What is your point?"

Nevertheless, she just smiled and shrugged, "Who knows."

"If you try to harm Adrian, I won't stay still."

"Ha!" She scoffed and said no more. With that, their conversation ended.