204 There’s No Use Talking About Such a Pointless Matter!

The others could only shake their heads at the pitiful sights of the elder. Nothing else could be blamed but his impulsive attitude. Because of that one slap, all his entire teeth but two have fallen out.

Actually, the other elders were also angry that their precious statue had been demolished to just rubble. But, if one looked at it clearly, the scholar who is also an expert looked at Young Master Feng with warm eyes but regarded every one else like trash. Anyone with a clear head to think should know if they did not want to mess with the scholar, then don't mess with Young Master Feng.

"Our Cloud Moon Place welcomes Supreme Expert." said an elder who looked to be the oldest. "May I know have the pleasure to know Supreme Expert's name?"

"My name is Jin Wen. But, you can call me Scholar Jin."

The number of Ancient Realm Experts on Xiang Lan Nation can be counted with one hand, but this person preferred to be called as a scholar instead of master or expert. The elders found this person to be quite eccentric.

But, this was also a good news, a scholar job is to study and inform their knowledge, and they also have a lot of question to ask. Surely, if they ask nicely, Scholar Jin will not mind telling the answer. Once again, the oldest elder asked a question, "If Scholar Jin does not mind, can you please tell us about these statues?"

"Statues?!" Scholar Jin asked. "You mean my statue?!"

"Yes! Yes! Your statue!"

Scholar Jin suddenly became angry, "What the hell do you want to know about my statue? You're mocking me, aren't you?! Do you want to find fault with me?!"

The elder took a step back and panicked. He really didn't know what went wrong this time. He only asked a question and somehow offended Scholar Jin. If only asking a question could make him angry, then this scholar is truly dangerous.

"Elder, these statues are specially made prison and no one like to talk about their prison time." Instead, it was Feng Ao Xiu who replied. Then, he said to the scholar, "They truly didn't know anything, it's no use getting angry."

Scholar Jin creased his eyebrow and remembered that it was a scholar duty to inform the ignorant masses of the truth. He sighed, "The young man is right. These statues are nothing more than a specially made prison. One will automatically break once you served your time, but mine was more special and could last forever. The challenges we held inside were a system used as a punishment as well as public social services."

The elders murmured with one another. They never thought that the statues were not artefact or tools, but simply a cage to imprison criminals. No wonder, Scholar Jin treated Young Master Feng nicely because he was freed by him.

When the others were simply comprehend the situation. Scholar Jin said to Feng Ao Xiu, "I take it this is some kind of sect. But, you're not wearing their uniform. I'm guessing you are trying to join?"

Feng Ao Xiu did not reply, but he smiled slightly and nodded.

Scholar Jin also nodded in return. Since the young man had helped him out of the prison, he would repay him by making sure that he and his friend successfully entered the sect.

Quickly, someone asked another question. "Scholar Jin, can you explain to us what you mean by the basic of the seven realms? Does this have anything to do with the Lower Realm you mentioned."

Everyone nodded in unison. This is a really great question. If it is true that more than one realm exist, it will shake the core foundation of the knowledge, but it will also open up an infinite possibility of new knowledge.

Every single one of their gaze was directed to Scholar Jin, they were waiting for him to opened his mouth.

Scholar Jin naturally understood. As he opened his mouth, the others, especially the elders, perked up their ears afraid they would miss even a single word. Finally, they could hear the answer.

"There's no use talking about such a pointless matter!" Scholar Jin said, "Why don't you guys continue with the selection process for new disciples?"

"I see..." one of the elders said, "The selection process for the new disciples... I never thought I would hear such a profound... Wait! What?!"

"Po... Pointless matter?"

How could it be a pointless matter? Even a monkey can understand that this topic is very important. In fact, the elders were just discussing that they considered cancelling this year's selection process to learn new knowledge from Scholar Jin. Then, suddenly, Scholar Jin said that it was pointless and prefer to watch the selection process for new disciples instead. How should they respond to this?

Scholar Jin was not a fool. This was just like the time in the Upper Realm when he taught a bunch of things to children in a remote village. Although, they were not smart, the children were curious and eager to learn that they forgot to eat lunch and dinner. This time, instead of children, he saw the same eyes on these elders. He was afraid that if the selection process of the new disciples were to be cancelled, he will disappoint the young man who helped him. Scholar Jin's duty may be to study and teach, but first and foremost he was a man who never forgets someone's else kindness.

"Scholar Jin, please rethink. This matter is very important."

"That's right, the selection process of the new disciples could not be as important as learning new knowledge."

The elders insisted, but Scholar Jin kept refusing. He kept saying that it was not important and that they should continue the selection process of the new disciples. In the end, the elders could only bite their own tongue and resume the test.

"Then, we'll announce the 1,000 people who advance to the next test." Actually, the test was already over about an hour ago, but they only announce it now because the statue suddenly got destroyed.

The Cloud Moon Palace did not announce by name who advance, but the seniors who judge and watches the test remembers it by memory and just pointed on to whoever passes.

The test takers were quickly divided up into those who passes and those who don't. In those who passes includes, Feng Ao Xiu, Fang Ye Na, Jing Wu Chu, Su Mei, Young Master Tao and his followers, and also Qian Hui. It turns out that when the others were clamouring about Scholar Jin, Qian Hui has been taking advice from Young Master Tao and cleared up the first and second challenges.

Out of everyone's sight, one senior member came quietly to an elder, "Elder, I just realised that Young Master Feng just advance to the next test."

This elder has just lost most of his teeth and his cheeks were still swollen after being slapped multiple times. He quickly sneaked a glanced at the Young Master Feng that was mentioned. All of a sudden, the elder became surprised, and his gaze turned cold. "Is he, the person, who I think he is?"

"Elder's guess is just as good as I am." the senior member replied. "He is the First Young Master of the Feng Clan, Feng Zhi Yan. I clearly heard Young Master Tao, Tao Zhen said so."

The elder shook his head, "That man is a time bomb. We don't want any trouble with Feng Ao Xiu we must get rid of him."

"But, he's protected by Scholar Jin... It won't be good to mess with him!"

"Enough! Do you think that Scholar Jin can be compared to Feng Ao Xiu? As long as we do it fairly, no one will complain if Feng Zhi Yan fails or voluntarily drop out. It's enough if we just make things hard for him."

"Yes!" The senior member nodded and quickly left.

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