202 It’s Already Been a Month but You Still Haven’t Paid My Salary

When Jing Wu Chu returned, the large crowd has dispersed. Since there's a rule to not allow to discuss the challenges, there's nothing they could do.

The sun is almost set, which mean the time for the test is almost up. The ones who have cleared two challenges seemed to relax, while those who cleared none of the challenges have given up. It was a race between those who have cleared one challenge. Either they have to clear another challenge to secure their spot, or they have to re-attempt the challenge and aim for a better time.

Only 1,000 people will be allowed to pass the second test, and there are about 400 who have cleared two challenges. The rest will be decided by the quickest time. However, Feng Ao Xiu and the others who entered and succeed in the third challenge did not have to worry. The third challenge is very quick since you only have to answer three questions, and overall only took less than three minutes. Feng Ao Xiu, Su Mei and Jing Wu Chu will definitely pass with a rank around 400.

"So fast! How can such a girl be powerful!"

As Jing Wu Chu returned, Fang Ye Na also returned from the second challenge after being advised by Feng Ao Xiu to do so. She took the second challenge and break the record time, of defeating the soldier in three moves.

Fang Ye Na's cultivation level was definitely high, but it was not enough to defeat that soldier in mere three moves. Her technique and strength came from the Fang clan of the North Sheng country, it was not to be underestimated.

Seeing such a gem, just like ants to sugar, a lot of people started recruiting her.

"What kind of technique is that? That is such a dignified and beautiful move yet also devastating. Why don't we have exchange practice."

"This sister is very pretty, join us we will not treat you badly."

"Forget about them, as fellow women, you should join us!"

"Make way to Young Master Tao!" someone shouted from behind. Normally, this kind of bad attitude will be ignored and despised. But, once the name Young Master Tao is mentioned, the others became startled and did not dare to fight back.

"Young girl, you are not only beautiful but also strong. Why don't you follow this young master? I will definitely give you the best treatment." A young man with slanted eyes smiled. He was wearing a green robe made from jade silk and held a paper fan. Just with his countenance, everyone can see he's rich and was from a powerful family.

The Tao Clan was only a middle-tier clan, but their business in weapons and metalwork made them very rich. Naturally, money goes along with glory and strength as well. A lot of strong people will follow those who have money. Naturally, it was the same with Young Master Tao in front of them. He has about twenty followers, and all of them were powerful and extraordinary.

"Young girl, you better thank young master Tao for his generosity in letting you follow him", said one of his followers.

"You're in luck, Young Master Tao said he will consider you to be his concubine," said another one.

Fang Ye Na rolled her eyes. She quickly ignored Young Master Tao and made her way to Feng Ao Xiu. "Young master, I've returned. I did a good job, right!"

"Yes, you did a great job." At first Feng Ao Xiu only wanted to praise her, but Fang Ye Na leaned her head to him obviously asking for a pat on the head.

Feng Ao Xiu blushed and embarrassingly patted her head a few times, and made the girl grin in happiness.

The others watching this show murmured to each other.

"That girl?! She dared to ignore Young Master Tao! Does she not know the Tao Clan?"

"If I'm Young Master Tao, I'll definitely lose face. To be ignored by a girl only to find her in the arms of another man... Ah... So embarrassing."

"Now that I look at it. Isn't that the young man who took the third challenge and answered all three questions fairly? No wonder she chose him, that young master is more handsome and smarter than Young Master Tao!"

* Snap *

The fan in Young Master Tao's hand broke in two because of his anger. He could not just accept this. How could such a good-looking girl be taken away from him? They also have the audacity to not show him any respect.

Previously, he saw that the young master succeed in the third challenge and thought that he was smart but did not think much. After all, for Young Master Tao, the best connection was with the strong. But, now that he took a girl he wants, how can he forgive him?

"Hey, you!" Young Master Tao gnashed his teeth and pointed at the young master. "Do you know who I am?!"

Feng Ao Xiu sighed, why do people always want to annoy him? He does not want any trouble and just wants to live peacefully. The only choice left is to find some way to solve this conflict. He calmly and politely said, "Of course, you must be the young master of the Tao Clan. Given your age, you must be the Fifth Young Master, Tao Zhen."

Tao Zhen slightly creased your eyebrow. "Oh, so you know who I am. Then, which clan are you from? If you dare to disrespect me, you must be from a powerful clan, right?"

However, Tao Zhen know that the young master in front of him was not that powerful. Just look at his clothes, with such a cheap and dirty thing he's wearing, how could he be from a powerful clan?

"Me... I'm from the Feng Clan!" Feng Ao Xiu smiled at how the conversation going, he can solve the situation just by saying he's Feng Ao Xiu. No one would dare to disrespect an Ancient Realm Cultivator.

"You... You're from the Feng Clan!?" Tao Zhen eyes were wide open, he never expected to face him. "I see, so you're the First Young Master, Feng Zhi Yan!"

Feng Ao Xiu nodded, "That's right, I'm the one and only Feng A... Wait! What?!"

Naturally, there's no reason for a supreme expert like Feng Ao Xiu to enter the Cloud Moon Palace, the only option left was the other young master, Feng Zhi Yan. Besides, who doesn't know that Feng Zhi Yan and his father, Feng Cheng Hong has been eyeing the Clan Lord position for years? After the return of Feng Ao Xiu, Feng Zhi Yan needed to lay low to avoid Feng Ao Xiu. It only makes sense that Feng Zhi Yan enters Cloud Moon Palace as their disciple and seek protection from them.

This was good news for Tao Zhen, with this he can teach Feng Zhi Yan some lessons and curry favour with Feng Ao Xiu at the same time. The smile on Tao Zhen's face grew bigger as he would soon have a connection with a supreme expert in Feng Ao Xiu.

"To think that the high and mighty First Young Master of Feng Clan has to run away and hide from his younger brother. Did you really think the Cloud Moon Palace can hide you forever?" Tao Zhen mockingly laughs alongside his follower.

Feng Ao Xiu, "..."

Fang Ye Na could not help but worry, "Young master, this..."

"It's okay, you do not need to intervene. Just let them think whatever they want." It was a slight mistake on his part, it was true there's no reason a supreme expert would come to such a place. After it has come to this point, nobody would believe him even if he explained he's Feng Ao Xiu. It will be worse if they asked to show some technique to prove he is the real deal. Besides, Feng Zhi Yan has already gone to the Upper Realm, there's nothing wrong with borrowing his name for a while.

"I understand..." Fang Ye Na did not say anything else and took a step back.

"Hmm... What's wrong, why don't you say something?" Tao Zhen smiled sinisterly seeing Young Master Feng did not even refute. This even assured him that Feng Zhi Yan was really chased out by Feng Ao Xiu. How could he not take advantage of this situation?

It was only unfortunate that they were in the middle of a test and that a lot of people are watching, so Tao Zhen could not confront them physically. Even if he could not beat them up, he still can get inside their mind. What else other than using the Tao Clan most powerful tool? Money! On the other hand, Feng Zhi Yan who has fallen out of the succession line must not have much.

After he quickly told his plan to his follower, they smiled and quickly shouted, "Young Master Tao is generous and kind-hearted! If anyone from the Feng Clan is mistreated badly, our Young Master will let you follow him. We'll give you plenty of money and will not make you suffer!"

"Despicable!" Fang Ye Na could not help but say. Tao Zhen is trying to incite people to betray Feng Ao Xiu and get them to follow him. They dared to do it right in front of them! How could Fang Ye Na let it slide?

However, Feng Ao Xiu just motioned his hand for her to stop. Fang Ye Na only pouted but did not dare to defy Feng Ao Xiu.

JIng Wu Chu wavered for a bit, after all her young master was not a cultivator. But anyone in the right mind could see that Young Master Tao was just trying to cause trouble. Defecting to the Tao Clan might not necessarily be a good thing especially if you're not valued. In the end, she stood on her feet and did not move.

Tao Zhen clicked his mouth. He thought he could get at least one or two people to betray Young Master Feng. Only now does he realise that there are not many people on their side.

Feng Ao Xiu smiled and said, "Tao Zhen, stop it! No matter how much you try, there's no way anyone is willing to betray..."

Before Feng Ao Xiu could finish his sentence, someone quickly approached Young Master Tao, "Hehe... Young Master Tao, I'm willing to follow you!"

That person was none other than Feng Ao Xiu's personal bodyguard, Qian Hui.

"Qian Hui! You... You..." Feng Ao Xiu was shocked to think someone really betrayed him.

Qian Hui ignored his own master and looked at his prospective new master, "Young Master Tao, you said you'll give me plenty of money, right?"

"Hahaa!!! Of course, of course!" Tao Zhen laughed loudly and motioned something to his follower. His follower quickly understood and handed Qian Hui one gold tael.

Qian Hui grinned from ear to ear, "As expected of my new master! You're so generous, unlike the old one."

Feng Ao Xiu gnashed his teeth and stomped his feet hard. "Qian Hui, turn back this instant!"

"Ah... If it isn't Young Master Feng?" Qian Hui said mockingly. "It's already been a month, but you still haven't paid my salary. If you want me to go back, you should pay me first. Oh, but wait... You don't have any money!"

"Wha... You... You..."

"Hahahaa! It turns out Young Master Feng is a poor beggar who does not have any money!" Tao Zhen laughed alongside his new follower. It was a shame that he could not get Fang Ye Na, but he knew he would get her sooner or later. Satisfied with the current result, he turned around and said, "Let's go!"

Fang Ye Na expressed her sympathy, "Young master, is he not your personal bodyguard? How can he..."

"Young master, don't feel bad. After all, it's Qian Hui..." Jing Wu Chu said.

Feng Ao Xiu sighed, then quickly changed the topic as if he did not want to talk about this matter anymore. "Hand me the rock and the seal."

Jing Wu Chu nodded and quickly handed him the Empty Realm Rock and the Seal of the Forbidden Realm.

Feng Ao Xiu slowly headed to the statue of the scholar. It's time for him to perform the ritual.

* Booom... *

Not long after, the statue of the scholar exploded, blown to smithereens. But, how could it explode? It is an ancient and powerful statue that even a Jade Realm Expert could not make a single dent on it.

It was destroyed, nonetheless.

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