201 Is This Some Kind of a Bad Soap Opera?

The scholar gazed at the lifeless body of that young man, his eyes were unfazed as if he has seen this occurrence many times before. After all, he has done this for millions of years.

"Hahaahaa! You think I was that low to want any of your money?!" He laughed coldly, "Taking your life is the only thing that can satisfy me!"

However, the laugh was without any meaning. At first, he did not do any of this, he was a respected scholar who did not take anything even if the challenger fails.

It all started because of a single mistake, he was trapped in here and told to give questions for 500,000 years. But, someone broke his promise for him. They said they released him after, yet they did not come and left him for eternity.

He was frustrated and felt betrayed. His freedom was the most precious thing that he could never earn back, it only should be right if someone else's precious thing was robbed. His anger gave birth to the blue light that manifests along with the system inside this realm. Since then, after the challenger failed the test, it will take the challenger's most precious thing, their lives.

When the first person died because of this, he laughed so hard. [He got what he deserved!]

Soon, another person dies, and another one. Before he knew it, millions already died in his hands. Every time, he never failed to laugh. It can't be helped, after being trapped in this realm for so long, the only joy he had was to take someone else's life.

But, if one looks closely, his eyes were lifeless. He did not know since when, but he know there's no point in doing this anymore. Still, he continued to take someone's else life and laugh. He was afraid that once he stopped doing it, he will go crazy.

He still has a hope to run away from this. To attain his freedom back, he only needs two things, the Empty Realm Rock and the Seal of the Forbidden Realm.

He sighed. Twenty years ago he received the Empty Realm Rock. Now that he received the Seal of the Forbidden Realm, the rock was taken away. So close, yet so far.


The audience and the challengers murmured after witnessing the scene inside.

When a little girl bribed him, he easily relented. But, when that young man does the same thing, he killed him. Does that mean the scholar cannot be bribed, or is there some other meaning?

A lot of speculation has been made, but seeing the last person die so easily, no one dared to enter.

When just everyone was hesitating, another person entered. It was a teenage girl still in the Fifth Stage of Power Soul Realm, Jing Wu Chu.

Some people gave up on entering after the last person died, but they are still curious about what the girl who just entered has to offer. No one moved away and fixed their eyes on the screen.

"I wonder what will she use as a bribe?" One person could not help but say.

The others also nodded, so far the most effective method was what the previous little girl used. Offering him, money and hoping that the scholar will give an easy question.

On the contrary, Jing Wu Chu moves to the treasury in the corner of the room. Then, she took a piece of paper from there.

"Wait! Isn't that the banknote the previous little girl just use as a bribe?"

"It can't be, right?"

"I saw it too... The scholar clearly placed it there, after he took it from the little girl. That is definitely the same banknote."

"What that girl is thinking? Not giving a bribe is one thing. But, taking things that were just used as a bribe, isn't that the same as slapping him in the face?"

Everyone was thinking the same thing. The scholar was bribed by a little girl with a paper (banknote), it must be very important to him that he willingly gave easy questions. Now, someone wants to take it away from him, how would it not incur the wrath of the scholar?

The scholar appeared, the first thing he saw was that the Seal of the Forbidden Realm was in the hands of Jing Wu Chu.

"Young girl... You... You!!"

The audience sighed.

"Look! I knew it. The scholar got angry again."

"This is the same as the first two men. That girl will definitely get hard questions."

The scholar smiled, his smile was just as bright as when he met that little girl. "Are you interested in that paper?"

"Wait! What?! How come he's not angry?!" The audience became baffled but still curiously watched the interesting scene before them.

Jing Wu Chu was quite nervous. After all, before her was the scholar who can take her life. The only thing she can do was to trust Feng Ao Xiu's words and did as he told her to do.

"I'm here to take this paper away. Scholar, don't worry, I will put it to good use."

"Young girl, you want me to give it to you? But I'm not willing. I wonder, what you can give me to change my mind?"

"If scholar is not willing, then I will not insist." Jing Wu Chu nervously said while she took something out of her pocket. "I will give this rock instead. What does scholar think?"

"She threatened him with a rock?" One person in the audience said.

"What does she think she can do with it? Throw a rock at him?" another said mockingly.

But, the scholar who inside clearly saw that Jing Wu Chu was offering the Empty Realm Rock, the exact same one he gave to that young man from earlier. The scholar's face became distorted, he knew it was coming, but he never thought it would be so difficult to make such a choice. He bit his lower lip so hard that blood dripped down from the corner of his mouth. He finally makes a decision.

"Hahaa... I'm only joking. Young girl, if you want that paper so much, I'll give it to you. You can keep the rock as well, I can't use it anyway."

Jing Wu Chu smiled, "I thank the scholar for the understanding."

"What the hell is this? Is this some kind of a bad soap opera?" one of the young men in the audience said.

The others were also as confused as him. Because, from their understanding, this happened:

Girl: Give me money!

Man: No!

Girl: If you don't give me money, I'll throw rock at you!

Man: No, don't throw rock at me. You can take the money.

No matter how they looked at it, it is ridiculous! This is the scholar, he's the man who has a lot of knowledge and the person who can take your life once you failed the challenge. How could he be easily threatened with a rock? Does he have a petraphobia or something?

"Don't be fooled! That scholar is only acting. Just see, he'll definitely give her a very hard question."

As someone said it, the other finally realised that the scholar was only playing with the young girl, and will kill her in the end.

"Poor girl, she doesn't even realise she's been fooled." They shook their heads knowing the young girl's life will end soon.

"Well then, the first question." the scholar said, "One plus one equals to?"

Everyone else, "..."

The harder they think the more confused it gets. They looked at each other and nodded. They left one by one and did not look back. Silently agreeing that the young girl threatened to throw a rock at the scholar, and the scholar was scared to death and was willingly do anything she said.

That was it and nothing else. But, if was asked if they dare to enter and do the same thing as that young girl did, no one dare. Just look at that young man who died because he's trying to bribe the scholar. Rather than studying the third challenge, they rather focus on clearing the other challenges.

No one understood except two men, Feng Ao Xiu and the scholar himself. To gain his freedom back, the scholar needs two things, the Empty Realm Rock and the Seal of the Forbidden Realm. But just simply earning it was not enough, a ritual needed to be performed to break the seal that trapped him in this realm. But, the scholar can't do it by himself, he needed someone to do the ritual for him from the outside.

First, Feng Ao Xiu used his wit and took the Empty Realm Rock from the scholar, and he also said has the other tool needed for the ritual. Even if the scholar did not want to believe him. He could not do anything since Feng Ao Xiu cleared the challenge.

Then, Su Mei came and bribed the scholar with the Seal of the Forbidden Realm showing that Feng Ao Xiu did not lie, but also showed his sincerity.

Lastly, Jing Wu Chu came and offered to take the Seal of the Forbidden Realm, so Feng Ao Xiu can perform the ritual for him. Even if the scholar does not trust him, that's fine as well, Jing Wu Chu will just return the Empty Realm Rock back, he will definitely not refuse. The scholar decided to trust Feng Ao Xiu, accepted the offer and gave the Seal of the Forbidden Realm to him through Jing Wu Chu.

In the end, it was a simple transaction. Feng Ao Xiu wants Su Mei and Jing Wu Chu to pass the challenge, and the scholar wants the Seal of the Forbidden Realm as well as someone to perform the ritual.

The scholar sighed, he got the short end of the stick. Currently, Feng Ao Xiu holds all the precious items. What if he decided to betray him and did not perform the ritual? These two items were precious and priceless, Feng Ao Xiu can sell these two items and live happily for the rest of his life.

There's not a single thing the scholar can do about it.

All he can do is wait and trust in him.

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