228 I’m Not Interested in Your Religion!

** Klak... Klak... Klakk... **

The sound of two horses hooves stepping upon the pavement of the road were heard right in front of the gate. The carriage driver, Qian Hui, casually made a remark, "We've just entered the city, but the horses need to rest. Let's stay here for the night!"

A young man stepped down from the carriage. His calmness and handsome feature made you think he's quite strong, but in fact, he's even weaker than any ordinary folks. He was none other than Feng Ao Xiu, "It's night already? How long until we can get home?"

"We're not far..." Qian Hui said, "We'll arrive before tomorrow's evening."

Following, Feng Ao Xiu was a young woman around his age. Fang Ye Na smiled gracefully as she stepped down from the carriage, but as soon as her eyes made contact with Qian Hui, she immediately frowned, "Hmph... You're lucky! Young Master forgave you just because you can drive a carriage. Any other young master would have already killed you on the spot!"

"Can we drop this conversation already?" said Qian Hui. "I already apologise multiple times."

"It's okay. It's my fault in the first place that I didn't pay his salary.", Feng Ao Xiu immediately helped Qian Hui even though he didn't want to. He was just afraid that Qian Hui would reveal his secret.

"You guys, stop fighting!" Another young woman stepped down from the carriage. She was none other than Jing Wu Chu. She was only a mere maid of the Feng Clan, but the Qi Protectors living inside her made her unpredictable.

"Wu Chu!" Qian Hui said. "I'm glad you decided to come with me!"

"Who says I'm here for you?!" Jing Wu Chu snapped back. "If my boyfriend, Elder Ning didn't ask me to join you guys to practice for the International Young Dragon Blood Competition, I wouldn't think twice about leaving!"

[More like she could not handle you...] thought Feng Ao Xiu.

"Young Master, do you want to say something?" Jing Wu Chu asked while glaring at him.

Feng Ao Xiu immediately turned his head into the other direction. "Ah... Nothing..."

"What's with that expression of yours?! You dare disrespect the young master!" This time, Fang Ye Na came to Feng Ao Xiu's rescue. "Young Master, this woman is nothing more than useless baggage. Young Master has gracefully chosen to use carriage because she's too slow, so that she can keep up with us. If it was not for her, we would already arrive by now. Yet, she's still ungrateful. Let's just leave her here!"

Jing Wu Chu's face twitched. It was not only her that needed the carriage. The Second Young Master Feng Ao Xiu needed it the most because he has a broken meridian that makes him the slowest. Jing Wu Chu wanted to tell it directly to Fang Ye Na's face so bad, but she held it in.

Feng Ao Xiu quickly divert the conversation to something else, "Let's find a place to stay! Is there any inn around here?"

"I'm fine with anywhere as long as there's no cockroach." Jing Wu Chu said, obviously she was still traumatised by the previous inn.

A stranger approached them and asked, "Youngster, are you looking for an inn? I know a good one! I'll bring you there for a tip."

"Eeeh... Old man, are you sure you know a good inn?" Feng Ao Xiu hesitated.

He was taken aback because the one who approach them was not an ordinary townsfolk. The man was quite old with unkempt hair that was long until his waist, his moustache and beard were also bushy and dirty. With a bottle of alcohol in one hand and an empty bowl in the other, plus his dirty shirt and pants that were not washed for many months, he could only be a beggar.

"Shoo! Shoo!" Qian Hui said. "We don't have any money to give to a beggar like you!"

"You youngsters have 4 taels silver and 30 bronze taels." The beggar said. "I don't ask for much, only 1 silver tael."

"Old beggar! How do you know we have that much money? You must've been spying on us!" Qian Hui was enraged. "Also, You have the gall to ask for silver tael?! Other beggars only asked for a bronze tael. Do you have no shame?!"

"Hmph! Who said I'm offering you for free? I'll provide you with the information about the inn." The beggar said. "You guys arrived in the middle of the night, and no one else is around here. Who will help you if it's not me? Besides, it's not like it's your money. I bet you borrow it from someone!"

"Aah! How do you know that? You really spied on us!" Qian Hui said.

"I don't need to spy on you. Just by your personality, I already know you don't have much money in the first place. It must be borrowed money!" The beggar replied.

The old beggar was right. Feng Ao Xiu and the others don't have any money, so Feng Ao Xiu borrowed some money from Ning Ruo. Of course, Ning Ruo scolded Feng Ao Xiu for not bringing any money. Nevertheless, they successfully borrowed 5 silver taels.

"Oh yeah... We don't need you, old beggar, scram!" Qian Hui said angrily. "We'll do it ourselves!"

"All right then..." said the beggar. "I'll wait here in case you youngsters changed your mind!"

"I know that Qian Hui makes the decision for us, but he's right. That old man is too greedy. Let's find the inn ourselves!" Feng Ao Xiu said.

The rest of the group agrees, and search for the inn around the area.

However, it was in the middle of the night, and they were in a small town. Except for the old beggar, no else was there to help them. After half an hour of search, the girls finally gives up.

"Young Master, it's getting too cold. Even if we sleep inside the carriage, it's still not warm enough. Let's just pay the beggar." Jing Wu Chu said.

"I don't like her. But she's right..." Fang Ye Na said. "If we don't find an inn soon, we're going to die because of cold!"

However, Qian Hui has a different opinion. "No way I'm going to pay that greed old beggar! If we can't find anyone on the street to help us, we just have to enter someone's house!"

Quickly, Qian Hui went to the nearest house and knocked on the door.

"Get out!" said someone from the inside. "I'm not going to give you any money!"

"What!? I haven't even said anything yet." said Qian Hui. "I only want to know where's the nearest inn!"

"Like hell, I'm going to fall for that!"

At this time, Qian Hui knows he would only waste his time talking to this person, so he went to another house for help.

"Go away! We're not buying any more of your stuff!"

"I'm not interested in your religion!"

"You won't get any more money from me, you fool!"

However, all of them were met with disappointing results. The weird thing was these people were turning him away as if they were trying to avoid a scammer. Just what happened to them?

With no other choice, Feng Ao Xiu gave a silver tael to the old beggar. "Old man, we paid you already. Please keep your promise and take us to the inn."

"Of course... of course..." The old beggar smiled. Then without moving a single step, he said, "We've arrived!"


"The building behind me is the inn!" said the old beggar.

Then, he removed a cloth that was hanging in the fence. Underneath was a sign with 3 letters "Inn".

"It's here?!" Feng Ao Xiu and the others were dumbfounded.

Meanwhile, Qian Hui was furious. "Old beggar, you must be the one that covered the sign with that cloth!"

"I have to do it, otherwise how would I make a living?" The old beggar shamelessly admitted it was his doing, before he ran away.

Qian Hui jumped up and down in frustration. He was the one who always scammed others, but now he was scammed by a shameless beggar. How could he not get angry?

"That beggar..." Jing Wu Chu said. "His personality is the same as Qian Hui."

"I agree..." Fang Ye Na said. "I don't know which one of the two is worst."

"Qian Hui, do you perhaps have a long-lost brother?" Feng Ao Xiu asked.