215 Every Time Something Bad Happened, It Has Something to Do With You!

"Destroy the door?" Jing Wu Chu couldn't help but think it wasn't possible. Fang Ye Na couldn't even make it budge, much less someone with a broken meridian like Feng Ao Xiu.

"Young master, are you going to personally break the door?" Fang Ye Na did not even doubt Feng Ao Xiu.

"You're overpraising me... I can't do it by myself.", Feng Ao Xiu said. "But, it's possible with some help."

"I'm ready to help!" Fang Ye Na eagerly replied.

"Me too!" Su Mei raised her both hand up high.

Feng Ao Xiu shook his head. "Thank you for your offer. But only Jing Wu Chu can help."

"Me?" Jing Wu Chu never even thought that someone needed her help.

"Young master! What is it that Jing Wu Chu can that I can't? Is she better than me?" Fang Ye Na couldn't accept the reality that Feng Ao Xiu preferred the help of someone else other than her.

"Su Mei is not needed..." Su Mei said as if she almost wanted to cry.

Feng Ao Xiu panicked at the two girls' responses, he quickly said, "It's not that I don't need you... But, to destroy that door, I need someone weak enough to act as a catalyst."

"You mean she was chosen because she's weak?" Fang Ye Na asked.

Feng Ao Xiu quickly nodded in confirmation.

"I see!" Fang Ye Na's smile returned to her face as she regained confidence.

"Su Mei is strong!" Su Mei also beamed up and jump happily.

Jing Wu Chu, "..."

Feng Ao Xiu sighed in relief as the two girls have returned, then he saw Jing Wu Chu with a slightly distorted face, "Jing Wu Chu what's wrong?"

"Nothing!!!" she replied in an unusually loud voice.

"What's wrong with her?" Figuring out what's wrong with Jing Wu Chu may be a good thing, but there's a more important thing that needed his attention. With that in mind, Feng Ao Xiu ordered Fang Ye Na to find someone with a fire spirit.

"Someone with a fire spirit? I just need to find the strongest one, right?" Fang Ye Na asked.

"He doesn't have to, but the strong one is preferable." Feng Ao Xiu replied, then he added, "Actually, as long as he's got an adequate offensive power is enough."

First, it's Jing Wu Chu who's still in the Fifth Stage of Power Soul Realm, then it's someone with strong offensive firepower. Fang Ye Na couldn't imagine how these two people with such a distinct strength would collaborate together to destroy the door. But, Fang Ye Na decided to trust in Feng Ao Xiu and asked no more question.

Not even five minutes, Fang Ye Na already brought a surprisingly familiar young man with her. It was actually the unofficial leader of the group, Liu Sheng.

"Young master, this is Liu Sheng. His offensive strength is quite impressive for his current level." Fang Ye Na said as she dragged him forcefully by the arm.

"Ack!" Liu Sheng let out a pitiful cry after being thrown down. Then, he looked up, only to find the face of Young Master Feng staring right back at him. He quickly stood up and said, "What is this? Young Master Feng, your girl has kidnapped the wrong person. Let me tell you, I'm not Young Master's Tao lackey, but I also don't want to get into the middle of the rivalry between the Feng Clan and Tao Clan, either!"

Feng Ao Xiu shook his head at a disbelief. Fang Ye Na always maintained a proper conduct and obedient to him. He always thought that she did not care much about other people, but not to this extent. He should have noticed it sooner, especially the way she treated Jing Wu Chu as if she's a stranger. So far, the only other stranger she treated not badly was the little girl, Su Mei.

"Brother Liu, please forgive her rough treatment. But, I invited you here because I need your help. Don't worry, it has nothing to do with Young Master Tao." Feng Ao Xiu said sincerely.

"Young Master Feng, I appreciate the sentiment. But, we should just mind our own business... And, don't call me Brother Liu, we're not brothers." Liu Sheng made it very clear he did not want anything to do with Young Master Feng. Even if it's not about Young Master Tao, getting close to Feng Zhi Yan was still a dangerous move, especially if you caught Feng Ao Xiu's attention.

Feng Ao Xiu was not fazed by Liu Sheng's answer and said, "Brother Liu, don't you want to pass through that door?"

Liu Sheng just started to move to the other direction, suddenly stopped. He slowly turned around and said, "What's the point of asking that to me? Aren't you the one who refused to tell us how you opened that door?"

"It's not that I don't want to tell you, but even if I did, you still can't open it. But, there's a reason I came back, to help everyone pass. And, I found another solution!" Feng Ao Xiu said.


Feng Ao Xiu nodded, "I can't do it without your help!"

Liu Sheng gritted his teeth. He quickly calculated the chance of him helping Feng Zhi Yan being found out by Feng Ao Xiu in his mind, and also the misfortune caused if he was not to be accepted as a disciple of the Cloud Moon Palace. After quite a heavy deliberation, he gave up and said, "All right... What do you need help with?"

"I just want you to hit that door as hard as you can with your most powerful offensive fire technique!"

"That's it?"

Feng Ao Xiu nodded in confirmation.

"Then, you should forget about it!" Liu Sheng said, "It's not the first time I tried to kick that door open. As soon as it hit the door, my fire vanished, as if the Qi never existed in the first place. It's not just me, several others have tried it as well, but met with the same result."

"Yes, but you never tried it under different circumstances, If you do it when I told you, it will definitely open!" Feng Ao Xiu said.

"You... What are you trying to do?"

"Spare me the details..." Feng Ao Xiu said as he started walking towards the door. "C'mon, less talk, do more!"

So the trio of Feng Ao Xiu, Liu Sheng and Jing Wu Chu made their way to the door. Surprisingly, the other queued in front of the door make way for them when Liu Sheng said he has a way to open it. Must be because he's charismatic and became popular when he took the leader's role.

"One at a time!" The senior, guarding the door, stopped the three of them.

"Jing Wu Chu, you go first, just do as I tell you!" Feng Ao Xiu said.

Jing Wu Chu nodded, then she stood right in front of the door, just five steps away. Then she, do... nothing. She stood there for five minutes, doing absolutely nothing.

This made the others furious.

"What she's doing? Quickly open the door! Others are waiting over here!"

"It's already more than five minutes! It's enough for ten people to have a try. How could she hog all the time for herself?!"

The senior was worried, he said, "Are you okay? Others are waiting for their turn. Can you hurry up, please?"

However, Jing Wu Chu did not reply and maintained her statue like stance.

Meanwhile, Feng Ao Xiu is counting the time with his finger. After a few more seconds, he muttered to himself, "This should be enough..."

Then he said to the senior, "Do not mind her, she does that sometimes. It's better not to disturb her. Anyway, she's not even touching the door. Why not just let her be and gave Liu Sheng here a try?"

The senior was confused, but he thought he should not disturb whatever Jing Wu Chu was up to. So, he nodded and let Liu Sheng step towards the door.

Feng Ao Xiu said to Liu Sheng, "As hard as you can!"

Liu Sheng nodded, then he jumped and leap toward the centre of the door. In midair, he spun five times as fierce as an eagle, but graceful like a swan at the same time. Both of his feet produced a red flame that burns hot like the sun.

"Diving Sunset Kick!"

Both of his feet landed right on the door, and the fire grew stronger upon impact.

Everyone thought it will just be another failure. However, they couldn't be more wrong.

The door exploded like a rabbit jumped on fire. Splinters of wood flew everywhere, revealing a large hole the size of five adult male standing on top of each other.

[How the hell this is happening?]

It was exactly at this time that Elder Zhou and the others arrived.

When Elder Zhou saw Young Master Feng stood not too far from the door, he went furious. "Young Master Feng, it's you again! First, you destroy the statue, then a murder happened, and now the door is destroyed! Every time something bad happened, it has something to do with you!"

"Elder, it's not me! I didn't destroy the door.", said Feng Ao Xiu. "It's Liu Sheng! He destroyed the door. You can ask the others if you don't believe me."

"What?!" Liu Sheng shouted.

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