211 Don’t Tell Me Your Arm Can Stretch Like Rubber!

"Everyone said they saw a light coming out of your hands. What is that light?" Elder Zhou asked Young Master Feng, ignoring everything that happened to Elder Chen as if it never happened.

While Elder Chen seemed useless, it turns out he brought enough time for Elder Zhou to analyse the incident.

Feng Ao Xiu could not afford to be careless. If he answered wrongly, it would be hard to clear his name. But, it was also an opportunity, he just has to carefully placed a bait and wait for someone to take it.

After he gives it some thought, he answered, "The light was from Shining Fist technique, once used my fist will emit strong light and make my opponent blinded temporarily. I was ready to face Young Master Tao with this technique. But who would have thought that Ah Duo trying to attack me from behind and died so suddenly."

Scholar Jin was stunned. Feng Ao Xiu dared to made such a dangerous excuse. What if the other party asked for him to show the Shining Fist technique? Eventually, he has to prove them by showing his cube shaped artefact.

Elder Zhou frowned. Now that they were playing on the same field, Young Master Feng's tongue seemed so eloquent. By saying that his target was someone else, there's also no evidence that it was false. After all, he wasn't there to witness it.

"Elder, don't believe in his lie. I saw everything that happened!" Young Master Tao, Tao Zhen stepped forward and said.

Feng Ao Xiu slightly smiled. He intentionally chose a reason that was hard for Elders to discover the weakness, but quite easy to picked on by his enemies, Tao Zhen. With Young Master Tao joining the conversation, Feng Ao Xiu will have a chance to pin the blame on him.

"You are?" Elder Zhou asked.

"I'm the Fifth Young Master of the Tao Clan, Tao Zhen." he said, then he glanced at Feng Ao Xiu with a furious glare. "I can prove that his words are false!"

Elder Zhou smiled, he thought that no one dared to say anything because they could not afford to offend Scholar Jin. As long as someone could make his job easier, he would welcome it with open arms, "Then, Young Master Tao, please tell us."

"Feng Zhi Yan, you said that you want to hit me with that technique of yours. But, I was quite far from you at that time. What are you trying to do when I was so far away? Everyone is a witness to this!"

"That's right. Young Master Tao was at least 100 meters away from Young Master Feng!" said one of the follower, adding fuel to the fire.

"You must be lying! There's plenty of other people closer than you. Why would you target our Young Master Tao?" said another one of his follower.

"Don't tell me your arm can stretch like rubber! As if I'd believe that!" another one chimed in.

As Young Master Tao's follower supported their young master's statement, the others also nodded. Although none of them like Young Master Tao, he was saying the truth, so no one could refute him.

Finally, Young Master Tao said, "Everyone has witnessed it. There's no reason for you to lie, Feng Zhi Yan. Unless... That it's just a cover-up, and you're trying to hide the fact that you used that technique for murder!"

Elder Zhou viciously smiled, "What do you have to say to this Young Master Feng?"

Feng Ao Xiu has been waiting for this moment. His opponents were blaming him for his lie, but at the same time, they also admitted that the Shining Fist technique was real, and he used it to kill Ah Duo.

"I never lie!" Feng Ao Xiu quickly said. "Tao Zhen, you're the one accused me out of nowhere. When have I said I'm going to hit you with the Shining Fist? I said that I'm going to face you with it. Can't you tell the difference?"

"Wha... What's the difference?" Young Master Tao was slightly confused, but he quickly calmed himself. "Don't try to waste time delaying the inevitable. Isn't the purpose of a technique is to hit someone? What else can it do?"

"Not everyone is as stupid as you, who only knows how to hit someone with technique?" Feng Ao Xiu said.

"You!!" Tao Zhen became totally furious. If Scholar Jin wasn't here, he would already pounce on Young Master Feng, "You dare to call me stupid! Take it back!"

"Young Master Tao, if you're not stupid, then you must know about feint technique. Does a feint technique need you to hit someone else for it to work?"

At these words, Young Master laughed loudly, before he said. "Ha! I admit that feint technique exist, but who exactly are you trying to fool? After feint technique is supposed to be followed by another technique. You still can't hit me with that distance! Just admit your wrong doing!"

Feng Ao Xiu shook his head, "This is why I said, you're stupid! Do you think I'm fighting alone? Of course, someone else is going to hit you after I distracted you. In fact, the feint is already a success. My Shining Fist technique has distracted you and everyone else, that's why everyone's looking my way. It's just too bad that Ah Duo died before my friend can hit you."

"This... This..." Tao Zhen could not say anything.

Scholar Jin smiled in awe. First, the young man made his opponent admit that the Shining Fist technique was real, so no one else can say that it was an artefact, or tools, or anything else. Then, he proclaimed that it was a feint technique, it was also admitted by his opponent briefly.

Indirectly, Feng Ao Xiu was not the killer because he was using feint technique at that time, and feint technique can't kill.

"Then who is the murderer?" Elder Zhou has already half given up on accusing Young Master Feng. Right now, he just wanted everything to be over fast, as long as there's someone to blame, he would make him the murderer. He seemed to think that Young Master Feng can find that someone.

"Elder, have checked on how Ah Duo died?" Feng Ao Xiu asked.

Elder Zhou nodded and said, "His heart was severely destroyed. But, every other part of his body is fine." Naturally, the elders knew it from the start but only brought it out now, because it was hard to figure out what killed him.

"Aiya... Isn't this a suicide?" Feng Ao Xiu said.

"Oh... Young Master Feng please continue." Elder Zhou liked where this is going. If it was really a suicide, then the Cloud Moon Palace could clear their name. But, for it to be a suicide, they must obtain a solid reason if they want everyone to believe it.

"The person near Ah Duo at the time were his brother and I. Since I'm not the culprit, and it was hard to imagine that his brother killed him, it can only be done by suicide. As for the method, If one was strong enough and is in a fit condition, with the help of Qi strengthening medicine, he can channel all his Qi into the heart, and make them explode from within." Feng Ao Xiu explained.

Elder Zhou asked, "Then, why would Ah Duo committed suicide in the first place?"

Feng Ao Xiu just smiled as he glanced at Tao Zhen, "It's so that you could pin the blame on me, isn't it right, Young Master Tao?"

"What?!" Tao Zhen exploded, "You're accusing me?!"

"Elder, it was no secret that Young Master Tao and I were not in good terms. But, you saw that from the start, Young Master Tao has never stopped blaming me. It is obvious that he hated me so much that he ordered Ah Duo to commit a suicide and placed the blame on me. With Ah Duo being a commoner, how can he refuse if Young Master Tao ordered?" Feng Ao Xiu said.

"You... You..." Tao Zhen angrily pointed at his nemesis. He thought about it for a moment, before he said, "There is no evidence! Everyone else can prove that I never ordered Ah Duo to die!"

Elder Zhou also shook his head. While the idea seemed possible, it was just as hard to secure the evidence.

"What do you mean I have no evidence? I have the evidence that you're the one that sowed the dispute among us. You're the reason that we're fighting against one another in the first place!" Feng Ao Xiu said.

Elder Zhou eyes became wide, and quickly glanced at Feng Ao Xiu.

Without Elder Zhou saying a single word, Feng Ao Xiu explained, "We were all walking peacefully to the Supreme Martial Palace. Suddenly, an enemy appeared in the middle of the group, someone claimed that his leg was grabbed. Not everyone saw it, but it was caused by a cat and not an enemy."

Just as Young Master Feng stated, a few people also said they saw a cat when the chaos started to occur. They didn't think about it much back then.

Feng Ao Xiu continued, "But our group was tightly walking together, how could a cat appeared in the middle? Someone must have quietly planted the cat."

Elder Zhou nodded. If what Young Master Feng saying was true, then that means all of this was caused by Young Master Tao. He asked, "What evidence do you have to prove it?"

Feng Ao Xiu put his mouth close to Elder Zhou's ears and whispered.

Elder Zhou's eyes became wide. Then, he hollered, "All test takers, raise your hands! If you move, it means you're guilty! Go, check if any of them has cat fur in their clothes!"

Tao Zhen did not even have time to panic, before five of his men were arrested as they have cat fur stuck on their sleeves.

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