203 Dogs Also Have Those Features...

Within the centre of the explosion, smokes emerged covering the figure of two individuals. Slowly it dispersed revealing the handsome face of Young Master Feng, and the full of knowledge of the scholar.

Except for the two, every single one of them could not help but make a confused look. They knew Young Master Feng, but what's the scholar doing here? He's supposed to be inside the statue. In fact, that scholar is a real person?

From the very start, no one knew what are these statues about. Some think the statues were ancient artefacts made from the Heaven Realm to test the mortals. Others think the ancient people made these as a tool to torture the challenger. That whoever it was inside the statue, like the horse, the soldier and the scholar were not real, and considered to be mystical creatures created by the realm.

However, they saw clearly that the scholar is alive and well. He stood with his own two feet in the real world, not the realm inside the statue. Now, the hypothesis that the statue was an artefact or tool of torture is definitely not true.

Realising the fact, they could not help but be cautious. Some of the scared ones even ran away venue. After all, this scholar can emit blue light and use it to take your most precious thing which is mostly considered to be their own life. They became speechless and afraid to do anything.

But, one man was not scared at all, he even casually started a conversation with the scholar.

Feng Ao Xiu respectfully said, "Scholar, how are you feeling? After being in there for so long, your body needs some rest to recuperate."

"No need. This much is nothing." The scholar rotated his shoulder to show his healthiness. He quickly looked at his surrounding, "By the way, where am I? I've never seen these star alignments before. Could it be that after all these years, the sky also changed?"

"Replying to the scholar, each realm has its own sky and stars. This is the Lower Realm and it is different from the ones above."

"The Lower Realm!!" The scholar was surprised, he shook his head in frustration. "No wonder... I thought after five hundred thousand years the outside world became stupid, it turns out I'm transported down here."

The scholar was from the Upper Realm. Although the statue has been in the Lower Realm for so long, it's his first time stepping foot in the Lower Realm. He could not help but make some remarks.

"So this is the Lower Realm. The Qi in the air is so sparse... These people, they're so weak! How come not a single one of them even touch the Jade Realm? Hmmm... There's an array formation here... Such an old and useless formation. Why do they even use this?"

[This scholar has just come up and started spewing nonsense!]

[Weak... There are many Abstract Spirit Realm and Dream Realm Expert here. How are they weak? Do you think it's easy to touch the Jade Realm?!]

[What do you mean by old and useless formation?! This array formation is created to protect the Cloud Moon Palace even Jade Realm Expert will have a tough time passing through!]

They have a lot of negative thoughts about the scholar, but no one dared to come out and say it to his face.

"It's because of the difference in knowledge." Feng Ao Xiu said, "The people in Lower Realm thinks that only one Realm exists in the world of the living. Naturally, whatever tools and technology were created in the Upper Realm never made it down here. It won't be strange if Scholar were to find them weak and stupid."

"Are they crazy?!" The scholar remarked. "They did not even the basic of the seven realms. How could only one realm exist? Foolish! Such foolish thought that it is a sin."

[Crazy! You're the crazy one! In fact, you're both crazy!!]

[What the hell have these two been saying?! Especially this scholar, how could he have such a filthy mouth.]

The conversation between Feng Ao Xiu and the scholar was too high-level for them to follow along. They could not help but curse silently in their heart.

The scholar nodded, then he glanced at Feng Ao Xiu. "Young man, I have to thank you for helping me out. If you need anything, as long as it is within my capability, I'll be willing to help."

"No need to thank me." Feng Ao Xiu replied respectfully. "It is my pleasure to help scholar. I'll be grateful if scholar is willing to back me up a little bit."

"Back you up?" The scholar was confused, he's only an ordinary scholar, how could he back someone up? Only for a short while later, he nodded his head in the realisation that he was in Lower Realm.

No wonder the young man before him changed his attitude like day and night. The young man cunningly provoked him while inside the statue realm, knowing that he can't do anything unless the young man failed the challenge. However, after he got out, the young man became respectful to him. After all, even a scholar from Upper Realm was superior in strength to a soldier in Lower Realm.

Besides with just a quick look, the scholar realised that the young man was no-good trash with a broken meridian.

"Elders, hurry! It's this way!" Li Lan said. Behind her was a few Elders of the Cloud Moon Palace.

When the scholar's statue was destroyed, Li Lan with her quick thinking has decided to inform the elders. After all, the statues were precious to the Cloud Moon Palace.

Arriving at the scene, the elders gasped in surprise. The statue was no longer, but the scholar who lived inside of the statue appeared. They did not even know what to do in this kind of situation.

One of the elders said to the scholar, "You... You... Who are you? Are you human?"

"Of course I'm human! Can't you see! I've got two eyes, two ears, a nose, a mouth, and two pairs of working limbs. What else am I if not a human? Do you think I'm a dog?!" The scholar ran his mouth furiously.

"But... Dogs also have those features..."

"You... How dare you!!!" The scholar became angry that it made him subconsciously releases his Qi Aura.

Ancient Mortal Realm! The person they thought was only a scholar, turned out to be such a supreme expert. With such a dense and powerful aura, they could not help but shiver in fear.

Especially the elder from earlier, he dared offend such an expert by asking if he's a human. Although, he's only curious because he thought that the scholar was an imaginary living being that lived inside the artefact of a statue, so he dared ask those questions. It seemed that his curiosity almost cost him his life.

The elder hurriedly kneels down on the ground, "Oh... Supreme Expert... Please forgive my foolishness! Please punish me!"

* Pa Pa Pa *

Another elder quickly slapped his friend in the mouth multiple times. It's better for him to punish his friend rather than be punished by such an Ancient Mortal Realm Expert, otherwise, his friend will die.

"Supreme Expert does not need to pay any attention to him. He's just a loudmouth who did not know any better." the elder respectfully said.

The scholar calmly nodded like spring water. Yet, on the inside, he was shouting on joy. [Yahoooo!! Where else can I be a Supreme Expert if not the Lower Realm?!]

In the Upper Realm, Ancient Mortal Realm was easy to achieve. Even before one reach 20 years old, even commoners were already expected to reach this level. He was only an ordinary scholar, but unexpectedly he became a revered expert in the Lower Realm. He never thought that someday he could bully other people with this small power of his. Such feeling of being looked at highly and respected was the first time in his life.

"Elder, I have something report." Suddenly, a follower of Young Master Tao came out of nowhere. He was obviously under Young Master Tao's instruction. "The statue was destroyed by Young Master Feng. Elder, please held justice for breaking such precious artefact."

"What did you say? He destroyed them!! Where is he?" The one who said that was the elder with big swollen red marks on his cheek. Not only, this elder has always been quick-tempered, he was also frustrated after being punished for offending a supreme expert. Right now, he wants nothing more than to take out his frustration on someone.

Suddenly, someone said that Young Master Feng destroyed the statue. Without even investigating or even thinking that the destroyed statue has something to do with the scholar that came out, he just wanted to get his hands on Young Master Feng. In fact, he did not care at all.

"You are Young Master Feng!! I'll teach you a lesson for breaking down an important artefact of Cloud Moon Palace!"

The elder quickly launched himself into Feng Ao Xiu. He was only a couple of centimetres away from grabbing Feng Ao Xiu before someone slapped him in his cheek so hard that he falls with a loud thud.

"Impudent! How dare you lay hands on my friend?!" The scholar glared angrily.

The elder wanted to cry. [How am I supposed to know he's your friend?!]

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