Noah's Chronicle

A genius researcher named Drake on Earth gains insight into a 'law' that helps him to protect his soul from being cleansed in the Yellow river after his death and thus reincarnates in a world full of Magic with all his memories intact. He reincarnated in many worlds after that again and again... After countless reincarnations, he reincarnates again on Earth. Earth is no longer the Earth that he remembers from his First life it changed so much that people on Earth can use Magic now. He was reborn on Earth with a new name-Noah. Follow Noah as he travels, causing [Chaos] wherever he goes, as he watches the world burn around him with a smirk on his face! ----------------------- Warning: If you are coming after reading the fourth prince, then you may see many similarities till chapters 15-20. After which plot/world/characters/personalities/story/mysteries/powers will change a lot. If you can't stick till that time where things take a turn for the good, giving you a unique and fresh experience, please don't bother! . . . Note: -The 'Earth' in this novel is different than the 'Earth' of our Real-world. It is pure fiction. -I don't own the cover! All the rights belong to their respective owner.

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Valquiria Guild

Within 24 hours, Eve was back to health and was begrudgingly looking at Noah and Ixea. Unfortunately, Ixea was too confused and had no idea that Noah had blamed her for his dirty deeds.

After making sure Eve was completely fine, other women, who were mana-drained by continuously using their powers to support Eve decided to take some rest, while Noah and Ixea remained behind. Eve was sitting on her bed while Ixea and Noah sat on chairs next to the bed.

Mentally sighing to herself, Eve gave the benefit of the doubt to Noah and chose to trust his words. Maybe it was the only method to push everything down her throat as it was very difficult for her to eat or drink during her sickness. 'Yes, it was not a kiss. I was a patient and Noah was treating me! There is nothing wrong!' She chided herself.

"Where did you get the pill, Noah?" She decided to start the conversation to break the awkward silence.

"All thanks to grandmother." Noah gave the most honest smile, from his 'book of expressions'!

"Huh? When did-" Ixea snapped at Noah and looked at him with narrowed eyes only to see him pleading for help, "*cough* Yes, we had some special pills for emergency purposes in the Delos Empire..." This was the first time her grandchild was asking for her help. She has always been too busy with the Empire's matters that she never got the chance to even have a chat with them, thus, reluctantly, she chose to help Noah this time.

"Does it also provide immunity?" Eve asked curiously with stars shining in her eyes while turning her head slightly to look at Ixea.

Ixea glanced at Noah from the corner of her eyes and seeing him nod, she replied with a smile, "Yes it does-"

"But only for a day, after which coming in contact with that kind of poison will again make one sick...then it would require more concentrated, potent pills to nurse them back to health." Noah continued.

"That's great! We can make use of this to get fame!" Eve exclaimed excitedly but Noah frowned slightly.

He didn't care about other people and from Eve's perspective she wanted to sell them, using her adventurer guild as the medium, the only guild with the backing of all the secrets of Delos Empire, selling pills to the needy at cheap rates to get some recognition. Noah sighed mentally at his internal struggles and relented, "Yes we could..." At the end of the day, he was a loving husband, even though Eve was not his wife yet, he still wanted to make her his, and he knew, with his abilities that won't be too far in the future. Thus he could not refuse such a simple request.

"Right? Can I get the pill's recipe? I promise I'd keep it a secret!" Eve pleaded with puppy eyes, while Ixea panicked. Ixea had no idea what this pill was and neither did she know about its recipe.

At that moment, she felt a nudge near the helm of her dress, she looked down to see a storage ring attached to her dress. Ixea immediately picked it up and checked the contents inside, only to witness thousands of pills bundled together. She glanced at Noah while squinting her eyes and then again at Eve, "That won't be necessary dear, Here!" Ixea placed the storage ring in Eve's palm and added, "I can create more after you are done with this batch..."

Eve raised her brows in astonishment after checking the contents. Her grandmother was this resourceful?

"T-This is too much...W-What price tag should I place?"Eve asked in an appealing tone as she didn't know the true worth of these pills and didn't wish to take someone's generosity for granted in order to succeed in her ambitions.

"1 mana crystal for each pill should suffice, right grandmother?" Noah asked Ixea and winked. Helplessly, Ixea nodded as she had no choice but to follow along and replied in a fruity tone, "Of course!"


"Don't. Turn off! The Engines!" Peter held a pipe-like tube in his arms and yelled loudly.

*bwwob bwwwobbubwub*

Loud engine sounds could be heard as Egon shouted back, "Whadya say? You want me to turn it off?"

"I said, Don't. Shut it! Off! I am warning you." Peter roared back with a tinge of fury while the tube sucked in the green fog inside the backpack attached to his shoulders.

"Okay! I will turn it off..." Egon was about to pull the switch when a loud bang resounded through his helmet.

"Egon! Peter wants to keep going!" Ray snapped at his colleague.

"What an idiot, why does he have to say the opposite of everything?"Egon rubbed his helmet as if he was hurt.

In the middle of the town, the trio kept sucking in the fog in multiple containers using a very small makeshift motor engine, attached to a portable battery when they suddenly saw silhouettes of two figures approaching them.

"I don't think they are human!" Egon stepped back a little, fright evident of his face under the helmet.

Ray nodded and pulled Peter with him while turning off the engine.

In the fog, the figures could be distinguished as a man and woman. The trio felt a chill passing down their spine as unlike them, these figures didn't wear protective gear to stop the poisonous fog from entering their systems.

"The town's chief, the Princess is going to be pissed at uninvited people in her town, suspiciously doing something during a time of crisis. Who are you guys?" They heard a feminine voice as the fog cleared up slightly to reveal Eve's beautiful visage as she wore a fluffy white jacket with long black jeans and black heels.

"We're the Poisonbusters," Ray replied, confidently.

"What are you doing here?" Noah checked the machinery behind them and raised his brows in astonishment.

"Cleaning up the poison?" Peter wiggled his eyebrows, under the helmet.

'Don't tell me it's that Prince again...' Noah narrowed his eyes and asked another question to confirm his hypothesis, "Who does your taxes?"

"We'd like to get a sample of your brain tissue."Egon made a slicing gesture with his hands.

Noah ignored Egon's threats and pursued further, "Is it that Genius Prince of the Imandu Kingdom?"

"H-How did you know?" Egon's knees buckled as he dropped on his butt!

Ray and Peter followed soon, crashing on the ground, "I-It was supposed to be a t-top-secret, nuclear level, An International secret with end-to-end encryption!" while spasming uncontrollably.

"I have a bad feeling about this Prince..." Noah muttered to himself with a deep sigh.

"We have to inform the Prince about the breach in our confidential network!" The trio nodded and chose to throw the burning hot potato in the Prince's hands.

Although Eve couldn't understand how the machines worked, she definitely knew the purpose of it as she had been watching over this suspicious group along with Noah for quite a while. She was sure, they were doing exactly what they claimed, that is clearing up the green fog.

"Are you guys here as reinforcements sent by the Queen to fix things in this town?" Eve asked cautiously.

"Y-Yes." The trio replied.

"Oh, That's great. We have found the antidotes. Here!" Eve took out three cubic pills from her storage ring and showed it to the trio.

"No wonder, they are walking in the town without a care in the world like the poison doesn't affect them at all!" Ray reached a critical conclusion as Eve suggested in a loud and clear, orotund voice, "Don't forget to mention the Valquiria Guild in your reports. The only guild in the town with these pills available."

"Valquiria Guild?" Egon questioned.

"Never. Heard of them!" Peter replied.

"We should inform this to the Queen!"Ray wiggled his brows mischievously. The trio nodded and decided to throw another burning hot potato at somebody else!

Poisonbusters: Sir, we have some problems.

The Prince: What is it?

Poisonbusters: Breach in your network...

The Prince: We are lucky, it was the alpha build that was exposed. I am already working on beta testing...Worry not! ;)

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