5 Running into Lola Chinn

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Wind Chen sighed. He knew Queena Ye's temperament like the back of his hand, and he knew well that divorce was probably still on her agenda.

To be honest, Wind Chen was rather frustrated about this.

Queena Ye was the first woman that he had ever liked in his life. Asking him to let go of her just after he had regained his previous prowess made him feel very much aggrieved.

"You can only be my woman."

Wind Chen clenched his fists, then went grocery shopping before heading home.

Once he stepped through the door, Wind Chen discovered that they had guests. It was his wife's younger sister, Mina Ye, and her husband, Penn Zen. They were chatting happily with his mother-in-law, Sue Lee.

When she saw that Wind Chen had returned home, Mina Ye frowned and said without bothering to be polite, "Why hasn't Queena divorced this useless fellow yet?"

"Only god knows why. Just the mere mention of this makes me so annoyed." Sue Lee rolled her eyes at Wind Chen. Nothing about him pleased her at all.

Mina Ye said seriously, "Fine, if they don't want to get a divorce, but he shouldn't continue eating and living here for free. Why don't I get Penn to find him a job?"

Penn Zen was playing a game on his phone and casually remarked, "I think my company's hiring security guards. The probation period is one month. Once you pass it, the salary is three or four grand. He can go try."

"Thanks for your concern, but it's not necessary," said Wind Chen with a smile.

Penn Zen was surprised, then he slowly kept his phone away and said with a mocking smile on his face, "Don't tell me you're dissatisfied with the salary?"

"I'm going to cook."

Wind Chen walked into the kitchen.

Sue Lee glanced coldly at Wind Chen's back, then said, "Don't bother about him. By the way, Penn, I heard that you've become a manager at your grandfather's company."

"Heh, I got lucky. I was just lucky," said Penn Zen humbly. But that smile of his was clearly smug.

"That wasn't luck at all. You're truly capable! If that useless coward of a Wind Chen was even half as capable as you, then I wouldn't need to be so worried anymore. I really don't understand why your grandfather insisted that Queena marry that useless fellow back then."

Penn Zen laughed when he heard these words. "The fate of humans is decided by the heavens. People like me are destined to work all my life. I'm not blessed like Wind Chen, who actually has someone else to feed and clothe him."

Penn Zen purposely said these words very loudly so that Wind Chen could hear him even from the kitchen.

"My gosh, what do you mean by that? You mean you want to become a useless coward too?" Mina Ye glared at Penn Zen.

Penn Zen waved his hands about. "Oh, no, no. I'd rather die than become a piece of trash like somebody we know. I wouldn't want to rely on my wife to be clothed and fed."

But Wind Chen wasn't interested in picking a fight with the people outside the kitchen. He continued to concentrate on washing the vegetables.

Time went by quickly, and Queena Ye returned from work. Accompanying her was a tall and large middle-aged man. It was Queena Ye's father, Zander Ye.

"You old fool, I didn't know you were coming home tonight."

Sue Lee glared at Zander Ye.

Zander Ye rubbed his nose and smiled. "The children are around. Don't address me that way."

"Tsk." Sue Lee rolled her eyes.

"Everyone, wash your hands, and come and eat."

Wind Chen brought the last dish out to the dining table.

Zander Ye glanced at Wind Chen, and his smile disappeared. He asked emotionlessly, "Have you found a job yet?"

"Not yet."

"You're seriously useless. It's really my daughter's ill fortune to be stuck with someone like you," spat Zander Ye coldly.

"I totally agree. I feel so bad for Queena. This coward isn't worthy of her, and he's just getting in the way of her future happiness," said Penn Zen.

"Penn Zen, another word from you, and I'm going to throw you out of this place," Wind Chen warned.

His in-laws and his wife didn't know who he really was, and he was fine if they insulted him. But who did this Penn Zen think he was? Wind Chen wasn't going to let him say whatever he liked.

Penn Zen frowned. "What did you say? I didn't understand you. What did you say you were going to do, you coward?"

"Penn, don't go too far." Queena Ye had changed into a pair of red teddy bear slippers and said in a frosty voice, "My parents have the right to decide whether Wind is useless or not, but you don't. How could you insult my husband in front of me? Are you disregarding me as well?"

"Well, that…Queena, you know that's not what I mean," said Penn Zen with an awkward smile. He was also taken by surprise.

Wind Chen looked at Queena Ye surprisingly, and felt a warm and fuzzy feeling fill his heart.

This was the first time Queena Ye had stood up for him!

"Queena, Wind is a bum in the first…"

"Shut up and eat!" Queena Ye leveled a nasty glance at Mina Ye.

"Let's eat. Let's eat."

Zander Ye was the first to take a seat.

As they ate and chatted, the atmosphere quickly livened up again.

When Queena Ye mentioned that she had struck a deal with Thousand City Entertainment, everyone except Wind Chen was shocked.

"I just knew it. Lance Yan really likes our Queena very much. Otherwise, why else would he bear to invest 30 million dollars at one shot?" Sue Lee broke into a bright smile as she continued to put food into Queena Ye's bowl.

"Mum, how many times must I tell you? I don't like Lance Yan. He's a very disgusting man," said Queena Ye seriously.

She didn't tell her about how Lance Yan tried to force himself on her but got beaten up by Wind Chen instead.

"Queena, he's so generous as to invest 30 million dollars into your company. What sort of attitude is this?" Zander Ye's expression was grim.

"Exactly, Queena. Don't be so rude to him. Feelings can be developed over time." Sue Lee's smile remained as brilliant as the sun, and she had absolutely no consideration for Wind Chen sitting right next to Queena Ye.

Wind Chen gobbled down a mouthful of rice and said calmly, "As long as I'm around, I won't let anybody feed ideas to Queena. Also, thanks to me, the company got the 30-million-dollar investment from Thousand City Entertainment."

"Thanks to you? That's a really bad joke. It's not funny at all. Besides, how dare you interrupt our conversation? Put your food down and get to the laundry now!" Sue Lee's expression instantly darkened. Her mood changed even faster than the weather did.

"Mum, let him finish eating first," Queena Ye cut in. But of course, Queena Ye wouldn't believe that Wind Chen was really the one behind that 30-million investment either.

"I don't want to eat anymore. I'm so full of anger just seeing him at the table."

Sue Lee pulled a long face and flung her chopsticks onto the dining table.

"I'm going out to get a breath of fresh air."

Wind Chen took a deep breath as he got up to leave. He was afraid that if he didn't leave now, he wouldn't be able to resist the urge to bash Sue Lee.

At the same time, Wind Chen was looking for an opportunity to visit Tiger Xu's home so that he could eradicate his daughter's illness completely. Otherwise, Lindsey's life would still be in danger.

Since he had already decided to save the little girl, he was going to make sure he did a good job of it. Lindsey was still so young, and he really didn't want anything bad to befall her.

Nobody really cared that Wind Chen had left the table.

"By the way, tomorrow is Old Master Ye's 80th birthday party. Make sure all of you prepare well for it," said Zander Ye all of a sudden.

"Heh, Dad, I've already made preparations a long time ago," said Penn Zen with a smile.

"You're so smart." Mina Ye put a piece of chicken meat into Penn Zen's bowl.

Queena Ye looked at her parents, hesitated for a moment before saying quietly, "I was thinking of talking to Grandpa about divorcing Wind Chen after his birthday party. After all, forcing two people who aren't suitable for each other to be together is painful for everyone."

"That's right, that's right! You should have done so long ago! I hope Old Master Ye will be reasonable, and he won't do anything silly again," said Sue Lee excitedly.

"Old Master Ye is usually so astute when it comes to judging others, but his judgment seriously failed this time. This Wind Chen is a useless bum through and through," said Zander Ye in a sigh.

"Regardless of what happens, I hope that all of you won't insult him to his face anymore. Let's separate on a good note," said Queena Ye sternly.

But for some reason, when Queena Ye mentioned the word 'separate', she felt odd in her heart. She felt so stuffy that she didn't even feel like eating anymore.

"Queena, you'll find someone better." Sue Lee patted Queena Ye's shoulder.

"I'm going out to get a breath of fresh air too."

Queena Ye got up to leave.

"Queena, wait up, I'll go with you," Mina Ye called out after her.

"No need. I'll just go for a spin."


At the same time, Wind Chen had already contacted Tiger Xu and was on the way to Tiger Xu's place. To his surprise, Tiger Xu's place was actually very close to Lance Yan's place.

When he walked past Revival Hall, Wind Chen casually glanced over to spot Lola Chinn closing for the day.

Lola Chinn had spotted Wind Chen as well. After a momentary pause, she broke into a bright smile and ran over to Wind Chen, and brought a really pleasant fragrance along with her.

"Doctor Chinn, you've only just got off work? It's been hard on you."

"It can't be helped. Er…about what happened earlier today, thank you. If you hadn't helped to defend me, I don't think I can continue running Revival Hall," said Lola Chinn gently.

"It's only something I ought to have done. You don't have to be so polite about it," said Wind Chen with a smile.

"That wouldn't do," replied Lola Chinn sweetly. "I'm even willing to offer myself to return the favor!"

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