4 Pressure

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Around five minutes later, Wind Chen arrived at the Yan family villa.

Security guards kept watch round the clock at the main gate of the villa. When they saw Wind Chen approach the house, they immediately stopped him.

But Wind Chen didn't waste any time on them. He knocked the security guards out with one move and proceeded to enter the house.

In the enormous living room stood Lance Yan, whose head was already as swollen as a pig's head. He was currently complaining to his father all about Queena Ye and Wind Chen's 'high crimes'.

"Dad, Queena Ye and her husband have no regard for the Yan family at all! You've got to do something to teach them a lesson!"

Lance Yan clutched his face, and his voice was very loud.

"Alright, alright, you hopeless thing! I've always told you to learn a few moves from Master Wind, but you refuse to listen to me. Then you go about creating trouble instead. Are you happy now that you've been beaten by some trashy man living off his wife so badly that your head resembles a pig's head?"

Lance Yan's father, Hank Yan, had a frosty look on his face. He was so frustrated at how unteachable his son was.

"Dad, just tell me now. Are you going to screw them over or not?"

"They've bullied you so badly. Did you think I'd just sit here and do nothing?" Hank Yan said in a stern voice, "I'll get Master Wind to go kill that Wind Chen, then find a way to acquire Star Cultural Company. After that, you can have Queena Ye if you want or get rid of her. We definitely have to fight back."

"Oho, thank you so much, Dad." Lance Yan was extremely excited, but when he smiled, he looked terribly ugly.

"What a great plan you two have."

Just then, Wind Chen walked into the living room, as if it were his own home.

"Wind Chen? What the fuck? You actually came knocking on our doorstep instead?"

Lance Yan looked like he had seen a ghost.

"He's that Wind Chen?"

Hank Yan sized Wind Chen up.

"Dad, this is the punk who beat me into this state. Get Master Wind to get rid of him! Quickly!" said Lance Yan agitatedly.

"Calm down, don't get all worked up." Hank Yan raised his hand. Then a teasing smile appeared on his lips as he stared at Wind Chen and said, "Young man, you're pretty bold for daring to barge into the Yan house all by yourself. What are you here for? Are you here to admit your mistakes?"

"Wind Chen, even if you kneel, kowtow, and admit your mistakes, nothing will change! You're doomed!" shouted Lance Yan.

"Well, if you kowtow a hundred times and break one of your arms yourself, I could let you leave alive," said Hank Yan emotionlessly.

"Wind Chen, did you hear that? Get down on your damned knees now!"

Lance Yan pointed a finger at Wind Chen.

"Who do you think you are?"

Wind Chen waved his hand casually, and an invisible wave of air surged out from his palm, which distorted the air around it instantly.

The next thing Lance Yan knew, that finger he used to point at Wind Chen became nothing but air. He was now missing a finger.

"Ah! My finger! My finger! Dad, my finger's gone!" howled Lance Yan miserably.

"What did you just do?"

Hank Yan's eyes narrowed.

"What if I say that the next thing that would disappear is his head?"

Wind Chen folded his arms and stood calmly before the two other men.

Hank Yan's expression turned grim. He realized that he had run into a high-level martial artist this time.

"Master Wind, please come out and destroy this man!" shouted Hank Yan in a low voice.

The minute Hank Yan uttered those words, a shadow flew down from the second floor like a bolt of lightning.


The shadow immediately struck Wind Chen, and his punches were astounding.

"Bajiquan? Too bad, you're too weak."

Wind Chen immediately fought back with the exact same style of boxing.

With a bam, the shadow that had made the first attack on Wind Chen flew backwards even more quickly than when he came, crashing heavily against the wall.

This was an elderly man in a black robe, and the glint in his eyes were somewhat sinister.

"I've underestimated you…again!"

Master Wind gave a low shout, then charged towards Wind Chen in order to attack him again.

But Wind Chen wouldn't waste time.

"We'll end it here."

Wind Chen thrust his palm out towards Master Wind from 10 meters away.


At that moment, a white light shone brightly from the middle of Wind Chen's palm. It became a palm-shaped light that struck Master Wind between his eyebrows.


Master Wind's head cracked on the spot, and he immediately stopped his forward dash.

"You… You're actually…a grandmaster?"

Master Wind looked terribly shocked.

Then immediately after that, his head split open completely, and he stopped breathing.

Hank Yan and his son were horrified by this sight, and their faces were deathly pale.

"He couldn't even hold up against one move."

Wind Chen dusted his palms and looked relaxed.

This wasn't the first time he had killed someone.

Way back when he was cultivating with Master Old Geezer and ran all over the world, Wind Chen had immediately understood what it meant for a life to be as worthless as grass.

Hank Yan's stomach churned in fear, and his entire body shuddered.

He knew Master Wind's prowess well, and this old man definitely ranked among one of the top 10 martial artists in Chanyang. But this extremely high-level martial artist had been killed so easily and brutally by Wind Chen, which made Hank Yan shocked and scared.

"Bro…Brother Chen, this…this is a misunderstanding—it's all a misunderstanding," said Hank Yan in a trembling voice.

"A misunderstanding? There's no misunderstanding. I'll give you two a chance. How do you want to die?"

Wind Chen remained expressionless.


Hank Yan immediately fell to his knees before Wind Chen. "It's all my fault. I've been a bad father, and I haven't taught my son well! I shouldn't have let this rebellious child do wicked things out there! If you want to kill someone, please kill me and spare my son! He's still young. Please give him a chance to turn over a new leaf!"

"You can barely save yourself. How could you plead for him?" Wind Chen continued to look calm.

"No, don't kill me, don't kill me…"

Lance Yan peed his pants, and his scalp went numb in fear.

"Please be magnanimous and spare the both of us! I am willing to compensate you in any way!" Hank Yan kowtowed several times as he begged Wind Chen.

Both father and son felt cold all over and were extremely tense as they felt the shadow of death loom over them.

Wind Chen stared at Hank Yan and said in a distant voice, "Queena Ye is my wife, so bullying her is the same as bullying me. I can let you live, but that depends on your performance. I'm sure you know what to do. If you're not able to make sure my wife is satisfied with what you do, then I'm sorry. Both of you will still have to die."

"Yes, yes, I know what to do!" Hank Yan was overjoyed at being given the chance to live. He immediately took his phone out and called Queena Ye.

Back in Star Cultural's office, Queena Ye was racking her brains to think of a way out of her current crisis when she suddenly saw that Hank Yan was calling her. Her pretty face turned several shades whiter, but she picked up the call anyway.

"Is this…is this Miss Ye?" asked Hank Yan.

"Yes, speaking. Mr. Yan, about Lance Yan, I'm really sorry…"

"Ms. Ye, we're the ones who should be apologizing," interrupted Hank Yan instead. "That rebellious son of mine was so disrespectful towards you and your husband, so it was good that he was taught a lesson. He needed to be thrashed this badly for him to remember this lesson. Ms. Ye, please accept my apology."

"Wait, what?" Queena Ye was completely bewildered.

Hank Yan continued, "Ms. Ye, Thousand City Entertainment thinks that Star Cultural holds a lot of potential in the future. We're willing to invest 30 million dollars with no strings attached. Do you think we could still continue to work together?"

"Yes, we can. Of course, we can," replied Queena Ye immediately. Even though she had no idea what happened or why the Yan family's attitude suddenly became favorable towards her, since Thousand City Entertainment was willing to invest 30 million dollars without any conditions, that was like finding an oasis in the desert with extra sprinkles included.

After all, she had only hoped to get a five-million-dollar investment out of them. But now, that had multiplied by six times!

"Ms. Ye, I'll get Lance to go over and sign the contract, as well as apologize personally to you. Will that be alright with you?" asked Hank Yan nervously.

"Well…let's not talk about the past anymore. I hope we'll have an excellent working relationship in the future," said Queena Ye with a hollow laugh.

"Thank you so much, Ms. Ye, for being so magnanimous! I hope we'll work well together too!"

After hanging up, Hank Yan looked at Wind Chen cautiously. "Was that way of handling the matter satisfactory?"

"Remember, you only have one life."

Wind Chen got up and left immediately without wasting any words on the father and son.

Once he had confirmed that Wind Chen was long gone, Hank Yan spun around, grabbed hold of Lance Yan, and started beating him up. "You fucking little bastard! I nearly lost my life because of you! I'm going to beat you to death!"

"Dad! Stop beating me! Dad, I was wrong, I know that I was in the wrong!" wailed Lance Yan.

"Do you know what the consequences are of offending a martial artist at his level? He could have easily sent the entire family to meet our maker!"

The more Hank Yan thought about it, the angrier he felt.

"Dad, but…but isn't the matter resolved? I'll just make sure I won't provoke him again."

"Hurry up and settle this matter properly! Go look for Queena Ye, sign the contract, and apologize to her!" roared Hank Yan.

"Yes, Dad. I'll settle this matter properly."

Lance Yan got up and scrambled out.

Once he had walked out of the house, Lance Yan's eyes darkened as he muttered to himself, "What is this bullshit about being a high-level martial artist? Fine, I'll let you have your moment of glory for now, but I'm not going to take this lying down. Queena Ye, Wind Chen, just you wait!"


Meanwhile, Wind Chen got a call from Queena Ye not long after he walked out from the Yan family villa.

"Wind, the Yan family isn't going to pursue the matter, and they're going to invest 30 million dollars into Star Cultural." Queena Ye still found it hard to believe that this just happened.

"That's all to be expected, Wifey. I settled that," said Wind Chen with a smile.

"You? Oh, please, this joke isn't funny at all. Get your ass home right now and cook a few dishes. We'll have a drink tonight."

"So… We're not divorcing anymore?" asked Wind Chen cautiously.

"We'll talk when you get home. Bye."

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