1 Five Million Dollars? I Can Settle That!

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"Wind, help me take off my shoes."

Queena Ye had just come back from work. She lay on the sofa, showing off her jaw-dropping curves as she raised her two long and fair legs slightly while waiting for Wind Chen to take off her red high heels.

"Coming right up!"

Wind Chen quickly ran over to squat down in front of the sofa to help Queena Ye remove her shoes.

But the moment Wind Chen squatted down, he accidentally caught sight of the scenery under Queena Ye's skirt, and his nose nearly bled on the spot.

"Hurry up! What are you waiting for? I can't believe it takes you so long to just remove a pair of shoes," Queena Ye reprimanded him in displeasure as she took her phone out from her Chanel bag to make a phone call.

Wind Chen's Adam's apple shifted slightly as he swiftly removed Queena Ye's high heels and didn't dare to look up anymore.

At the same time, Queena Ye had made a phone call and spoke gently into the phone, "Mr. Yan, have you reached home yet?"

"Of course! I like it very much!"

"Sure, Mr. Yan. We'll sort out the details tomorrow morning then. Goodnight."

After a brief conversation, Queena Ye hung up with a mesmerizing smile.

She had never smiled so gently to Wind Chen, her husband in name, before.

Wind Chen couldn't help but frown. Who was this Mr. Yan?

Once he saw that Queena Ye had hung up, Wind Chen immediately asked her, "Wifey, this Mr. Yan…"

"Mr. Yan is Mr. Yan. What has he got to do with you? Don't ask what you're not supposed to. Get me a basin of water. I want to soak my feet," snapped Queena Ye coldly.

"Did you go on a date with this Mr. Yan?" asked Wind Chen indignantly anyway.

"Wind Chen, I know what you want to say. Remember, I will not be unfaithful to you in any way for as long as we're married. But at the same time, even though we a certificate indicates that we're married, we will never become actual husband and wife. I, Queena Ye, do not like useless men. Go get the water." The look on Queena Ye's pretty face was even colder than before.

"All you do is leech off us, and you still dare to ask so many questions? Hurry up and get my precious daughter's water to soak her feet in!"

Wind Chen's mother-in-law, Sue Lee, came down from the second floor with a husky on a leash as she spoke sarcastically to Wind Chen.

"I'll get going right now."

Wind Chen took a deep breath and turned to get the water. He breathed a sigh of relief.

Ever since he got married to Queena Ye two years ago, neither Queena Ye nor her family had treated him kindly. He hadn't even touched Queena Ye's fingertips.

During the last two years, Wind Chen had done the laundry, mopped the floor, cooked meals, and washed the toilet. If he wasn't up to standard in any part of his chores, he would be insulted and berated in every fashion imaginable. His life was even worse off than the husky that his mother-in-law kept.

However, Wind Chen did everything without complaint or regret, because Queena Ye was his benefactor.

On top of that, Wind Chen wanted to protect Queena Ye. If possible, he really hoped to enter Queena Ye's heart…

Wind Chen knew that this made him seem really pathetic, but he really wanted to prove himself and eventually hold a place in Queena Ye's heart.

After a few moments, Wind Chen brought a basin of warm water back and placed it in front of Queena Ye.

Queena Ye sat up and submerged her fair and slim feet into the water, then said calmly, "Massage them for me."

"Queena, I…"

"Can you get to it now?" Queena Ye seemed rather impatient.

Wind Chen smiled bitterly. Just as he was about to bend over and wash Queena Ye's feet, his phone suddenly rang.

"Could I take a call first?"

"You have 30 seconds." Queena Ye frowned.

"I will obey everything my almighty wife says."

Wind Chen flew out to take the phone call.

The moment he picked it up, an old and hoarse voice came over the phone. "Is that Wind Chen?"

"Yes, Wind Chen speaking. What do you want? Spit it out quickly. You have 25 seconds. I'm a little busy," Wind Chen rattled off quickly.

"Your two years is up, and your seal can be undone. I'll be at Lethe Teahouse waiting for you at eight o'clock tomorrow morning," said the elderly voice.

"It's you?" Wind Chen's eyes widened as if he had suddenly recalled something. "Old Geezer, you've finally decided to bloody appear! I…"

Du, du, du...

The phone call was abruptly cut off at this point. Wind Chen was suddenly overwhelmed by tremendous joy.

Two years ago, before marrying into the Ye family, Wind Chen had been cultivating with his master, Old Geezer. His gifting was above average, and he could learn anything almost instantly. His cultivation speed in medicine and martial arts was practically logic defying.

But just when Wind Chen thought that he was about to reach the pinnacle of his life, on the last day of the year two years ago, Master Old Geezer sealed his cultivation level and froze his account with a few hundred million US dollars. On top of that, he made Wind Chen promise to marry into the Ye family. If he dared to go against that instruction, the seal would never be removed.

Wind Chen had no idea why Master Old Geezer was doing this, but he really couldn't stand the idea of having his 10 years of cultivation efforts being sealed forever. Thus, he had no choice but to agree to Old Geezer's demands.

When Wind Chen visited the Ye family for the first time, he ran into an assassination attack right outside the Ye family's doorstep. He had sustained severe injuries, and it was Queena Ye who had saved him as she came home from work.

Later on, Old Master Ye found out about what happened, and to the shock and bewilderment of the entire Ye family, he ordered Queena Ye to marry Wind Chen. Queena Ye couldn't go against his wishes, so she reluctantly agreed to it.

Just like that, Wind Chen and Queena Ye entered into a loveless marriage. Two years passed and Wind Chen ended up enduring years of mockery and heartlessness.

"What are you thinking about? You're done with the call, so hurry up and massage my feet," Queena Ye hurried him.

"On the double!"

Wind Chen stretched his hands out with a brilliant smile on his face. He gently took hold of Queena Ye's fair and supple feet and massaged them. Her feet were smooth and soft.

Queena Ye closed her eyes slightly and didn't speak anymore. The way Wind Chen massaged her feet made her feel extra comfortable.

"Is this amount of force okay?" asked Wind Chen with a smile.


Queena Ye's only response was this nasal sound.

Sue Lee was sitting by the side and playing with her husky. After glancing at Wind Chen, she suddenly said to Queena Ye, "Queena, Lance Yan gave me a call today."

"Mr. Yan? Mum, why does he have your number?"

Queena Ye opened her eyes that sparkled as brightly as crystals and furrowed her brows slightly.

"Never mind why he has my number. The more important point is that Lance Yan has told me that he likes you very much. As long as you agree to be with him, he's willing to give us five million dollars as your dowry. Queena, listen to me, alright? Five million dollars is definitely more than enough to help the company tide over its current crisis, and we could even rise to greater heights. Besides, once we're connected to the Yan family, we'll…"

"Mum, I don't like Lance Yan, and I will never be with him. If he calls you to talk to you about such things again, don't spout nonsense." Queena Ye's voice was firm.

"That's right, that's right. Wifey, I'm sure this Lance Yan has ulterior motives," chimed in Wind Chen.

"Shut your mouth! You have no right to speak!" Sue Lee said with a frosty smile, "Wind Chen, you've been leeching off our family for two whole years, and you've lived very comfortably here. Have you ever helped this family to share any of its burdens? The company is now in a crisis! Can a useless bum like you help even the slightest bit?"

Wind Chen frowned. "Mum, please do not go overboard with your words."

"I like going overboard with my words. So what? You useless coward!" Sue Lee continued smiling coldly.

Wind Chen's breathing froze and was about to lose control of himself and slap Sue Lee when he heard Queena Ye say, "Mum, it's not right of you to say that. Wind has been taking care of everything at home, no matter how big or small. So he's shared some of the burdens."

Wind Chen's anger was slightly appeased when he heard these words. Queena Ye's attitude towards him was indeed different from Sue Lee's after all.

Sue Lee threw Wind Chen an icy glance, then turned back to Queena Ye with a bright smile on her face. "Let's not talk about this useless fellow called Wind Chen. Queena, I really think this Lance Yan is not a bad catch. He's young and rich with a powerful background, so he's so much better than someone who leeches off his wife like a gigolo. You should really consider getting married to Lance Yan."

"I really don't like Lance Yan. I've been in contact with him lately because we're talking about signing a deal. The most urgent thing at hand is to get the company through its current crisis."

Queena Ye felt like she was getting a headache.

"If you get together with Lance Yan, then everything will work itself out. Getting together with a highly regarded man like Lance Yan is much better than being together with a useless coward, right? I really don't mean to insult you, but can't you be a little more flexible in your thinking?" Sue Lee looked frustrated that her words weren't getting to her daughter.

Wind Chen kept his head down as he massaged Queena Ye's feet. His heart was in turmoil.

He was Queena Ye's lawful husband, but his mother-in-law was actually trying to pair his wife with another man in front of him. She didn't treat him as a human being at all.

He really couldn't take this lying down, and he really didn't want Queena Ye to end up being together with that Lance Yan just for the sake of helping the company to tide over a crisis. Thinking about this possibility made him shudder.

Once his thoughts reached this point, Wind Chen suddenly stood up and declared, "Five million dollars? I can settle that for you!"

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