5 Chapter 5: Encounter with Qin Luoyin

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Chen Feng let out a sigh. He knew Ye Qingqing too well; he knew that divorce was likely on her agenda.

To be honest, Chen Feng was somewhat frustrated!

Ye Qingqing was the first woman he had ever loved. Now that he had regained his strength, to let go was something Chen Feng resented.

"You can only be my woman."

Chen Feng clenched his fist and went home with shopping bags.

As soon as he entered, he found guests at home. His sister-in-law, Ye Mingjun, and her husband, Zhang Peng, were laughing and chatting with his mother-in-law, Li Suqin.

Seeing Chen Feng return, Ye Mingjun frowned and bluntly said, "Why hasn't my sister divorced this loser yet?"

"Who knows, just the thought of it frustrates me." Li Suqin gave Chen Feng a fierce look; she simply couldn't bear the sight of him.

Ye Mingjun solemnly said, "If she doesn't divorce him, we can't just let him freeloading like this. Maybe Zhang Peng could help him find a job."

Zhang Peng, who was busy playing King Glory, casually said, "The company seems to be hiring security guards. The trial period is one month, and after that, the monthly salary is about three to four thousand. Let him try."

"No need to bother."

Chen Feng said with a faint smile.

Zhang Peng paused, slowly put away his phone, and said tauntingly, "Not a single skill. Are you feeling picky?"

"I'm off to cook."

Chen Feng went into the kitchen.

Li Suqin gave Chen Feng's back a cold glance, saying, "Nevermind him. Zhang Peng, I heard that you've become a manager at your grandfather's company."

"Eh, just good luck, good luck." Zhang Peng said modestly, with a smile of pride at the corner of his mouth.

"It's not just luck, it's real ability. If that worthless Chen Feng had half of your ability, I wouldn't have to worry so much. I don't understand why your grandfather was so insistent on having Qingqing marry this loser."

Hearing this, Zhang Peng laughed and said, "People's destinies are determined by heaven. I'm someone destined to work hard. I don't have Chen Feng's good fortune to be taken care of."

Zhang Peng's words were deliberately loud, hoping Chen Feng would hear them in the kitchen.

"Wow, it sounds like you want to be a loser too?" Ye Mingjun glared at Zhang Peng.

Zhang Peng waved his hand, "No, I'd rather die. I don't want to rely on a woman like some others."

However, Chen Feng, who was in the kitchen, showed no interest in their conversation and focused on washing vegetables.

Time flew quickly, and when the night fell, Ye Qingqing returned home from work. A tall middle-aged man accompanying her was Ye Qingqing's father, Ye Zhengguo.

"Ah, you're back, why didn't you let me know?"

Li Suqin glared at Ye Zhengguo.

Ye Zhengguo touched his nose and laughed, "Our children are here, don't use such language."

"Ugh." Li Suqin rolled her eyes.

"Let's wash our hands and eat."

Chen Feng served the last dish on the dining table.

Ye Zhengguo shot a glance at Chen Feng, retracted his smile and asked lightly, "Found a job?"

"Not yet."

"Useless. My daughter suffered bad luck to be stuck with you." Ye Zhengguo said coldly.

"I know right, I feel sorry for my sister having such a burden, what a way to ruin her life." Zhang Peng said.

"Zhang Peng, do you want me to throw you out?" Chen Feng said expressionlessly.

If his parents-in-law and wife didn't know about his abilities, that was one thing, but who was Zhang Peng to talk about him? Chen Feng wasn't going to put up with Zhang Peng.

Zhang Peng's brow furrowed, "I didn't catch what you said. Loser, what are you going to do?"

"Zhang Peng, don't go too far." At this point, Ye Qingqing, who had changed into a pair of red bear slippers, said coldly, "Chen Feng is a loser or not, my parents can judge, but who are you to say it? Insulting my husband in front of me, are you disregarding me too?"

"Uh... uh, Sister, you know I didn't mean that." Zhang Peng gave a dry laugh, somewhat taken aback.

Chen Feng suddenly turned to Ye Qingqing, a warm current seeming to pass through his heart.

This was the first time Ye Qingqing had stood up for him!

"Sister, Chen Feng is really..."

"Shut up and eat!" Ye Qingqing glared at Ye Mingjun.

"Let's eat, let's eat."

Ye Zhengguo took the lead in sitting down.

The family chatted while eating, and the atmosphere quickly livened up again.

When Ye Qingqing talked about her partnership with Qiancheng today, everyone but Chen Feng expressed surprise.

"I always knew that Yan Lang really adores our Qingqing. Otherwise, how could he so readily invest thirty million in us." Li Suqin's eyes twinkled with joy as she constantly served food to Ye Qingqing.

"Mother, how many times have I told you, I don't like Yan Lang, I find him repulsive."

Ye Qingqing spoke earnestly.

She didn't mention Yan Lang trying to force himself on her or how Chen Feng threw him a beating.

"Qingqing, the man has invested thirty million, what's with this attitude?" Ye Zhengguo looked serious.

"Exactly, Qingqing, be nicer to him. Affection can be grown gradually." Li Suqin's smile shone brilliantly, completely disregarding Chen Feng who was beside her.

Chen Feng took a bite of food and calmly said, "As long as I'm around, no one should dare to harbour manipulative intentions towards Qingqing. Also, I deserve the credit for securing the thirty million investment from Qiancheng."

"Your credit? That's a bad joke. And who asked for your comment? Stop eating, go wash your clothes." Li Suqin's expression turned cold quickly.

"Mother, let him finish his meal please." Ye Qingqing couldn't help herself, though she didn't believe the thirty million investment was Chen Feng's doing.

"Why should he keep eating? Just seeing him makes me full."

Li Suqin frowned and tossed her chopsticks on the dining table.

"I'll go out for some fresh air."

Chen Feng took a deep breath and got up to leave. He feared that if he stayed any longer, he'd lose control and hit Li Suqin.

Just as well, Chen Feng wanted to make time to visit Xu Hu's house to completely cure his daughter Lingling's illness. Otherwise, Lingling's life would still be in danger.

Since he had already gone this far for Lingling, who was still so young, Chen Feng did not want her to encounter any other mishaps.

When Chen Feng left, no one noticed.

"By the way, tomorrow night is the old man's eightieth birthday, you all should prepare well." Ye Zhengguo suddenly said.

"Heh, Dad, I've already got it all set." Zhang Peng laughed.

"You're always on the ball." Ye Mingjun served a piece of chicken to Zhang Peng.

Ye Qingqing glanced at her parents, hesitated for a moment, then softly said, "I plan to discuss my divorce with Chen Feng with grandpa after his birthday banquet. After all, it's painful for two incompatible people to forcibly stay together."

"Yes, yes, yes, this should've been done a long time ago. Hopefully, grandpa will understand and not be confused anymore." Li Suqin said excitedly.

"Ah, grandpa usually has a sharp eye for people, but this time, he really got it wrong. Chen Feng is a complete waste." Ye Zhengguo sighed.

"Regardless, I hope everyone can stop scolding him in his presence from now on, let's part on good terms." Ye Qingqing said solemnly.

However, for some unknown reason, when Ye Qingqing mentioned the phrase "part on good terms", she felt inexplicably uncomfortable in her heart, so uncomfortable that she didn't want to eat anymore.

"Daughter, you'll find someone better." Li Suqin patted Ye Qingqing's shoulder.

"I will also go out for some fresh air."

Ye Qingqing got up to leave.

"Sis, wait for me, I'll go with you." Ye Mingjun called out.

"No need, I'll drive around."


At this time, Chen Feng had already contacted Xu Hu and was on his way to Xu's house. Unsurprisingly, Xu Hu's house was close to Yan Lang's.

As he passed by Hui Chun Clinic, Chen Feng glanced over and saw Qin Luoyin closing the door.

Qin Luoyin also saw Chen Feng, paused for a moment, then ran up to him with a radiant smile and a pleasant fragrance.

"Dr. Qin, still working so late. It must be tough."

"No choice really. Anyway, thank you for today. If it weren't for your help, my Hui Chun Clinic would be in a bad situation." Qin Luoyin said softly.

"It was nothing, Dr. Qin, no need to worry about it." Chen Feng laughed.

"How can that do?" Qin Luoyin giggled, "I've even thought about offering myself to you in gratitude!"

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