4 Chapter 4: Crushing (Requesting for Collection)

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About five minutes later, Chen Feng arrived directly at the Yan Family's mansion.

At the front gate of the mansion, bodyguards were on twenty-four hour watch. As soon as they saw Chen Feng, a stranger arrive, they immediately tried to stop him.

Not wasting any time, Chen Feng swiftly knocked out the bodyguards and entered the mansion.

Inside the grand hall, Yan Lang, his face swollen like a pig's head, was complaining to his father about the 'horrendous crimes' committed by Ye Qingqing and Chen Feng.

"Dad, the couple Ye Qingqing are completely disregarding our Yan Family, you must step up and discipline them."

Yan Lang, holding his face, spoke loudly.

"Enough, you pathetic thing. You refuse to learn a few moves from Elder Feng when I tell you, and then go around causing trouble, now you've been beaten into a pig's head by some worthless son-in-law who dared to walk into our house. Comfortable now, isn't it?"

Yan Lang's father, Yan Xiong, was wearing a cold face, full of disappointment.

"Dad, just tell me, are we going to do something about them?"

"After being tormented to this degree, can I, your father, just do nothing?" Yan Xiong said in a deep voice: "Later, I will let Elder Feng kill that Chen Feng and find a way to swallow Xingchen Cultural Company. As for Ye Qingqing, you can have her if you want, or just kill her if you don't want her, but we must vent our anger."

"Heh, thanks, Dad." Yan Lang was extremely excited, though at this moment, his smile was hideously ugly.

"Your calculations aren't bad."

At this moment, Chen Feng walked leisurely into the hall.

"Chen Feng? Damn it, he dare to deliver himself to us?"

The expression on Yan Lang's face was like he had seen a ghost.

"Is he Chen Feng?"

Yan Xiong stared at Chen Feng.

"Dad, it was this little brat who beat me to this point! Please let Elder Feng take him out."

Yan Lang said excitedly.

"Calm down." Yan Xiong raised his hand, then a playful smile surfaced at the corner of his mouth as he said to Chen Feng: "Young man, you're brave enough to break into the Yan Family alone. What, have you come to apologize?"

"Chen Feng, even if you kneel and beg for mercy, it won't change anything. You're dead meat." Yan Lang shouted.

"If you knock your head on the ground a hundred times and cut off your own arm, you might save your little life." Yan Xiong said flatly.

"Chen Feng, did you hear that? Kneel down for me right now!"

Yan Lang pointed at Chen Feng.

"And who do you think you are?"

Chen Feng waved his hand, and an invisible wave blasted out, instantly distorting the void.

The next second, Yan Lang's finger vanished into thin air, leaving him one finger short.

"Ah… my finger, my finger… Dad, my finger is gone!"

Yan Lang screamed in agony.

"What have you done?"

Yan Xiong's pupils contracted.

"Want to bet if his head will disappear next time?"

Chen Feng stood with his arms crossed, calm and relaxed.

Yan Xiong's face hardened, knowing he was dealing with a master.

"Elder Feng, please kill this man!"

Yan Xiong spoke in a deep voice.

Just as Yan Xiong's words fell, a shadow flashed down from the second floor.


This shadow directly attacked Chen Feng with a fist full of formidable power.

"Baji Fist? What a pity, it's too weak."

Chen Feng immediately returned the attack with the same fist technique.

With a bang, the figure that was rushing towards Chen Feng was propelled back even faster, smashing violently into the wall.

This was an old man in a black robe, his eyes now dark and ominous.

"I underestimated you. Let's go again."

Elder Feng shouted, ready to attack Chen Feng again.

Chen Feng had no interest in drawing out the affair.

"Let's end it."

Across a distance of ten meters, Chen Feng slapped him.


In that instant, a flash of white light erupted from Chen Feng's palm, transforming into a glowing palm and smashing into Elder Feng's forehead.


The top of Elder Feng's head immediately cracked open, and his forward charge came to a sudden halt.

"Cou... could it be... a Grand… Master?"

Elder Feng had a look of shock in his eyes.

But the next second, Elder Feng's head exploded, and he died on the spot.

Yan Xiong and his son turned pale with fear.

"No match at all."

Chen Feng casually dusted off his hands, his face carefree and relaxed.

Killing was not a first for him!

Recalling his days of practicing martial arts with his crazy old mentor and traveling all over the world, Chen Feng had profoundly grasped the insignificance of life!

Yan Xiong was frightened out of his wits, his whole body shivered.

He knew of Elder Feng's strength, which was among the top ten in Qianyang, but such a martial arts master had been aggressively crushed by Chen Feng, leaving Yan Xiong deeply shocked and terrified.

"Che...Brother Chen, there has been a misunderstanding, it's all a misunderstanding."

Yan Xiong voiced out tremulously.

"Misunderstanding? There's no misunderstanding, I'm giving you and your son a chance, how do you want to die?"

Chen Feng's face remained expressionless.


Yan Xiong immediately knelt before Chen Feng: "I am at fault for everything that has happened, I failed as a father, I should never have allowed this unfilial son of mine to stray astray outside, if you must kill, kill me instead. Please spare him, he's still young and can still make amends."

"You can't even guarantee your own safety. How can you plead on his behalf?" Chen Feng said indifferently.

"Please don't kill me, don't kill me."

Yan Lang was so terrified he wet himself, his scalp went numb.

"I beg you to show mercy, spare the lives of both me and my son, I, Yan Xiong, am willing to make amends." Yan Xiong knocked his head on the floor a few times.

Father and son were shivering with cold, stressed to the extreme, enveloped by the shadow of death.

Chen Feng stared at Yan Xiong and said nonchalantly: "Ye Qingqing is my wife, to bully her is to bully me, if you want to live, watch your actions. You should know what to do. If my wife isn't satisfied then, I'm sorry, you two will still have to die."

"Got it, got it." Yan Xiong was overjoyed and immediately pulled out his phone to call Ye Qingqing.

In the office of Xingchen Culture, Ye Qingqing, who was racking her brains thinking about a counterplan, suddenly saw a call from Yan Xiong. Ye Qingqing's pretty face turned a few shades paler, but she braced herself to answer the call.

"Is...is this President Ye?"

Yan Xiong asked.

"Yes, it's me, President Yan, about Yan Lang's case, I deeply apologize..."

"President Ye, we are the ones who should apologize. My unfilial son has shown great disrespect towards you and your husband. It's good that you disciplined him, it's the only way he'll learn his lesson. President Ye, we are really sorry." Yan Xiong quickly said.

"Huh?" Ye Qingqing was bewildered.

Yan Xiong then said, "President Ye, we at Qiancheng Entertainment value the potential of Xingchen Culture very much and are willing to unconditionally invest 30 million. Could we continue our partnership?"

"Yes, of course we can."

Ye Qingqing immediately replied. Although she had no idea what was going on and why the Yan Family's attitude had changed so much, the fact that Qiancheng was willing to invest 30 million unconditionally meant a lot to her. It was not only a lifesaver in times of snowfall but also a cherry on top.

You have to remember that all she wanted at the beginning was to secure 5 million in investment, but now it had multiplied by six fold!

"President Ye, I'll have Yan Lang come over and sign the contract with you soon, and apologize to you personally. Would that be alright?" Yan Xiong asked tentatively.

"Ahem, let's put the past behind us and look forward to a happy collaboration in the future." Ye Qingqing chuckled dryly.

"Thank you for your generosity President Ye, looking forward to our collaboration!"

After hanging up the phone, Yan Xiong cautiously looked at Chen Feng: "Do you find this arrangement acceptable?"

"Remember, you only have one life."

Chen Feng stood up and left without any unnecessary words.

Once Chen Feng had gone far enough, Yan Xiong turned around and started beating Yan Lang: "You damn brat, you nearly got me killed, I'm going to beat you to death!"

"Dad, stop beating me, I was wrong, I know I was wrong."

Yan Lang screamed again and again.

"Do you know what the consequences of provoking such a martial arts master are? He could easily send our whole family to hell."

The more Yan Xiong thought about it, the angrier he became.

"Dad, isn't...isn't the problem solved now? We just won't provoke him in the future."

"Quickly gather the money and go find Ye Qingqing, get that contract signed, and apologize to her." Yan Xiong roared.

"Dad, I'll be sure to handle everything properly."

Yan Lang quickly got up and left.

Once outside the house, Yan Lang's eyes turned dark, he mumbled to himself: "Bloody martial arts master, you've had your fun for now. I swear I'll get back at you. Ye Qingqing, Chen Feng, you despicable couple, just you wait."


On the other hand, not long after Chen Feng had left the Yan Family's villa, he received a call from Ye Qingqing.

"Chen Feng, the Yan family is not going to pursue our responsibility anymore, and they plan to invest 30 million into Xingchen." Ye Qingqing still found it hard to believe at this point.

"As expected, honey, I managed it." Chen Feng laughed.

"Just by yourself? Heh, that's not very amusing. Hurry home and cook a few more dishes, let's have a few drinks tonight."

"So, we're not getting a divorce then?"

Chen Feng asked cautiously.

"We'll talk about it when you get home, gotta go now."

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