2 Chapter 2: Beating Up

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Chen Feng's words took Ye Qingqing and her mother by surprise for a while.

Following, Li Suqin, Ye Qingqing's mother, responded sarcastically: "Don't tell me you have five million. Do you?"

"Not yet, but I promise soon..."

"Stop dreaming, immature." Li Suqin mocked, "Stay out of it."

"Believe it or not, I will get the five million within three days."

Chen Feng stated solemnly.

After unsealing tomorrow, he believed that with his medical skills and martial arts realm, it wouldn't be difficult to get five million.

Of course, if the account were also unfrozen, he could even get fifty billion.

However, Ye Qingqing and her mother ignored his promise and continued their chat.

Chen Feng drew a deep breath and silently went upstairs.

The following morning, after preparing breakfast and seeing Ye Qingqing off to work, Chen Feng immediately left the house and hurried to the Wangchuan Teahouse to find his old master who could lift the seal.

The Wangchuan Teahouse was a place of refinement; only the wealthy and prestigious came here.

As soon as Chen Feng stepped into the teahouse, an elegant woman in a blue cheongsam approached him. After glancing at him, she showed a clear disdain.

That was because Chen Feng's outfit was too ordinary, a street vendor's merchandise.

"Sir, are you sure you didn't take the wrong turn? The morning tea here is not cheap." The woman in the cheongsam said without a hint of a smile.

"I'm here to meet someone."

Chen Feng scanned the room and quickly spotted a thin old man drinking tea by the window.

The old man with clothes like Sun Yat-sen's suit was quite thin, though spirited, his eyes were lightning itself.

"Old lunatic."

Chen Feng was thrilled and ran over to the old man.

"Kid, haven't seen you for two years, you got plump and hearty. It seems that you're living a good life in the Ye Family."

The old man smirked.

"Cut the crap, hurry up and lift my seal. I can't stand it anymore."

Chen Feng's eyes sparkled.


The old man flicked Chen Feng's forehead, causing him to gasp in pain.

"Watch your mouth when you talk, kid. I am your master. have no resentments. One day you'll understand that everything I did was for your own good."


Chen Feng murmured.

"Whether you believe me or not isn't important. From today onwards, you're free. I won't interfere anymore. Here, take this. This talisman will lift your seal."

The old man slapped a purple talisman onto the table.

Chen Feng grabbed it immediately, and as soon as he held it, the talisman turned into an intense surge of energy that coursed throughout his body.

What a rumble!

Chen Feng could feel something like a roar of thunder inside him, with chains breaking apart. After two long years, the seal was finally lifted.

"Master, this... uh, where is he?"

Chen Feng looked up excitedly to ask something, only to find the old man had vanished without a trace.

Chen Feng quickly got up and ran out of the teahouse in search of the old man.

But again, the old man had disappeared without a trace.

Came without a trace, and left without a trace!

"Old man, why the hell didn't you lift the seal on my bank account? My billions of US dollars…"

Chen Feng was disheartened and feeling down when suddenly his phone rang. It was Ye Qingqing.

Chen Feng picked the phone immediately: "Honey, what's up?"

"Stop calling me that," said Ye Qingqing in a cold tone, "Come to my office now."



Ye Qingqing hung up.

Chen Feng left immediately, rushing to Ye Qingqing's Star Culture Company.

About twenty minutes later, Chen Feng arrived at the door of Ye Qingqing's office. As he was about to knock, a conversation inside caught his attention.

"President Yan, our Star Culture Company has four subsidiaries, owns the full copyrights of hundreds of thousands of original works, and several thousand contracted authors are under our name. Among them, dozens are top-tier authors. If we can operate these works to create super IPs, the prospects are promising, and it will surely create a miracle."

This was Ye Qingqing's voice.

"Qingqing, I know you need more funding now, despite having a mine of resources. I do understand the prospect you mentioned. However, there are numerous platforms for original content right now. Why should I choose your Star Culture?"

A man's voice slowly rang out, with no doubt that it was Yan Lang's.

"President Yan, several works under Star Culture Company are well-known and very suitable for adaptation into movies, games, and animations, as long as…"

"You still don't understand what I mean." Yan Lang replied in a low voice. "Qingqing, you know my feelings for you. If we are together, I wouldn't even frown at $5 million, let alone $10 million or $20 million."

"President Yan, I am already married, do not make such jokes."

"Then there's no point in discussing any further." Yan Lang replied with a cold laugh. "Ye Qingqing, I can tell you clearly that no company but Qiancheng Entertainment dares to invest in your Star Culture or cooperate with you. Do you understand what I mean?"

"Since President Yan is not willing to cooperate, let's end our conversation here." Ye Qingqing replied solemnly.

"Heh, the banks are not lending to Star and you can't bring in investors. Given Star's current situation, $500,000 is definitely not enough. I guarantee you can only hold on for another month at most. Qingqing, I really want to help you. How about this, you don't have to be with me. I'll change my request. If you agree to spend two nights with me, I will transfer $1 million to you immediately!"

"Get out, get out now."

Ye Qingqing's face was icy cold.

"Oh, why are you pretending to be chaste? Spending two days with you for a million bucks, I'm already giving you face. Believe it or not, I could just screw you right here in your office."

The tone of Yan Lang's voice became even more ruthless.

At this moment, Chen Feng couldn't stand it anymore. With a bang, he kicked the office door open and stormed in.

"Yan Lang, kneel down and apologise to my wife."

Chen Feng clenched his fist, his gaze icy cold.

Ye Qingqing was stunned. She had never seen Chen Feng act so manly before. The first time she did, it was for her, which made a ripple in her icy heart.

"So you're the worthless husband of Ye Qingqing? Tsk tsk, such a temperament! I'm not afraid to tell you, I want to sleep with your wife. What can you worthless piece of trash do about it?"

Yan Lang was extremely contemptuous.

Ye Qingqing turned pale when she heard this.

Chen Feng was even more enraged and he made his move.


Chen Feng threw a punch that landed on Yan Lang's abdomen like a lightning.

Caught off guard, Yan Lang took the hit and groaned in pain.

Chen Feng quickly closed the distance and grabbed Yan Lang's hair, his palm slapping Yan Lang's face continuously.

"This is for your damn arrogance."

"Dare to covet my wife, I'll slap you to death."

"Keep being arrogant, you fool."

Chen Feng swapped hands, slapping Yan Lang's face until it was covered in blood, and his eyes rolled back.

Ye Qingqing was startled. If he continued to beat him like this, someone might die.

"Chen Feng, stop."

Ye Qingqing hastily tried to intervene.

"Wife, don't be afraid, I'll kill this bastard."

Chen Feng was still riddled with anger.

"Chen Feng, get out now."

Ye Qingqing shouted, becoming increasingly frantic.

Originally, it was just a failed negotiation with Yan Lang, at most they wouldn't receive an investment from the Yan family's Qiancheng Entertainment.

But now, after Chen Feng violently beat Yan Lang, the Yan family will certainly target Star Culture Company, which might deal a lethal blow to the company.

"Wife, we shouldn't be weak when dealing with villains like Yan Lang. Trust me, I will deal with the Yan Family, you just need to..."

"Get out, get out as far as you can." Ye Qingqing was frantic, utterly disappointed with Chen Feng.

She had called Chen Feng over to serve as a shield against Yan Lang's amorous intentions. But she never expected that Chen Feng would beat Yan Lang to pulp.

Yan Lang, his face covered in blood and flesh, glared bitterly at Ye Qingqing and Chen Feng and roared through gritted teeth, "Ye Qingqing, you're finished, and your company is too. I swear I won't rest until I ruin both of you. Just you wait!"

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